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Sheraton Chuzhou Hotel Umgebung

Nestled in a hilly area between the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers on the west border of the Yangtze River Delta, Chuzhou is situated in China’s Anhui Province, near Nanjing. The Sheraton Chuzhou Hotel is located in Zhengwu Center, at the intersection of Zhongdu Avenue and Zuiweng Road. A retail mall, shops, a theater, and Chuzhou’s new Central Business District (CBD) are all within walking distance from our hotel. Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) is a 90-minute drive away.

Gather and explore the sites in one of Anhui’s four provincial-level ancient cultural cities, and the hometown of the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang. See the large, ancient Ming Dynasty imperial tomb of Zhu Yuanzhang’s parents. Surrounded by three walls and a state-protected relic, the highlight of this magnificent 600-year-old mausoleum is its collection of vivid stone sculptures.

Embrace the beautiful peaks, dense forests, springs, lakes, caves, historic pavilions, and splendid scenery at Mount Langya. Just a 10-minute drive from the hotel, this national scenic spot is also home to numerous animal species. Its top attractions include Shenxiu Lake, the highly-regarded Tang Dynasty Buddhist Langya Temple, the South Heavenly Gate, and the famed Zuiwong (Old Drunkard) Pavilion, deemed one of China’s greatest. Other notable scenic spots in and around Chuzhou are the limestone Jiushan Cave, the Mount Huangfu Nature Reserve, and the Zhongdu Drum Tower.

Shoppers can peruse many types of uniquely-woven, locally-made bamboo baskets. Other local handicrafts include feather fans, bamboo-carved items, Wuhi iron pictures, and brick carvings. Savor some indigenous Anhui cuisine and try some of the many high-quality teas produced in Anhui Province. Chuzhou is also known for its delicious, local whitebait, crabs, and peanuts.


  • Shimao Global Household Life Plaza  0.5 km/0.3 Meilen
  • Jinpeng Plaza  4.0 km/2.5 Meilen
  • Dajin New Department Store  7.4 km/4.6 Meilen
  • Fußgängerzone Tianchang  8.3 km/5.2 Meilen


  • KONKA Group  6.3 km/3.9 Meilen
  • Tobacco Board  6.4 km/4.0 Meilen
  • Bosch Siemens  8.2 km/5.1 Meilen
  • 1912 Shopping Center  8.9 km/5.5 Meilen
  • Große Ölrohre  9.3 km/5.8 Meilen
  • Pan Food Co., Ltd.  14.4 km/8.9 Meilen
  • Long Telegram Technology Co.  15.7 km/9.8 Meilen
  • Beverage Co., Ltd.  17.0 km/10.6 Meilen
  • Anhui Yinlu Food Co.  17.5 km/10.9 Meilen
  • Cargill  26.2 km/16.3 Meilen


  • Chuzhou Vocational and Technical College  2.9 km/1.8 Meilen
  • Chuzhou Electrical and Mechanical Engineering College  3.4 km/2.1 Meilen
  • Universität Chuzhou – Südkampus  4.9 km/3.0 Meilen
  • Chuzhou Integrative Medicine Hospital  5.0 km/3.1 Meilen
  • The Second Peoples’ Hospital of Chuzhou  7.0 km/4.3 Meilen
  • Universität Chuzhou – Nordkampus  7.8 km/4.8 Meilen
  • The First Peoples’ Hospital Of Chuzhou  9.5 km/5.9 Meilen

Nahegelegene Zielorte

  • Wirtschafts- und Hightech-Entwicklungsgebiet Chuzhou  2.0 km/1.2 Meilen


  • Nationalwaldpark Huangfushan  50.0 km/31.1 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Malerische Landschaft des Langya Shan-Gebirges  5.0 km/3.1 Meilen
  • CCTV-Film- und Fernsehsender  6.0 km/3.7 Meilen
  • Changfeng Yangzi Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd  12.4 km/7.7 Meilen
  • Das geheimnisvolle Tal Langxiang  100.0 km/62.1 Meilen



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