Facing the Taiwan Strait and once the starting point for the Maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou is a historic port city located in China’s southern Fujian Province. Forming part of the Quanzhou World Trade Center, the Sheraton Quanzhou Hotel is conveniently located along the Jinjiang River, in the heart of the city’s new central business district (CBD). Offices, retail shops, and entertainment are just steps away. Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport (JJN) can be reached by car in 20 minutes.

Visit some of Quanzhou’s many historical and cultural sites, including renowned religious buildings. Surrounded by lovely gardens, Kaiyuan Temple is home to a famous pair of large pagodas and an array of religious artwork. Just outside the temple, West Lane is filled with shops selling souvenirs, snacks, Buddhist items, and more. Dating back more than a millennium, Ashab Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the world. The large Taoist Guan Di Temple is also impressive. The architectural marvels of Luoyang Bridge, Anping Bridge, and Chongwu Ancient Town are also worth visiting.

Take a hike up one of the picturesque trails at Qingyuan Mountain, the city’s highest peak. Stop along the way to admire the great views of West Lake, temples, and pavilions. See the large statue on the hill of Zheng Chenggong, or the interesting relics and stele forest at Quanzhou Museum. Quanzhou is famous for its puppets, which can be viewed at the Puppet Museum or a puppet show.

For some more local entertainment, catch a colorful Liyuan, Gaojia, or Dacheng Opera performance. Quanzhou is famous for its ceramics, especially white porcelain from Dehua and Huian stoneware. The city is also highly regarded for its Yongchun martial arts. Savor Quanzhou’s local snacks, including fried oysters, frozen siphon worms, noodles in meat soup, and fish pellets that can be sipped along with some of China’s famed Anxi Tieguanyin tea.