Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

  • 1088 Burrard Street
  • Vancouver,
  • Columbia Britannica
  • V6Z 2R9
  • Canada
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Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

  • Wall Centre Favourite #3 - Earl Grey Cartems Donuts Who’s favorite: Ainslie Lam, Associate Director of Catering & Convention Services Why? It’s all about smiles, conversation and donuts. I’m always looking for the next big thing. Not just your plain vanilla dip but flavours such as Canadian Whiskey Bacon and Peach Sencha. Made fresh daily with local ingredients. But with donuts who needs a reason except I love sweets. When: In the middle of the afternoon in between events and meetings when I can sit down and quietly enjoy one with a cup of Red Rose Tea Where: 534 W Pender Street, Vancouver @CartemsDonuterie
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  • Wall Centre Favourites #2 - Vij’s Masala Chicken with Roti Who’s favorite: Allister Cave, Food & Beverage Manager Westin Wall Centre Why? In 2003 Mark Bittman wrote in the New York Times that Vij’s is easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world and there is no way he was exaggerating. From Vikram greeting you himself when you arrive, to the free appetizers while you wait in line for your table (there is always a line and they take reservations for no one) to the endless naan, Vij’s never disappoints. Tip: always let the server and the Chef decide what you eat, it will be the best meal of your life. When: Celebrating a life milestone is always transformed into a beautiful memory with Vij’s olfactory experience Where: 1480 W 11th Ave, Vancouver @Vij's
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  • @JulieWajcman If you would know how hard it can be to keep up with Vancouver's weather... Sometimes it is a light show up there...
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  • @LeahEustace give us another few months and we are completely jet lag proof! We hope you have a great stay anyways!
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