Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel

  • 12 Zhong Xiao East Road,
  • Sec 1 R.O.C.
  • Taipei,
  • Taiwan
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Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel

  • [美食講堂] 福州菜有三大特色「紅糟、糖醋、海鮮」,經典名菜包含佛跳牆、荔枝肉、光餅等,今年請客樓團隊除重現經典福州菜色外,另推出多道創意新作,5/29-6/14請客樓【逸遊閩味】邀您一遊福州菜的美味。 “Red yeast, Sweet and sour sauce and seafood” are the main features of Fuzhou cuisine. This summer, the Guest House will feature a selection of fresh and unique dishes, taking guests on a tasting journey of Fujian cuisine.
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  • 6/2-6/8,【義同共饗】比薩屋歡慶義大利國慶日! 義國料理追求的原汁原味料理手法結合數種道地義國香料的特色美饌,邀您一同來共饗! 6/2-6/8 Pizza Pub,【Eataly】Happy Italian Gourmet Festival ! Italian special cuisine which pursued the food original taste with Italian spices. We would like to invite you enjoy the Italian Special cuisine!
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