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Spa - Aqua Medic Pool

Tap into the amazing benefits of water-inspired treatments that used purified sea waters, mineral salts from the Sinai Peninsula, hydro massage, hammam therapies, body wraps and steam baths along with glow-enhancing body polishing, massages, and trainer-directed stretching so you feel fantastic all over.

Take advantage of our Spa Complete Package or A La Carte Package, tailored to satisfy your individual needs. All guests will undergo a medical checkup at the center's medical clinic in order to personalize the treatment package. All cure packages include free access to the cardio training center and a free beauty consultation. Most packages include a low-calorie lunch.

Please note that all prices are quoted in Euros, do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

  • Hours of operation:

9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Special Facilities:
A true thalassotherapy center, with 16 treatment rooms, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Vichy shower, jet shower, aqua medic pool and health-inspired restaurant.
Call The Spa:
(20)(69)3602070, Ext.8705

Body Treatments

Float from one warming pool to the next, then be smoothed and soothed in one of our scrubbing rooms with an all-body exfoliation.
  • Access to Hammam (Turkish Bath): 1 hour/€10; Peeling in Hammam: 30 minutes/€40
Cleopatra's Body Mask
Inspired by Cleopatra, our natural mask of milk, almonds, and oatmeal softens, smoothes, and nurtures skin for a luminous finish.
  • 60 minutes/€60
Soft & Silk Body Scrub
The perfect finish to a steam bath, our clinicians gently exfoliate with soft circular movements before applying a richly hydrating lotion to nurture and soften skin.
  • 60 minutes/€60
Rose and Milk Face Treatment Secrets
Brighten skin with our purifying blend of soothing oatmeal, calming milk, and softening rose petals that eliminate dull cells before being nurtured by our hydrating mix of milk and honey and calmed with a shoulder, neck, head, and hand massage.
  • 90 minutes/€60
Feet Relax with Safaga Salt
What starts with a soothing foot soak soon progresses into an energy-replenishing reflexology session.
  • 45 minutes/€40

Hands & Feet

Get the perfect 10 (or 20) with perfectly shaped high-gloss manicures and pedicures.
  • Basic manicure, 35 minutes/€30; Basic pedicure, 45 minutes/€35; Spa manicure, 50 minutes/€40; Spa pedicure, 60 minutes/€45

Massage Services

Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) Massage
Lomi Lomi's profound massage uses fluid, rhythmic motions of the forearms and hands, cultivating healing and renewal on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • 60 minutes/€80
This celebrated massage uses fingers and palms at key pressure points to boost energy flow and unknot deep tension.
  • 60 minutes/€70
Indian Head Massage
Focusing on key tension points—head, neck, and shoulders—our experts unwind knots, free energy and get rid of negative stress.
  • 20 minutes/€25
Balinese Massage
Boost energy levels and circulation with the rhythmic, rolling, and kneading touch that will help you feel great all over. Even better: this tension-taming massage is followed by melting acupressure and reflexology.
  • 60 minutes/€60
Thai Massage
A deeply effective way to unlock tension, erase inner stress, and bring about balance and calm.
  • 60 minutes/€70; 120 minutes/€130
Aromatherapy Massage
Feel fantastic. Recharging with the invigorating powers of essential oils, this massage doubles its unknotting impact, ushering out tension and bringing in calm.
  • 60 minutes/€65
Manual Lymph Drainage
Banish toxins and welcome well-being with stimulating strokes that promote the function of the lymph system with a rhythmic massage that eases pain and stress.
  • 45 minutes/€60; 60 minutes/€75
Nefertiti 4 Hands Massage
Doubly relaxing, two experts unknot tense spots and iron out stress with rhythmic, in-tandem strokes.
  • 30 minutes/€45
Sportive Body Massage
Get back in the game. Created to soothe overworked and injured muscles so you don't miss a step.
  • 30 minutes/€40; 45 minutes/€60; 60 minutes/€65
Swedish Anti-Stress Massage
An allover stimulating massage using traditional deep strokes. Your muscles will be loosened, tension banished, and your mind crystal-clear.
  • Back massage, 20 minutes/€25 or 30 minutes/€35; Full-body massage, 45 minutes/€50 or 60 minutes/€60
Foot Reflexology
Make tension evaporate. Using key pressure points that relate to your entire body, clinicians iron out stress from the soles up so you feel energized.
  • 30 minutes/€35; 45 minutes/€50; 60 minutes/€65
Hot Stone Massage
Deeply relaxing, our experts place warmed stones at key energy points to help you recharge while kneading away aches, stress, and tension.
  • 60 minutes/€70
Abyanga Massage
Feel re-energized. Based on elemental principles, each session matches your needs with your "element type" to banish toxins, boost circulation and lift energy levels.
  • 45 minutes/€55
Shirodara (Spirit Relax)
Recharge with soothing foot, neck, and head massages that focus on key energy points (Marma). Adding to the calm—a gentle stream of warmed oils flowing from head to body, bringing calm and hydration.
  • 25 minutes/€40

Salon Services

Get in great shape with our experts sculpting skills.

Spa Packages

Detox Day Spa
Get back to the basics of feeling great. Shooing tension and toxins in our sauna and calming whirlpool, the cleansing continues with a sugar-coffee body polishing that readies skin for the cleansing body wrap and lymph drainage massage that follow.
  • 3 hours 20 minutes/€200
“One Day Beauty” (Face & Body)
Bring the inner radiance to the surface. It starts by erasing tension and stress in our hydromassage pool and continues with our calming and smoothing allover body scrub, hydrating body wrap, purifying facial, and hand and foot therapy.
  • 4 hours, 30 minutes/€190
Gentlemen’s “One Day Spa”
Recharge. Banish stress and iron out knots with our deep-release hydrotherapy pool before proceeding to an all-smoothing Morocco exfoliation and tension-smoothing body massage. The final step: a refreshing, revitalizing facial.
  • 3 hours, 30 minutes/€50
Beauty & Wellness
Fifteen ways to feel absolutely fantastic. A phased approach spread over three days, it begins with hydrotherapy to balance, scrubs to promote cell turnover and youthful-looking skin, wraps and masks to purify, and massages to replenish.
  • Three day package (15 treatments)/€540
Sport & Thalasso
Seek out a healthier lifestyle and savor the benefits. This stimulating, energizing series includes one-on-one personal training that promotes flexibility and strength through underwater workouts, and finishes with deeply relaxing massages.
  • 6 Day Package (30 treatments)/€840
Nefertiti Secret
Three days of all-natural treatments. Day 1 nurtures with a Morocco peeling, seaweed wrap, and 4-hand massage. Day 2 revitalizes with a cleansing facial. Day 3 beautifies and relaxes with a rose petal scrub, milk and honey massage, and foot therapy.
  • €350
Chocolate Indulgence
Comfort skin with the benefits of water and chocolate. Starting with our tension-easing hydromassage you're then smoothed with our chocolate body scrub, enveloped in chocolate, and then lulled with our hydrating honey massage.
  • 2 hours, 40 minutes/€190
Twelve revitalizing marine and thalasso-based treatments are spread over three days so you leave feeling balanced, reenergized, and ready for everything.
  • 30 minutes/€375; 45 minutes/€715
Men’s Relax Day
Like the Gentlemen's "One Day Spa" this session, irons out stress and tension with our relaxing hydromassage and smoothes skin with a Moroccan peeling, but with the added release of a hot stone massage, reflexology, head massage and cleansing facial.
  • 3 hours, 45 minutes/€190
Lightening-fast fixes that will leave you feeling great. Using bloat-banishing, cellulite-fighting techniques we pair them with effective lymph stimulation and massage you will slim and invigorated.
  • Three Day Package (12 Treatments)/€350; Six Day Package (24 Treatments)/€720


Depresso – Massage
Shoo metabolic toxins and get a sculpting boost, thanks to our deeply cleansing, relaxing and toning suction massage.
  • 30 minutes/€45
Hydromassage Pool
A circuit that begins with a warm water jet massage to iron out stressed spots, continues with a soothing stay on a warmed aqua bed, and includes the opportunity to swim against a current as well as rest by the waterfall and simply relax.
  • 60 minutes/€15
Seaweed Application
Purifying, remineralizing, and all-over wonderful, our nutrient-rich, detoxifying seaweed wrap treats every inch and is followed by a refreshing rinse.
  • 30 minutes/€45
Under Water Massage
Underwater jets work their magic, massaging, easing pain, and aiding weight-loss efforts so you feel recharged and relaxed.
  • 25 minutes/€50
A technique designed to bring your best look forward and battle stretch marks, cellulite, and fatigue by stimulating your lymph system so you feel great all over.
  • 30 minutes/€40
An invigorating workout that provides a challenging cardio and resistance training course without the muscle and joint stress of on-land workouts.
  • 45 minutes/€30
Affusions Shower
Micro jets make all the difference, pulsing away stress, erasing tension and reviving energy levels.
  • 25 minutes/€50
Jet Shower
Stimulating, firming, and invigorating, each jet can be placed to target preferred spots to ease knots, aid weight loss, or to warm muscles for activity.
  • 15 minutes/€20