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Sheraton Adventure Club - Watermelon Eating Contest

Sheraton Adventure Club is an exciting program for children 4 to 12 years of age. We'll keep them engaged and entertained with unique seasonal programs and group activities such as board games and fun-filled supervised poolside activities.

Specific day activities and adventures range from full and half-day outings like walking a Native American interpretive trail or riding in a water taxi on the resort's man-made river, to enjoying interactive games on our Xbox Kinect. The club is also fully stocked for enjoyment with plenty of materials for arts and crafts as well as irresistible toys such as Legos, air hockey, and Nintendo Wii.

Children should come dressed to play and bring a bathing suit.

Fees: Half day/54 USD; Full day/96 USD. Per child, lunch included.

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Segunda-feira - Sábado:
Das 09h00 às 17h00
Das 09h00 às 13h00

(1)(480) 393-6183