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Sala Massage by the Sea

Discover a tranquil respite at our 1,020-square-meter beachfront Shine Spa for Sheraton, where welcoming staff and an inviting combination of warm, neutral orange, gold, cream, and copper hues set a relaxing scene. Unwind as you prepare for your spa experience in the reception area, where plush couches create cozy seating areas and subtle design elements, like a wave-inspired ceiling detail, beaded curtains, and glittering crystal chandeliers, reflect the spa’s name and its refined ambiance.

When ready, retreat to one of 12 treatment rooms, including one treatment suite and one junior suite. These serene rooms house a color therapy bath, aromatic steam bath, shower zone, large sofa, and couple's or single's treatment beds. Additionally, each is stocked with Shine Spa’s trademark aromatic mandarin and mint bath amenities and reflects the local culture with crimson accents and dark wood, which forms the base of the treatment beds, the hand-carved candelabras, and the window blinds.

Settle in then indulge in our inspired menu of holistic, sensory spa experiences. Fusing Eastern and Western philosophies in an effort to promote tranquility and restore the mind, body, and soul, they range from soothing massages to invigorating facials to signature Shine treatments and rituals that unite the universe's natural forces: earth, water, air, and plant life. Performed with premier natural Pevonia products from the United States, they work to rejuvenate the body from the inside out.

Enhance your spa stay even further by allotting time to unwind before or after your treatment in our Relaxation Area. Stocked with fusion drinks, fresh fruit, and healthy snacks, it allows you to unwind and energize, while separate male and female locker rooms offer a steam room, sauna, and shower.

Along with our treatments and packages, we are pleased to offer special services for weddings, male guests, and more. Additionally, we offer gift certificates ideal for any occasion.

Please note that although walk-ins are welcome, reservations are highly recommended.

  • Hours of operation:
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Serene and welcoming
Pevonia Products
Special Facilities:
12 treatments rooms, steam and vanity area, seafront massage sala
Spa Dining:
Relaxation Area we provide fusion drinks, fresh fruit, and healthy snacks
Highly Recommended
Call The Spa:
(66)(32) 708235
All prices are quoted in Thai baht, and are subject to 10% service charge and all applicable government taxes and fees.

Bath Treatment

Spring Bath or Steam
Awaken the mind and body with this revitalizing bath or steam. Designed to encourage circulation, its invigorating lemongrass, geranium, and camphor scent leaves you balanced and clearheaded.
Autumn Bath or Steam
Relax and rehydrate skin with a steam or a soak in a moisturizing rose milk bath infused with autumn scents.
Winter Bath or Steam
Relax, recover, and unwind with a tension-dissolving winter bath or steam that blends aromatic organic lavender, pine, and sandalwood.
Jet Blitz
This hydrotherapy is designed for guests looking to tone specific areas. A high-pressure water jet is directed at the body to stimulate the circulatory system.
Summer Bath or Steam
Treat yourself to a bath or a steam infused with a sensual mix of organic Thai herbs, orange, and mint. Both delicate and stimulating, the blend leaves you serene and your skin smooth.

Body Treatments

Mother of Pearl Exfoliation
This gentle, refreshing, uplifting treatment uses mother of pearl to exfoliate and hydrate. Skin is refreshed with an aquatic gel, followed by a luxurious moisturizing emulsion. Includes deep hydration with red algae from the Pacific.
Smoothing Sugar Scrub
This scrub exfoliates dead cells and removes impurities from the skin, promoting cellular renewal. Skin is then softened with enriched moisturizing lotion.
Shine Body Glow
A combination of pure sea salts and fresh orange gently removes dead skin cells and is followed by a deeply calming, uplifting massage to help soften, smooth, and renew skin.
Aloe Vera and Lavender Sun-Soothing Wrap
This is an ideal treatment for both face and body after prolonged sun exposure. The cooling, hydrating, skin-nourishing properties of pure cucumber and organic essential oils of lavender will repair and calm painful, sensitive skin.
Glowing White Sand
The entire body is exfoliated with glowing white sand from Polynesia. The application of a remineralizing anti-stress emulsion with trace elements ensures that the skin is left feeling velvety soft and rejuvenated.
Detoxifying Buddleia Gel
Smooth your skin with this powerful, detoxifying body polish. Followed by a moisturizing application of a fresh detoxifying gel with Buddleia from the Alps and Fujian White Tea, it leaves you clean and supple, with a youthful glow.

Hands & Feet

Luxury Pedicure
Pamper your feet with a soothing soak, scrub, and nourishing wrap. Additionally, our expert therapists remove skin build-up, tend to cuticles, and shape your nails before finishing them with your choice of polish or a natural buff.
Luxury Manicure
In this classic manicure, nails are shaped and cuticles are groomed, followed by a hand soak, scrub, and wrap with hand serum. This treatment ends with a hand massage and your choice of a natural buff or polish.
Simply Manicure or Pedicure
In this express nail grooming, nails are reshaped and finished with your choice of a natural buff or polish.

Massage Services

Deep Balance Massage
Ease muscle tension by concentrating on tight and stressed muscles. This restorative therapy is an ideal antidote to tension build-up in any part of the body—from the scalp and neck to the feet to the back.
Sports Massage
This special massage is designed to relieve sore muscles and joint pain after heavy exercise or a long, hectic day. Specific elbow and arm techniques will work on tight and stiff areas.
Luxuriant Plant Contour Ritual
Enjoy the subtly spiced, rare scent of the red liana from Peru and Amazonia as your body is enveloped in a nourishing wrap crafted of fruit and cereal butters. Moreover, a contouring massage helps combat the formation and appearance of cellulite.
Aroma Fusion
Rediscover the ancient art of aromatherapy and experience the healing powers of essential oils as we help you journey toward total relaxation and rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. You will personally select from our different blends of oils.
Shine Massage
Relax and rejuvenate the body and mind with this rare massage. A blend of Eastern and Western wellness techniques, it harmonizes traditional Thai massage with Thai herbal compresses and an aromatic oil massage.
Traditional Thai Massage
A traditional combination of deep-tissue, pressure-point, and stretching techniques relieve tension, stretch joints, and promote the balance of energy in your body. This ancient art leaves you with an extraordinary sense of wellbeing.
Energizing Blended Massage
Our own blend of Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, and Sports Massage works over the entire body. It is suitable for relaxing, rejuvenating, and relieving all tension.
Hot Stone Element Massage
Lie back as an experienced therapist places heated, smooth stones on key body points or uses them to massage certain areas to activate vital energy centers, balancing the mind and body and promoting a holistic approach to healing.
Harmony Foot Ritual
Relieve tired and overworked feet with this renewing foot ritual. Starting with a foot scrub, followed by a relaxing foot massage, towel wrap, and moisturizer application, it leaves feet rejuvenated and the mind relaxed.
Purifying and Relaxing Back & Shoulder Massage
Let anxiety go with this tension-easing back and shoulder massage, which begins with a purifying salt scrub for your entire upper back followed by extensive therapy and muscle manipulation, resulting in relaxation.

Salon Services

Ensure you're beach ready with the help of our well-trained and professional therapist, who employs premier waxing products to remove hair from your requested area, be it the legs, arms, underarms, lips, chins, eyebrows, bikini zone, chest, or back.
Hair Spa Treatment by Paul Mitchell
Smooth your hair and rejuvenate your senses with this aromatic, nourishing hair treatment. Uniting invigorating Tea Tree, citrus Lemon Sage, and soothing Lavender Mint scents, this aromatic treatment comprises a shampoo, hair mask, and blow dry.

Skin Care Services

Deep Hydration of the Sea Facial
Achieve a moisturized, healthy complexion with this restorative facial, ideal for sunburned skin. Hydrating skin from the surface to the heart of its cells, it leaves your face smooth, supple, and glowing.
Natural Thai Herbal Facial
Experience the magic of Thai beauty secrets. This refreshing facial uses the purest Thai herbs to give you a healthier look and smoother texture.
Shine Facial Treat
Performed with precious stones boasting powerful mineral properties, this facial includes a soothing red clay mask that restructures and smoothes the skin at the same time it restores cells’ energy levels for a visibly healthier appearance.
Detoxifying Facial
Purify your complexion with the gentle, intensive assistance of mountain herbs. Combining acupressure with a gel mask with Buddleia from the Alps, this deeply detoxifying treatment leaves skin oxygenated and protected from pollution.
Rare Essence Nourishment Facial
Refined plant life provides nutrition, with a blend of fruit butters and essences of rare flowers and bamboos. It provides the skin with intensive, nourishing care, leaving it velvety, plumped, and luminous.

Spa Packages

Awaken Earth Ritual
Warm, polished precious stones are artfully placed for deep relaxation. Defense levels are restored by the power of minerals. Recharged with energy, the body releases its tension for a renewed sense of youthfulness and wellbeing.
Shine Touch
Begin your journey with an invigorating Herbal Steam Bath. Rejuvenate with an Exotic Thai Herbal Body Scrub. Relax your body and soul with an Aroma Fusion Massage or Thai Massage. Finally, discover renewed harmony with a Thai Purifying Facial.
Shine Package
Rejuvenate your body, balance your mind, and leave with soothing memories of an exotic, restorative stay thanks to our holistic and effective Shine Package.
Hydration Marine Ritual
A coating of a luxurious balm with red algae extracts is followed by a rich, quenching marine bath amid salty and citrus scents. An invigorating massage to the rhythm of rain sticks feels as soft and revitalizing as water running over your back.
Shine for Two
Lay back while you and a loved one experience complete rejuvenation, from tip to toe, thanks to this full-body package.
Time to Shine
Embrace the spirit of the sea and nature with this therapeutic spa package that combines a revitalizing body treatment with natural products to restore your vitality and peace of mind.
Shine for Him
This energy-boosting package includes an energizing steam—a facial specifically designed to address male skin issues—and a 60-minute deep-tissue massage using a muscle-relaxing aromatherapy oil blend.
Detoxification Air and Light Ritual
Detoxify your body with this refining massage technique. Performed with feather brushes, snowy exfoliating flakes, and a purifying gel with Buddleia from the Alps and Fijian White Tea, it exhilarates the senses as it cleanses.