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Shine Spa - Reception

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Shine Spa - Relaxation Area

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Shine Spa - Treatment Room with Jacuzzi

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Shine Spa - Relaxation Area

Shine Spa for Sheraton™ presents you with a luxuriously soothing environment. Its warm atmosphere and welcoming therapists will help you recharge and relax. Our spa consists of ten treatment rooms covering 945 square metres of contemporary splendour, dedicated wholly to uplifting your senses.

Warm, relaxed muscles will help the therapeutic benefits of your treatment, so allow plenty of time to enjoy our steam bath beforehand. Each treatment begins with a signature foot ritual, which gives your therapist a chance to connect with you and customise your experience. After your treatment, share a note of gratitude or a joyful message on our glow board.

  • Hours of operation:
9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Soothing, contemporary setting
Special Facilities:
Couple's suite, Jacuzzi, steam bath
Spa Dining:
Snacks and juices
Highly Recommended
Call The Spa:
(91)(80) 4252 0230
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Body Treatments

Indian Spice Scrub
Made from finely ground pulses, nuts and herbs help deep-cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate blood circulation.
Marine Salt Scrub
Cold-pressed almond and olive oils and natural sea salt are blended with essential oils, herbs, and spices to smooth your skin.
Shine Body
Let the aroma of essential oils transport your body to a relaxed state as your skin is polished to a glow with crushed pearls.
Marine Mud Wrap
Fresh flowers, fruit juices, vegetables, and herbs are blended with absorbent clays for deeply cleansing, toning, and rejuvenating the skin.
Detoxifying Wrap
This wrap draws out toxins and purifies skin while retaining its natural moisture balance. The orange extract in the wrap revitalises and tones skin.

Massage Services

Deep-Tissue Massage
Deep-Tissue Massage uses focused, intense pressure to penetrate to deeper layers of muscle to untangle knots and ease chronic muscle tension.
Stress Reliever
This deeply stimulating back, shoulder, and scalp massage relaxes stiffness-prone muscles using warm aroma oils and kneading massage strokes. This is an excellent treatment for easing tension headaches and inducing a sense of calm.
Shine Massage
Spend some time by candlelight. Tension is alleviated as a candle melts into a fragranced massage oil of lavender, mandarin, and salt butters, which is then lightly poured onto your body.
Ayurveda Massage
This ancient Indian treatment using warm herbal oil is designed to improve circulation, remove toxins, and relax the nervous system. Therapists use long, flowing massage strokes to bring balance and harmony.
Hot Stone Massage
Melt your stress away with a Hot Stone Massage using smooth, heated basalt stones. The warm stones are placed in tension-prone areas and soothe muscles through specialised massage techniques.
Shine Hands and Feet
Soak in a warm eucalyptus bath, followed by a hand-renewing sugar exfoliation and a foot-softening treatment of salicylic and lactic acids.
Thai Massage
Thai Massage is a sublime body workout that involves passive stretching and dry massage strokes to attain a true level of relaxation. This massage is performed without oil.
Shine for Two
Begin a relaxing journey with a companion through the application of a cream based on saffron extract.
Soothe your soul through your soles. This healing art of ancient origin stimulates predefined energy points on feet to relieve pain and stress.
Swedish Massage
This popular treatment uses a variety of techniques to help loosen tense muscles and flush out toxins. As blood flow increases, this massage breaks down fine fat tissues between muscle fibres, leaving you feeling revitalized.

Skin Care Services

Deep-Cleansing Facial
This facial uses the powerful element of grapefruit extract to balance and soothe sensitive skin that easily reacts to harsh climatic conditions. Recommended for oily skin to remove impurities, control sebaceous glands, and prevent breakouts.
Radiance Facial
Sheer radiance is unveiled during this facial, which uses pearl powder and mulberry extract to smooth your skin and reduce dark spots. Followed by intense oxygenation, the skin is left feeling smoother and more radiant.
Men's Facial
This nourishing facial is especially formulated for men, with a complex exfoliation and a soothing moisturizer to soothe razor burn. This treatment is excellent for reducing deep lines and improving the condition of sun-exposed skin.
Shine Facial
Re-establish your skin’s defensive and regenerative functions with oxygen. Skin is prepared then treated to an oxygenating serum and drinks in an anti-aging mask. Luxuriate in a hand-and-foot massage and a facial massage with warm and cool towels.
Express Facial
This quick facial treatment cleanses and exfoliates your skin and revives your glow through a customised mask.