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Wed, Feb 21, 2018 - Thu, Feb 22, 2018
  • For stays longer than 90 days, please call 866-539-3446.
  • You can only book 550 days in advance.
  • Please double-check your dates.

  • For registered guests, fee is 1000 JPY per day (valid for the hours between 2pm check-in and 12pm check-out of the following day).
  • For non-registered guests, fee is 400 JPY for the first 30 minutes and 200 JPY for each 30 minutes after the first hour. Between the hours of 7am-12am the fee is 900 JPY. Between the hours of 12am-7am, the fee is 1000 JPY.
  • For dining guests, please show the parking ticket to the cashier of the restaurant. Fee is 2000 JPY for one receipt with 2 hours of parking, and 10,000 JPY for one receipt with 5 hours of parking.
  • For wedding guests, 5 hours of parking is free. Please show your parking ticket to the coat check on the 3rd floor.
  • For general banquet guests, please inquire to the sales contact person.

For fare adjustment, please insert your parking ticket first and then insert a free parking ticket to the automatic fare adjustment machine.

Hotel will not issue parking privileges to any identified potential drinking driver.

Nightly Parking Fee:
1,000 JPY per day; For registered guests, fee is 1000 JPY per day (hours of 2pm-12pm of the following day).
Valet Parking:
In/Out Privileges:
Covered Parking:
Maximum Vehicle Height:
2.0 meters/6.56 feet
Located on the basement floor