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Riverwalk Ballroom

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International Ballroom

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Бар Waterside Seafood Company

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Riverwalk Junior Ballroom

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Monticello Meeting Room

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Зал Riverview

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Зал Westover

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Зал Greenway

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Адаптируемое пространство банкетного зала International

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Банкетный зал International

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Зал Grande Promenade

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Просторное фойе перед банкетным залом на 4-м этаже

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Банкетный зал International

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Зал Brandon

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Зал Claremont

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Зал Montpelier

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Банкетный зал Riverwalk

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Банкетный зал Monticello

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Фойе перед банкетным залом Monticello

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Зал Wilton

With superbly equipped conference facilities for meeting and celebrating, the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel is tailored for your needs. We are prepared for events of all sizes with our 16 meeting rooms, including spaces that are perfect for seminars, training sessions and interviewing.

For personal family affairs or large-scale events, our attentive and professional staff will help to ensure that things go off without a hitch and that all your guests leave smiling.

Enhance your meeting or event with one of our special offers.

Некоторые указанные услуги и удобства могут быть недоступны 24 часа в сутки или без предварительного запроса. За некоторые услуги может взиматься дополнительная плата.