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Majestic Ballroom Reception

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Plaza Ballroom Rounds

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Majestic Ballroom Reception

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Theater Set Up

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Plaza Ballroom Theater Set Up

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Plaza Ballroom Rounds Set Up

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Grand Ballroom Rounds

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Grand Ballroom Rounds Set Up

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Grande salle de bal

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La salle de bal Plaza

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La salle Plaza prête à accueillir une exposition

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South Convention

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Tower D

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Governor's Square 16

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Director's Row H

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Governor's Square 17

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From intimate gatherings to large exhibitions and meetings, the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is designed to surpass all expectations. Just a few short blocks from the Colorado Convention Center, we bring over 133,000 square feet of recently renovated, flexible space to your fingertips. Our audiovisual team, working in conjunction with our experienced meeting and event staff, is on hand to ensure intimate weddings, corporate functions, and more are fully supported in every way. A superb catering team crafts customized menus to enchant the most discerning of diners.

Enhance your meeting or event with one of our special offers.

Certains services et installations indiqués sont susceptibles de ne pas être disponibles 24 heures sur 24 ou sans demande préalable. Certains services et installations sont susceptibles de faire l’objet d’un supplément.