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Мероприятие в актовом зале Armstrong

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Закрытые мероприятия

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Grand Ballroom Foyer

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Waterbury Ballroom

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Napoleon Ballroom Meeting

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Napoleon Ballroom

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Armstrong Ballroom

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Armstrong Ballroom Wedding

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Bayside Foyer

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Ellendale Boardroom

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Napoleon Ballroom Foyer

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Rex Boardroom

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Grand Ballroom Meeting

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Rhythms Ballroom

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Rhythms Ballroom Foyer

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Grand Chenier

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Grand Ballroom

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Rodrigue Gallery

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The Sheraton New Orleans Hotel knows that service is that key factor that transforms the average meeting to a successful event. That is why every member of our highly regarded staff was carefully chosen in order to satisfy the most discriminating guest. Offering 105,700 square feet of the finest convention and exhibit facilities available, the carefully planned layout provides incredibly efficient traffic flows for even the largest groups. Facility design assures meeting privacy and quick access to guest rooms and public areas. Make your meeting more than just a success. Make it a memorable triumph.

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Некоторые указанные услуги и удобства могут быть недоступны 24 часа в сутки или без предварительного запроса. За некоторые услуги может взиматься дополнительная плата.