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Чтобы узнать информацию о вакансиях в Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, см. контактные данные ниже.

Career Enquiries

Телефон: (305) 870-8125
Факс: (305) 871-0447

Please contact Enna Ramirez-Lopez, Director of Human Resources for career inquiries.


Факс: (305) 871-0954

Due to the volume of packages that are received, only packages for guests who are currently in-house or arriving within three days of delivery are accepted. The package must also clearly include the name of the hotel guest.

The hotel does not assume any liability and is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Packages can be picked up at the Bell Staff Desk between the hours of 7am and 9pm daily.

For further information, please contact Noel Rodriguez, Parking Manager.

Продажи и ресторанное обслуживание

Телефон: (1)(305) 870-8153
Факс: (1)(305) 876-9899

Корпоративные и групповые продажи

Телефон: (1)(305) 870-8104
Факс: (1)(305) 876-9899


Телефон: (305) 938-6011
Факс: (305) 871-0954

ATTN: Johanna Nieto, Reservations Manager


Телефон: (305) 870-8146
Факс: (305) 870-8117

ATTN: Sean Smith , Assistant Director of Financial Services