Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas, I-Drive/Orlando

  • 12401 International Drive
  • Orlando,
  • Florida
  • 32821
  • United States
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Rated 4 out of 5 by 414 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Perfect place to have a vacation Our family really had a great time at this place. Friendly staffs and awesome pools. We were so glad that my kids loved it there too except timeshare presentation in last day. When we checked in, a staff told us that Sheraton provided us with free breakfast on checked-out date. It was at 10 pm. so we skipped our breakfast we had prepared and visited to have a breakfast with our kids, but it turned out that it was a place for timeshare sales. The sales guys told us that it took 90 min's but we told him that we had to check out before noon so he could finish almost for 60 min's. It made us packed in a hurry for checking out. Other than that, we were very satisfied. December 14, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great stay @ Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas This was our first time @ the Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas. We were amazed of this resort. The suite was fantastic. We had our room right at the kids pool with water slide and pirate ship. Our kids 8,8 &3 had massive fun there. At the main pool they had some special event going on. All about the film Frozen. Our kids again had lot's of fun. And when the kids have fun and are happy, we are happy. Thank You Sheraton for this excellent experience. Regards Karsten August 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fabulous Resort My family and I had a fabulous stay at the Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort! Our villa was very spacious, beautifully updated, and the beds were incredibly comfortable (my husband says "best hotel bed and pillows yet"). My children enjoyed the multiple pools very much. Staff was extremely friendly. Location was perfect! August 26, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Completely Fantastic From the moment we arrived our experience was exemplary. The check in process was easy and informative and our family was immediately made to feel special. First floor updated villa with excellent location provided. Villa was extremely clean, beautifully appointed and the staff always friendly, helpful and frankly charming. We had a truly wonderful 5 days relaxing prior to a week planned at a Disney Resort and enjoyed every minute of it. Would highly recommend this property. August 6, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by WILL NEVER RETURN This will be lengthy, but I believe it will be worth your time to read and consider as I am a Starwood Member, and we have family that owns property in Hawaii and has been interested in purchasing additional property until our most recent experience at the Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas, I-Drive, Orlando, Florida. I recently made reservations at this property for two double room villas and two single bedroom villas for four nights for a party of sixteen people. We were arriving on December 31st and departing on January 4th. Half of our family flew into Orlando, while the other half flew into Tampa so our arrival times at the Villages was at different times. The first of our family to arrive was my son and his family - his wife and his three very young children (ages 1, 4, and 7); also arriving was my other son and his wife and a daughter-in-law. They arrived early at the hotel at 2:00 P.M. and were told that check-in was not until 4:00 P.M. and that their rooms were "not ready - still needed to be cleaned." My son understood that the check-in time was later, but was inquiring in case they were able to get in early. The person at the desk at that time told my son that they would try and get their rooms available ASAP and that she would call him at the earliest time of availability. NOTE: At one point in the conversation, the receptionist asked my son, if it was "necessary to place all the rooms together?" My son explained "if that is possible, sure, but it is not 'necessary'." He and his family then placed their luggage into a storage area, and they went to the pool. He wrote his cell phone number on a card and gave it to the receptionist. At 4:30 P.M., I and the other half of our family's flight arrived in Tampa. I contacted my son to let him know that our flight has just arrived. At this time, he informed me that he still had not been contacted about their room. He decided to go to the front desk and check on the rooms and they were STILL NOT AVAILABLE. The receptionist assured him that the housekeeping was working as quickly as possible. At 6:30 P.M. my party arrived at the Sheraton Vistana Villages. While checking in, it seemed that the receptionist had a sudden recollection as she suddenly asked my husband "Do you know a #NAME WITHHELD?" My husband explained "Yes, that is my son." She explained "I need to contact him too - his rooms are ready." TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS LATER - "his rooms are ready." At that point she began looking around on her desk as if trying to find the card that OUR SON had left with his cell number recorded. In the meantime, I called my son and told him that his rooms were ready. The receptionist while looking for the phone number on the card could not find it. Upon OUR SON'S arrival at the front desk, we said our "hello's" and as he waited for his keys, the rest of us went to our rooms to get unpacked. When we got to our rooms, NONE of the keys worked. If you are not familiar with the property, it is a bit of a distance between the rooms and the front desk. So, we DROVE back to the front desk and they checked the keys. At this time, I see that my son and his young family, is still waiting on a bell hop to retrieve their luggage from the storage area. I tell him that we will go back and get our bags into our rooms and then, come back and help him get his bags to his room with the children. We venture to our rooms a second time, and the keys to my husband and my room still do not work. ONE key to the other double bedroom does work, but the other three do not. We drive back to the front desk and by this time I have had it. I ask to speak to a manager. I explain to her the situation that my son and his family have been placed in and that this is not acceptible for Starwood property. She explains that OUR SON did not get into his room because she was told that he wanted the rooms togeter. I told her that he expressed that it would be nice to have them together, but at no time did he expect them togeter. And...if that were the case, I asked her "Why is one room on the 3rd floor, two rooms on the 4th floor, and one room on the 5th floor?" She could not answer. I then told her that this is the second time that we have been over to the front desk because of nonfunctioning keys to MY room. She explains "I will get you into another room." It is now 8:00 P.M. and my husband and I still do not have a room - it is New Year's Eve and we had all made plans to eat at a local restaurant. Due to the room issue, we have already missed our reservation and have to cancel. Instead, my husband stays to try and get the room situation resolved while I taxi another son and his family back from downtown Orlando. When I arrive back at the hotel at 9:00 P.M. my husband is in my son's room - he explains "They put us in another room on the 5th floor and when we went to take the luggage up there, the smell of smoke was so bad, it started to burn my eyes - they are now trying to fix the lock on the original room that they had us in on the 3rd floor." At 9:30 P.M. my husband and I got into our room on New Year's Eve!! But the story does not end there. We set our alarms for the next morning, as we have a shuttle that is picking us up for the Capitol One Bowl game. When I awake to go to the shower, there is not a SINGLE towel in the bathroom. We search the closets, the kitchen, the cupboards, and I cannot find a towel or even a washcloth. I pick up the phone and dial the front desk and request towels. The woman replies "We will have them there for you right away." TWENTY MINUTES PASS and still we have not towels. At this point, I am angry and I go outside my room to look for towels. I meet the nice maid who explains "We have no towels - the truck has not come in yet." This is at 10:00 A.M. I go to the telephone, I call the front desk, and I say "I had to cancel my New Year's Eve plans because of the this place, I AM NOT canceling my New Year's Day Plans because I have no towels - I don't care if you have to go to the pool to get towels - I want them in five minutes!" Our shuttle was coming at 10:30! We got our towels in less than five minutes. During the wait, I find the number on the bedside stand for the general manager of the property. I call the number, and I get a recording that he is unavailable. I leave my name, my room number, the length of my stay, and that I would like to visit with him. Not long after the phone call, I get a return phone call to my room from the general housekeeping manager, "NAME WITHHELD", asking if he can be of assistance. I thanked HIM for the return call and his concern but reassured him that my concerns were much bigger than "housekeeping issues." He was kind and explained that the general manager was out-of-the-office "until tomorrow." I explained to him that "I will be in town for the rest of the week" and that I would like for him to leave my contact information with the general manager. He assured me that he would and wished me a nice stay. This phone call took place on January 1st. Again - I was departing on January 4th. In the meantime, my other son, who owns Starwood property in Hawaii has already received his second phone call IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS about a meeting from a Starwoods representative on property management - the second phone call coming after he expressed the evening of arrival in the first phone call that he had NO DESIRE to invest in ownership at this property considering the extreme difficulties that we experienced upon check-in. They would receive a THIRD phone call of the same nature the next day harrassing them about Starwood points! Finally, on the evening before we depart #TWO FULL DAYS# after the general manager is supposedly returning, I get a voice message from the general manager on my room phone while we are at dinner #5:00 P.M.#, explaining that he is returning my call. When I try to contact him later, there is no answer and I do not leave a message as we are departing at 4:30 A.M. the next morning. Needless to say, we will NEVER return to this property and I am so very disappointed that this is Starwood affiliated. I am not looking for a handout, but take great steps to find the best accommodations for our family when we travel, as we travel great distances with our whole family #of all ages - we took my parents also who are in their 70's# together. This whole experience really put a damper on our trip, and I do NOT want to go through this ever again. I have lost total faith in the Starwood chains, and now, unfortunately will proceed with great caution. My hope is that you will contact the property to make sure that this does not happen again to any families in the future. I was most disappointed that there seemed to be so little communication and lack of follow-up or desire to accommodate the customer. January 5, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Staff does not care about your issue About $1000 deposit held on my credit card not released one week after I checked out. I called several times but multiple persons who answered my calls showed little interest resolving my issue. The first time I was told I need wait another several days; the second time I was told who entered the transaction would contact me but it never happened; the third time I was told that my inquiry would be directed to Research Department and I need to wait another 7 to 10 business days to get answer. January 30, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This place is a WOW! We just returned from Orlando today. There aren't words for the experience staying here! Other than Awesome! It's like home away from home. We have been to Orlando many times and stayed at the Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, and at Universal and I cannot for one reason understand why we wasted all that money! This place is minutes away from everything and the cost of parking is nothing compared to the savings and convenience. Yes you do need your own laundry detergent, but I don't have to spend 8 hours tomorrow doing laundry! Only cautions, shop outside of the immediate area, the local merchants charge up for the basics. And believe this, the only complaint we had, and this family of six ranging from 45 to 4, was the sheets were a little rough, LOL! Well, we all could put up with that for what we got in return. I had to work one day I was there and they turned themselves inside and out to help me get my project done. Can you say WOW! I can and we can, we had an awesome time! Thank you Sheraton for the best Orlando experience this family has ever had!! July 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fab Place to stay with family The hotel was clean and the pools were the highlight for my family. The resort is close to shopping and Disney. This is my second time staying at the Vistana. I had a great time at the resort. September 5, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't stay here too many other SPG options nearby Check in is an absolute nightmare and your room will not be ready. Oh yea after you check in and come back to pick up your key you have to wait n check in again. No Platnium recognition did not get points promised or stay credit as promised. Room smelled like mild and they would not move us no upgrade. Wanted us to leave so they could bring a machine to clean the air in the room. Clothes dryer did not work n they did not fix. Food is expensive. Pools are ok location is good. They want you to buy if you. Don't of they don't think you will you get crappy surface. Really. Should be dropped from SPG or be cat1 August 29, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Staff We are a family of 6 that drove from MN to FL. We wound up driving straight through putting us in FL a day early. Not even thinking that this put us at the hotel early for our reservation. They went out of their way to ensure that they could get us in, in the same villa so we wouldn't have to move again, and the same rate. Wow! Then, being a family of 6 we are used to being cramped in a room. We were thrilled to find ourselves in a space that made us all feel welcomed. Clean, everything we needed right down to washer/dryer in the room. Not only my favorite of all the vacations, but the kids as well! Thank you for a wonderful time. August 9, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Time Share Warning When first checking into the hotel I was offered a free gift. When I went over to see what it was (toothpaste and brochures), I found out that it was to actually to try and get me to come to a time share presentation. Sure they offered some dicsounts on local attraction tickets if I went, but I couldnt come alone, my whole family had to attend or I couldnt get the discounts. Felt pressured and after I said no the staff sales guy / manager wanted nothing to do with me. Watch out for time share nonsense at what would be a very nice hotel. November 23, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great place to stay Stayed in early June. The unit was spacious and clean! Loved the furnishings and washer/ dryer. The only issue was no daily towel or cleaning. We used the washer /dryer every day and on last day it wasn't working correct. room only came with 1 set of coffee and paper towels . i bought extra coffee from hotel which wasn't a problem and couldn't find a broom so a housekeeper quickly brought one up. Rained so much but did end up getting to use the pool at night and one day. My daughter really loved the waterslide and pirate pool, The pool side bar/ snack area not open long, grocery store market expensive. It is such a huge resort didn't see much of it, we stayed 4 nights would love to go back sometime. this was our second yr to Orlando stayed at other Vistana resort yr. before. liked this one better July 10, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by worst Experience I checked in right before midnight coming from the west coast after a full 24 hr day or travel I wanted to sleep in was awaken by the phone soliciting me to attend a timeshare presentation. Had I know it was a timeshare place I would have not stayed here. The following morning another early morning phone call and housekeeping ringing the doorbell repeatedly . There were no do not disturb signs in the room to hang on the door. By far the worst room accommodations I've experienced in 15+ years of travel. July 3, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by awful experience Dead roach on kitchen floor not cleaned; coffee pot not cleaned; electricity in bedroom didn't work and it took half hour for engineer to come; wifi in bedroom didn't work; no desk or surface to work on; overall terrible. Won't be back. Checked out a day early. March 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by The main pool is the best ! everything perfect ! the kids loves the main pool and the pirate too September 2, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by FAMILY FUN! EXCELLENT LOCATION! Everything you need & Much Much More!! I have stayed here time & time again with my family def will continue! All ages fun for all of our family favorites is Movie Nite Poolside w/ open pit fire roastng smores! October 25, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by The room I had was horrible! I was under the impression that we would be staying in the new building (Bella) which we paid for. Upon arrival we were told we were in Bldg 17 on the 1st floor when in fact we were in Bldg 13 on the 2nd floor, first problem. When we got to the room, or as we called it, the "CLOSET" no balcony, oven and extremely small door fell off the hinges and no pool cards, worst ever! July 8, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Awesome except for a couple of things Received a room upgrade to a 2 bedroom suite. Very, very nice and very upscale. Staff was excellent. Now for the opportunities, or least some aspects of the stay you should be aware of: 1) This is a resort, so you will check in and then drive to the building in which your room is located. No big deal, except that I was put into a handicapped accessible room. I had to drive back to the main building to change my room. 2) The bed was NOT a typical Sheraton "heavenly bed". Rather than being extremely soft, it was very hard. Kind of a surprise for a Sheraton. 3) There is no restaurant at the resort similar to a typical full service restaurant at normal Sheratons. Since apparently all rooms have kitchens at this resort, the only restaurants were pool side types of little shacks with very limited food offerings and beer served in plastic cups. Next time would probably stay away from the resorts and just pick a Sheraton property that business people stay at. January 26, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Nice resort, poorly managed The resort is nice. What you would expect from a Starwood property. The management is the caution. If you have a problem you will not get any customer service. Management is inerested in one thing, selling units. Our family had to move from a two bedroom unit because of a mix up and the only unit avaiable was a one bedroom. Then they tell us we have to vacate the room by 10:00 and can't get into the new room until 4:00. I was dealing with the weekend Acting Manager and he hardlined us. No compassion that our food would spoil or the fact the we were without a room for 6 hours during 4 night stay. March 31, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice resort with nice features We are owners at another Sheraton property and wanted to compare this resort to our home resort. It was very nice and clean! The maintenance and cleaning staff was visible working on the property every morning by 7:30 am. Our resort does not always get the same attention in mainentance and daily cleaning. We stayed in an one bedroom unit which we would normally stay in a two bedroom. The comparison in size help us to decide we would not choose one bedroom unit for a week. Overall, Sheraton has great properties but they are limited in some locations for travelers that are commuting by vehicle. June 10, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not up to par Unfortunatly I am writing this review. My wife and I are owners at this facility but this was one of the most frustrating experiences we have ever had. We were coming back for an explorer package at the St. augustine section. as soon as we showed up, we were given keys for building 11,but were directed to go to a completely different building. upon contacting the front desk were told we couldn't stay in the section we were supposed to, and were then directed to an old building within the complex. The carpets were worn, the showers mildewed, the room was well below expectations, especially as owners. Then of course we has to sit down with starwood staff for the hard sell of more property. We were held up for hours, pointlessly and forced to miss an appointment at Disney for our daughter. I called the manager of the location and left an extensive message of our concerns and the issues. I left all contact info and of course was never contacted. I can only assume they don't care if we have issues. October 22, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible stay From waiting over two hours to get into a room to opening our door to an occupied room, the stay started off horribly. The room was unclean with mildew on the shower curtain and in the jets to the 1/2 in of dust on the ceiling fan. The outside was unkept with trash and abandoned, dirty housekeeping carts in the stairwells. I DO NOT recommend this facility whatsoever! August 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Home away from Home Would go here for all trips to Florida Orlando area.... July 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This hotel and staff are excellent As a lifetime PLATNIMUM member of SPG I was extremely concerned when I read the reviews the day I was due to arrive. I am thrilled that I did not cancel my reservation. I was on a business trip for one week and felt like I was in my own apartment with all of the amenities ... Down to dishes, washing machine, dryer coffee maker and toaster. We took the car and did a weekly shopping to fill the refrigerator . The hotel is clean, the pool with the waterfall is great, the gym small but overall this is an excellent hotel. No charge for parking and security at this hotel is top notch. Anything you want or need was just a phone call away. The hotel Manager Angel is a Five Star in my book and David The security guard wonderful. Then there is Chris and Maurice who also were wonderful. So would I recommend the Sheraton Vistana for sure. Some great restaurants near by Charley's for the best steak, Moonfish for SUshi and seafood and Tommy Bahama's for the best Tuna Tacos. Have a great Vacation!!! September 14, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Resort This was my first and last time staying at a Shertaon resort. My fiance and I were looking for a relaxing get-away. We both work 7 days a week and attend grad school and was really hoping to spend some quality time together and visit Universal/Islands of Adventure. When we first arrived, the property looked great. The person at check-in was friendly. The property itself was average and does not offer many activities for people who are not there for a time-share. There was only one restaurant with sub-par food options (stay away from the mushroom pizza). Our room was on the first floor, which was fine but the shower door would get stuck. The shower itself was not clean. I would not bathe in it. There were NO vending machines for snacks and bottled water. There is a tiny "market" on the other side of the property which did not offer many options. The staff clearly did not communicate with one another, nor are they fully trained. We asked for a movie rental at the front desk and was told the activity center would have a selection. When we made our way there, the individual working the desk said they never carry dvds and that we would have to go across the property to the market. We were told there was complimentary shuttle service when I called prior to booking the reservation and found after arrival that the free shuttle service was not to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. We ended up having to cab or ride a shuttle that packed people in beyond the maximum amount allowed legally on a bus. Furthermore, my Fiance left his Kindle in the room upon check-out. I have called 3 days in a room with promises from the staff that someone would call me back. I have yet to hear from anyone. This is the 4th day now. The incompetence of the employees there certainly has steered me away from ever wanting to stay at any of the Sheratons or affiliate. June 6, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Resort in Orlando I have been a timeshare owner at this resort since 2001, and I absolutely love it. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is attentive, the rooms are spacious and well-kept, and the location is perfect. Right across the street, a minute to the left and a minute to the right, there are TONS of restaurants and activities. The rooms are so great, and the pools are grounds are always lovely to use and simply look at. I would not stay anywhere else in Orlando. Don't miss this fantastic resort! April 22, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Sheraton Vistana Villages Well just to set the record straight, THIS IS NOT A HOTEL, At least Not one I ever stayed in. This is a HOME away from HOME!!! I have never stayed in a Hotel or Motel that has a Full Kitchen, Dinning room, 2 Baths, Jacuzzi Tub, all in one unit! I'm sorry but this was not meant for a 3 day stay!! 3 weeks MAYBE. LOL. This is Top of the Line Vacation Comfort!!! Oh, you can stay for 1,2,or 3 days, But your only going to REGRET that you didn't stay longer! As far as Location, what could be better? 2 mi. from Sea World, 3 mi. from Universal, and 5 mi. from Disney World. And places to eat, WOW, your surrounded from cheap to Fine Dinning Everywhere! This Place is Fabulous!!! WE WILL BE BACK! May 11, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Unfortunate OWNER who will not return I never thought I would feel this way about a Starwood property, but do yourself a favor and stay at the Vistana Resort not here at the Villages. My wife and I are owners at this property and after our last stay in April '13 will likely never return to the Villages. Our unit was noisy all the way from hearing people scream across the parking lot at 1 AM, hearing every person toting baggage up and down the stairs to ultimately being subjected to hearing the family in the unit above us each time they used the bathroom (not just the flush)!!! No offence to the family, it 's not their fault. When we tried to explain the issues to our CSR at check out we were greated with "Oh I'm so sorry, here is your billing statement. Verify it for correctness and have a nice day"! About two weeks after our visit I completed a survey explaining all of these issues and recieved no responce from SPG. One representative did contact me (not related to the survey) but forwarded my concerns back to the resort itself. I recieved one phone call from the resort management who said they would look into my concerns and locate the survey I completed. Here it is June '13 and I have not heard another word from the Resort. My guess is that Management there is lacking in true customer satisfaction and more interested in chatting with the young female staff working for them. Truely not the type of review I like to write, however what I've stated has tainted our view of Vistana Villages and WE ARE OWNERS!!! June 10, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great layout.... This property has great layout in regards to accessing all amenities. Easy walking from village to village. We as grandparents took our granddaughters for 4 nights. We pre-stocked the rooms with our grocery order and it was perfect therfore, saving us time and money shopping at a nearby grocery store and everything was delivered and put away before we arrived! Great pools and activites! June 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Experience This is an excellent hotel, great for families. Very clean and comfortable. The pool area is very nice, which I actually looked forward to at the end of a long day. The fully stocked kitchenette was great, especially with two grocery stores near by. The Hotel is not far from anything, so driving for us was the way to go (a few tolls, but not a big deal). I definitely would stay here again. July 17, 2014
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