Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites

  • 600 HWY-7 E
  • Richmond Hill,
  • Ontario
  • L4B 1B2
  • Canada
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Ces informations nous permettent de trouver les chambres qui correspondent le mieux aux exigences de votre réception et de préparer votre arrivée.

Reportez-vous aux conditions et détails des chambres pour plus d'informations concernant les frais applicables pour les lits d'appoint et les personnes supplémentaires.

Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 180 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Allows kids to play street hockey in the corridors My Saturday morning was disrupted early by a gang of over a dozen kids playing street hockey on the 5th floor. They were running, screaming, hollering to tell other kids to join them, running in and out of the elevators to push all the buttons, etc. My room door was blocked by a barricade of a dozen hockey sticks, and I was nearly knocked over exiting the elevator by one kid who dove to get the puck. I nearly stepped on another who also dove at my feet. The parents encouraged the activity which went on for a couple of hours at least, and they were just as noisy, hollering to one another from each end of the corridor, or from one open room to another. I called the front desk and they told me security would be up right away to take care of the situation, but an hour later it was still ongoing. So much for quiet and comfort, or respect for other patrons. The noisy game ended only when these groups checked out around midday, and even then there was a lot of hollering back and forth for a half hour about who was going with whom, had anyone seen something or someone, etc. The parents were completely disrespectful of other patrons, the kids were allowed to run wild, and the hotel staff couldn't seem to be bothered to stop this outlandish behavior. A street hockey game on the 5th floor? No problem at this hotel. Maybe if they'd been drunk adults they might have done something, but they seemed quite tolerant of kids running up and down the corridor, hollering at the top of their lungs. No, I won't stay here ever again if I can help it. November 6, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not a shining example of Starwood... Best part - the room on the club level is great for one person. I slept well in a quiet room. But that is the basic standard any hotel should meet. The staff clearly don't care at all, the club is not cared for at all, and there is obviously no Starwood guest service training at this hotel. I asked for the general manager's contact information and the front desk refused, only wanting me to speak to a specific rooms manager. Very suspect. If you're simply looking for a room for the night, this is the expensive place to do it. If you're Platinum SPG and used to being treated well, pick a different Sheraton. September 16, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 thieves I can't believe I booked a stay on points, and then couldn't stay the night because an employee had an accident. I physically went to the property and asked the front desk what my penalty for cancelling would be and I was told after the front desk personnel checked with her supervisor that I would lose my points. Imagine my surprise to see my points refunded and a $180 charge on my credit card. I will never stay at this property again. June 21, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by WORST SERVICE! I wanted an apartment suite for my fiancée and her bridesmaids to sleep in the night before our wedding day. I came to this hotel last year and was referred to Tarek A. (sales manager). We spoke through email and confirmed an appointment to meet in person to discuss the rates (since they're not listed on the website and the front desk cannot disclose this information either) and to see the rooms. Tarek did NOT show up for our confirmed appointment. He didn't cancel, or re-schedule he just did NOT show up at all. The front desk got a hold him after waiting for more than 40 minutes and apparently he left the hotel for an, "emergency". But conveniently, he couldn't call or email prior to leaving to at least inform us that he can't come to the meeting. Tarek emailed us to re-schedule another appointment and apologized in person at our next meeting. He gave us the rates and showed us a few rooms. The apartment suites come with a king size bed, a couch, a kitchen, and a large dining room. They also offer free access to their hotel's lounge where there is breakfast (served at 6:30am) and a television. We specified to Tarek that there'd be 4 women sleeping at the hotel and we'd like access to the lounge at 6am for breakfast (since the women would be getting their hair and makeup done at 6:30am on the wedding day). Tarek said he'll gladly reserve room 1086 for us and specify to the kitchen to open the lounge at 6am for us. All of this information would be a part of our reservation. A week before the wedding, my fiancée and I went to the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel just to make sure our reservation details were okay to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our wedding morning. The front desk told us that not only are they unable to guarantee specific rooms for us, the room that was tentatively reserved was 1096. They reserved the WRONG room since we asked for 1086. Then, they told us that the lounge serves breakfast at 6:30am and there is no information in our reservation indicating that we could get an earlier breakfast at 6am. If we did NOT show up a week earlier to confirm our reservation details, everything would have gone wrong with the incorrect room reservation and late breakfast start. I had to email Tarek once again to correct these reservations details, which he did. The night the women checked in, we asked for extra pillows and blankets (since there were not enough for 4 people). The front desk said they can only provide 1 extra pillow and a thin blanket. So unfortunately, people were cold that night. In the morning, when the 4 women went to the lounge for breakfast at 6am the kitchen staff said they'd charge us an extra $20 per extra person. Apparently the apartment suites only offer free breakfast for up to 2 people per room. This information was NOT specified by Tarek at any point. Despite explaining that the women were staying at this hotel for the wedding, the kitchen staff did NOT compromise by perhaps offering the extra breakfast at a discounted price or anything. So, NOBODY ate breakfast because obviously we can't have only 2 people eating and 2 people NOT eating. This is by far the WORST experience I've had with any hotel. I expected far more from such a prestigious hotel, especially when we explained this hotel would be a part of our wedding experience. Tarek is one of the WORST sales agents I've ever dealt with in my life. Not only did he stand us up at a confirmed meeting, he did NOT make the correct reservation details AND he withheld important information about the hotel (1 extra pillow and blanket per room, breakfast is only for 2 people, etc.). Not only will I NOT recommend this hotel to ANYONE, I will be sharing this experience through various means. If you would like to reach me to discuss anything, do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. However, I do NOT want to speak to Tarek A. ever again. I am fed up with his excuses and apologies. I will never believe anything he says as he has failed to fulfill his promises time and time again. July 13, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Great Location - Night Staff Completely Dissapointing First off – great location – several fantastic nearby restaurants. As for the night staff – completely helpless. I requested a suite upgrade using my suite points, several weeks prior to my reservation and was granted it. Expecting it to be like the pictures we see on the website, I was very distraught when I entered the room – it looked like a large king size room – this shouldn’t be considered a suite just because it has a couch. Next the smell, it reeked of smoke and was purposely masked by some awful freshener. When I spoke to the front desk rep, she recommended that I move over to another suite on the 6th floor – much lower than previously expected. That suite was unsatisfactory as well. It seems the hotel rooms here just stinks of this undesirable smell. That room had this bright glaring light that felt like I was under an operating table. When I spoke to the front desk rep again, she recommended I move to a king size room on the 9th floor. I mentioned to her that this was an important weekend and asked her to upgrade me to higher suite, or find something else, seeing that the first two requests for the suite were an utter disaster. Her response – “sorry sir my hands are tied”. I was pretty much brushed off – I think the situation was elevated further because of her lack of desire to try to even ease the frustration. She was extremely patronizing and obtuse. Well if that’s how they treat their ambassador guests, I don’t think I ever want to know how they treat those with little or no loyalty status. Never again will I stay at this Sheraton location. September 23, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Frustrated, Wasted my Time Room smelled like cigarette smoke. Bathroom floor had red nail polish on floor by toilet (looked like blood). Room telephone (outside line) did not work. Management promised to fix, but did not. Outside line obtained via Service Express, but agent sometimes refused to connect us, despite our malfunctioning room phone. The clincher: our bill included charges for toll-free numbers that were connected by the agent! Biggest problem: I spent 90 minutes of valuable time and energy wasted on dealing with staff. Leadership problem? Systemic problem? Unfortunately, it became my problem. September 29, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not What I would expect.... As an SPG customer who travels and stays in many hotels for business travel I expected much more from a Sheraton. The website boasts a newly renovated hotel and pool. There was nothing newly renovated about my room. The shower head shot water onto the floor revealing the dirtiest black floor that I have ever seen in a hotel. I had to clean the floor, I also had to clean the counter in the bathroom. There was a used bandaide and so much black hair in the sink that i suspect the bathroom ws not cleaned. The carpet was damp and dirty in the room as well. The pool was also under construction and my kids were VERY disappointed. This should have been shared on the website and not recorded as newly renovated. I am very disappointed as well. The bed was good. That's about it. August 31, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Noise I was given a room on the 8th Floor (864) of the York Tower. Around 1:00 am, guests in the room across the hall or in room 862 began having a party in their room. They were shouting and talking loud, and around 3:00, I called the front desk to complain. Security came up, the noise subsided for a while, but strated again in room 866, even louder than before. I caled the front desk again around 4:45. The noise continued until about 5:15, and started again at 7:30! I got barely 2 hours of sleep. Saturday afternoon I went to see the manager on duty to complain. He moved us to a suite on the 10th floor. The next day, when I checked out, I found that I had been charged the agreed internet rate of $105 for Friday. However, the hotel charged me $130 or $139 for my room Saturday night. I brought it up with the Front desk. I have not heard back from them and as of yesterday morning (14 Dec), my Visa still showed a surcharge for Saturday night. The change of room was not because I wanted a suite, but rather because there were loud guests on the 8th floor. If anything, they should be the ones paying for the extra cost of giving me a normal sleep Saturday, and I was never compensated for the hellish night I spent Friday evening because of them. I am definitely not happy that I have to pay for other people lack of civilized manners. December 15, 2011
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