Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel

  • 31 West Ohio Street
  • Indianapolis,
  • Indiana
  • 46204
  • United States
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Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 463 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not up to Sheraton Standards I recently stayed at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel on a Friday night in advance of the Indy Monumental Marathon. The facility is clearly dated, and while the lobby & bedrooms are standard Sheraton style, the bathrooms were old & gross and the parking garage was undergoing construction which made it messy and difficult to get to the lobby (and there were no "pardon our appearance" signs nor a discount on the parking cost -- more like "please walk through our dust & wet cement with your bags and pay $25 for this lovely parking experience!” We actually had to clean wet cement off of our shoes & bag wheels once we got to the room.) However, the absolute worst part of the experience was the very loud elevators which we could hear through the walls of our room. Each time the elevator moved & stopped you could hear the mechanics of the elevator. Despite booking in this hotel months ago, when I called down to change rooms I was told there were only “elevator” rooms available and that they would turn off at 11 pm. They ran until midnight & were back on at 6 am. It’s very distracting when they’re on and quite frankly is unacceptable (not to mention a massive issue when you’re trying to go to bed early before a marathon!). I have traveled the world extensively and have never been able to hear the elevator movement (occasionally a ding or two when the doors open). They should not put people in these rooms! To top it all off, despite this being a busy weekend with marathoners & conference people, there was only 1 person working the front desk at any given time. Even during check-out , there was only one person there and the line was long. After standing in line for 10 minutes, I just put my keys on the desk and figured it would sort itself out. I chose this hotel because I’m typically pleased by Sheraton properties around the world for great rooms & great service. This Sheraton is completely dated and needs a total overhaul. It’s a terrible experience & with 4-5 other nationally renowned hotel properties within walking distance and with better proximity to restaurants & activities, I’ll be heading there next time. November 4, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Worst Day Ever! Checked into the hotel around 1130am, the entire process took all of 5 minutes (Great Experience). I proceeded to my room, left my luggage, and heading out to my daughters competition. Shortly after getting into the car I realized that I did not have my daughters cheer shoes. So I came back to the hotel and went directly to my room around 1145am. I attempted to open the door and it failed to open; I went downstairs to the front desk a total of 6 times (from the 17th floor) to have my key reset. At one point the front desk associate implied that I must have demagnetized the key or that I was doing something to the key to cause it not to work. After the 6th trip, I was quite upset and asked for a manager. The manager went to my room with his Master Key, which did NOT work neither. He advised me that he would call maintenance and have them bring another master key.. I waited about 20 mins at my door, on the floor next to my room for maintenance. Upon arrival, he immediately tried his master key, which did not open the door neither; he also used a head cleaner and tried opening my room door but that too was unsuccessful. Meanwhile my daughters competition is getting ready to start and she had been waiting in the car from 1145am - 115pm! while I dealt with this issue....... the manager advised us that she would comp our parking so that we could at least park and make it to the convention center in time for practice. I was advised that another maintenance man had to be called (because he was the only one who could fix this problem) however he had to take out the entire locking system but he was 40-45 mins away. I went to the convention center and later received a call from Sheraton around 150pm letting me know that my room door was working and to come back to the hotel so that I could get my daughters shoes!! I ran from the Convention Center to the Sheraton and was finally granted access at 205pm. thankfully my daughter made it to warm-ups at 3pm as scheduled. In the end things worked out but due to the inconvenience, the time constraints and all the stress I went through, I must say this was one of the worst days ever!! January 23, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Extremely rude staff I booked this hotel March 11th for one night. Upon my arrival they gave me a room that had construction going on. I opened the door and it was a DISASTER. Plumbing supplies everywhere, buckets of paint and all sorts of things on the floor. Apparently they were doing some renovating and couldn't double check to see if the room was ready prior to assigning me a room. I had to come back downstairs with my bags(very heavy) and explain the situation. They assign me another room... went up stairs and it was fine. Second problem, I was at the bar in the lobby with my girlfriend having some drinks. I asked the bartender if she can charge my cellphone for me. After a few drinks I went upstairs and completely forgot I left my phone with one of the employees. I come back downstairs and they wee all gone. i asked the staff in the front desk did anyone of the staff leave an iPhone. they responded to me saying "If you in fact left your phone it would be in this drawer. They kept saying that over and over as if I was a liar. They asked me "Are you sure you left it with one of the employees. I responded yes I am sure. One of the guys said very rudely to me "I guess you will have to fill out a lost and found form because I am pretty sure if they found anything they would put it in this drawer at the front desk. I kept asking can you check in the back or someplace else. He told me he has no idea where the phone is. I ask if they can call one of the bartenders and find out he said he can not do that. I ended up leaving indianapolis without my phone. On Monday after leaving about 4 messages I finally get someone on the phone. I explained my situation to the lady and she said she would call me right more than 30 minutes she was able to locate my phone. Do you know that all the staff on Sunday had to do was check in another room and I would have had my phone. They are some rude and disrespectful staff at this hotel. I am a star wood preferred member and I am totally embarrassed by the actions of the staff. A good customer service representative would have said "Ok it's not at the front desk as per procedure but let me look in the back. The staff didn't do that they just would have rather me not have my phone. I am seriously disappointed. G. Young May 13, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Platinum Members Read! Platinum Members Read! Just stayed here the weekend of the B1G Championship game on 12/1 and was less than impressed. If you want to save your time reading my review, stop now and book the (name omitted) down the street. I've stayed there before and it is leaps and bounds better than this Sheraton. I’m sad to report this as I actually prefer Sheraton’s over (name omitted) normally. First problem was upon check in. Not a single mention of my status. Not a "thank you" for continued loyalty, what would you like as your Platinum amenity, nothing. I inquired about upgrades and they couldn’t even get me on the club floor. Now, I understand this was a huge weekend for them and therefore wasn’t expecting a suite or anything, but I have never had this minimal amount of recognition at any other property. Second, the room wasn’t great. Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything special. Tub didn’t drain well and the shower had negligible pressure. The view of the city center was great though and somewhat made up for the shower. Third was the club lounge. This is what really drove me to write this review. Upon arrival went to check it out and seemed like your standard Sheraton club lounge. Went back an hour or so later to grab some snacks and my key wouldn’t work. We were rushed, so we didn’t want to bother with going to the front desk. When we came back later that night, my key worked just fine, so it had to be an issue with the club lounge door. Keep in mind I’m platinum, which means I’ve stayed in a few hotel rooms in my day and know the magnetic cards can be stubborn (i.e. I didn’t just try once and leave.) The big issue was Sunday morning 12/2. My fiancé and I head down to grab some breakfast and were pretty disappointed with the spread. This is a VERY continental breakfast and therefore nothing of real substance. If you need a quick pastry and coffee, it will do the trick, but if you are used to some other, more filling Sheraton clubs, this is not going to cut it. The other issue was the club lounge employee. I was sitting at the computer and she comes around the corner cussing up a storm and actually called a guest a “f#$%ing @$$hole” while picking up the phone to call her manager. While I didn’t hear the exchange the guest had with the employee, the employee should have kept her cool around other guests and realized she was affecting their experience in the lounge. She actually called her manager to come up and talk to the guest because he was being rude. Turns out, he was just trying to get some coffee and apparently she as trying to close up the lounge. Bear in mind, I think it was about 10:03 and there were still plenty of people in the lounge. To her defense, the guest was probably rude, but that doesn’t mean you come around the corner yelling absentees around me and my fiancé. Unacceptable. Oh, and then we run down Sunday afternoon to grab a soda for the road and the lounge is “closed for maintenance.” Fourth, was checking out on Sunday. I told the front desk upon check-in that I would need my late check out on Sunday. Not a problem. I even called down Sunday morning to remind them. Not a problem. Well, the housekeeper must not have been given the memo as she pounded on our door (DND on the door) while we were sleeping and woke us up. Then five minutes later I get a call asking me when I’m checking out. Really? Is this how you operate just because it was a busy weekend? Lastly, was the fact I received my folio NINE times via email on Sunday AFTER I was charged for internet. I didn’t think the SPG computer system actually allowed Platinum members to be charged for internet on their folios, but this Sheraton managed to get it done. My card was charged for the fee, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it this week to make sure it gets reversed. December 5, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by June 2013 business trip I stayed for two night for business purposes. First, let me say how wonderful the staff at this hotel was. Every person I encountered was super friendly and extremely helpful. A couple small issues I had were addressed immediately, professionally and I could not have asked for better service. Now, while my room was clean, it was showing it's age. There was some wear that no amount of cleaning could improve. Some issues with a couple of the walls and the arm chair in my room was pretty yucky. . .I wouldn't sit in it. The TV was great, but there were a couple channels that wouldn't come in. A coworker stayed at the same time, and she had similar issues with her television. She had to call several times to get it looked at, and the problem was never resolved. I didn't care so much as I don't really watch television. . .I was able to get the news channels I wanted so was not bothered by this issue. Also a mirror outside the bathroom would be a great addition. . .I missed that. A couple minor issues I mentioned were my keys didn't work in the club lounge entrance, so I called guest services from the hall phone near the elevators. They said wait right there and we will be up. . .within 5 minutes I had new keys that worked just fine. Also, I wanted my room cleaned. I went up at our lunch break and noticed housekeeping right next door so I didn't stay long in my room, expecting it was next. When I returned after our conference at around 4:30, my room still had not been cleaned, but housekeeping was standing at the door ready to clean. I said I needed an hour then I would be leaving for dinner, and she agreed to come back then. When I returned several hours later, no service had been provided. I simply called guest services, asked to be taken off the list for the day as it was too late and requested a few items that housekeeping would have replenished. Within 15 minutes the things I had asked for were delivered and I recevied a $5 Green voucher since housekeeping hadn't come to my room. I used it the next day towards my lunch. My only serious issue was that there seemed to be a serious problem maintaining a comfortable temperature in the conference area on the lowest level. It was either frigid, or way to warm. There seemed to be no in between. Also, on our second day, a delivery truck was apparently sitting in a delivery bay with the engine running and the whole room filled with exhaust. It was pretty awful, but a staff person quickly took care of it and put out fans to help with clearing the room. One final small issue was during checkout. The staff member checking me out seemed very confused at my zero balance, and didn't seem sure what to do. She said something about "it was weird" and she would have to talk to her accounting dept about it. Not sure how this was my issue. . . . . I also asked for a receipt, for my accounting dept, and she didn't seem sure how to do that. Finally, she was able to produce a receipt and also e-mailed one. All turned out well. Food in the restaurant was acceptable and about average priced. . or what you would expect at a downtown hotel n a major city. Club lounge offerings were acceptable as well and the staff there was excellent, even in the face of rude guests. . which we witnessed one morning during breakfast. Someone needs to consider offering sugar free decaf beverages besides coffee. While I loved the service, and mostly the facility, it's an aging beauty that is in need of some updating. I wouldn't mind another conference at this hotel. On a final note. . . since I have raved about the above average staff. . . the absolute exception were the employees in Starbucks, which is located in the hotel. I loved having the Starbucks so conveniently located, and took advantage, but the employees there were definitely not typical Starbuck baristas. They were unfriendly, nearing rude and seemed to hate the fact that I was interferring in their day. Definitely didn't love their jobs. . . and it was not one employee, it was each one that I interacted with or witnessed interacting with other customers. People in our training were discussing it. . .kind of became a joke actually. June 28, 2013
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