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Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 906 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great hotel Location and big comfortable bedrooms February 17, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Asst City Manager Good hotel in a great location! May 20, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Big Mix ups! Given wrong room # and more June 10, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by learning forward stay comfortable, classy, clean July 25, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Tired Staff great- rooms TIRED! February 10, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Location Lots to do Great Food and atmosphere August 29, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Location For Downtown You can't beat the location. However, the Tower rooms are small, especially the bathrooms. I know the tower was designed by IM Pei--however, it doesn't make the rooms any more liveable. If you have mobility issues, book a Plaza room. It was difficult getting our room cleaned since we were booked on two different rates. After three calls, housekeeping cleaned it. It seems no hotel cleans the back of the bathroom door that faces into the bathroom. I guess they never see it. Someone had splashed coffee on the wall in our room. Housekeeping should have seen that. We also had to visit the front desk to have our keys re-keyed because we were on different rates. The bed was wonderful. I specifically asked for a room that did not have a connecting door--guess what I got--yep a room with a connecting door. So, small closet and no full-length mirror. Pleased that there was a safe in the closet, though. I assume the mirror would go where the door was. Since I was in the Tower, it was too much trouble to go down and get another room. I think if I was staying there for any length of time, the small dresser would have been an aggravation. However, I was only there for the weekend. I'll stay there again. Great location. The rate I paid was competitive. The waitstaff in the restaurant was friendly and helpful. December 15, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Convention My organization held our bi-annual convention at this hotel. From the moment we stepped into the hotel as guests, I noticed the lack of staff and respect from all employees. This hotel was severely understaffed for having not only a convention with over 800 people involved, but also several other large groups. I spoke with three gentlemen and a woman while checking in and out. The two that I spoke with checking in were very nice, but completely overwhelmed. The woman was completely rude. The gentleman I spoke to while checking out and he was very rude to me and other guests in line. And he was supposed to be the front desk supervisor. The housekeeping was slow and understaffed. Nor did they speak any English so when I asked if she could come back in 15 minutes when I was leaving, she had no idea what I was saying, so I had to vacate my room that I paid a lot of money for. Our biggest complaint was that they were not prepared for a group of our capacity. We had booked the rooms far enough in advance that there should not have been the wait we had. We had booked 2 rooms, neither were ready when we were there to check in at 3pm and one wasn't ready until 6:30 - our meetings started at 5:30. There were women in our group who didn't have rooms until after dinner had started at 8:00pm. Completely unacceptable. July 5, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great staff, nice hotel The front desk clerk, Jana (I think), knew my needs before I expressed them. when calling for additional pillows, the door rang almost immediately upon hanging up. The concierge lounge was well stocked with sodas and waters at all times, great apps during regular hours. However, even well drinks are at a cost. In Hhonors lounges, alcohol is often comp, but food is bad - so this is a good trade off. The tower rooms are smaller than newer hotels. However, this is a historic wing - the construction is cement - the rooms are practically sound proof. We did have A/C problems when checking in, but maintanance fixed it immediately.. With hundreds of rooms, hotels will always have problems (nomatter the brand), it's how they deal with them that makes the difference. This hotel obviously has great management from the top down, which reflects in the employees attitudes, the room's spotlessness, and the charm of the hotel. I work for a 5 STAR 5 Diamond international hotel chain, so I'm very picky and am plagued with the hotel inspector evaluation eye (there's a knick on that corner? the edge of the carpet is up? one ring in the shower isn't hooked? call the manager!), but this hotel is well kept and the staff is immaculately professionnal (down to the gift shop employee who doesn't even work for the company). Great Job! June 22, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by GREEN PROGRAM FAILURE Greetings I would like to express my nonconformity with the Green program that was offered to me. I was expecting not to have the room clean and not replacement of the towels which saves water, soap, electricity, etc... make it green somehow, but, having the bed done as well as replenishing the amenities. So, the deal is that you dont have any service but you still charging full price but a $5 coupon that has to be consumed at the hotel.... I dont see the green in this but more money for the hotel that is not transfer to the customer nor the environment, so I dont see the GREEN in this. I am an starwood member and I will not take the green option again, it does not make sense at all.... the hotel is just making more money and not transferring this to be green. In addition, the toilet was dirty and the sink was nasty and dirty, probably because the previous guest had the green option and the bathroom was not cleaning. Something I would like to highlight is the fact that Sheraton is a high quality hotel that must be really careful with the details, this is what makes a difference between a Sheraton and a Ramada or any other.... but that did not happen this time. I had to rush to the airport and did not have the time to talk with the manager but I would like to mention it to you. Thanks for your consideration April 20, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Missing the standard While the Sheraton is clean and pretty it misses the mark on what we consider to be standard amenities. Our room was in the tower across the street on the 8th floor. The room was clean and fresh as expected. However the ceiling above the shower had peeling bubbled paint and an obvious unfinished repair. The paint on the back of the door looked as though a child had painted it. The next thing we discovered was the little fridge was in fact a picnic basket shelf. The short dresser inside the closet prevented the door from being opened to use the other side or from the door closing entirely. The biggest disappointment over the lack of fridge was the additional fee for Wi-Fi. Almost every other hotel these days provides a fridge, Wi-Fi and continental breakfast. For the ridiculous over charged price of the Sheraton I expected to not see so many cheap skate short cuts. The pool area is nice but the broken mounts on the speakers would be an easy improvement and again not be so cheap hanging off wires stuck sideways on the concrete wall. Additionally 2 additional fees were held on my debit card without my consent or knowledge. The customary 50 dollars for incidentals, which how could there be any with NO FRIDGE ? and an amount almost equal to the price of the room, for which no explanation was given. There was also no discount or validation for the parking. We paid the full street price. October 26, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Never going Sheraton again I made my reservations over 3 months in advance, and when my party of 8 arrived at the hotel, our 2 rooms were not ready, as were about 30 other rooms for other guests. Also, when our room was ready (about 5 hours after check in time), I went to get our room keys and was told that the 1 of the 2 rooms I reserved (each with 2 queen beds) was unavailable. So we had to have 4 people squeeze in a tiny room with 1 king bed and a roll away for 4 nights. Basically, my reservations meant nothing. I even called once a month prior to my stay to confirm my reservations!! I was also charged multiple authorization holds and a crazy amount for my stay that did not match the numbers on my receipt. After inquiring, I was told that those charges would go away after my bank released them. However, I would have liked to know what I was being charged in the first place so I wouldn't have overdrafted my bank account unknowingly. We also had a terrible view of the roof of the courtyard in the hotel. Also, the TV service is not free... I have stayed at more expensive and less expensive hotels than this one, and not once have I had to pay for TV! The quality of the tv screen was not very good anyways. I have always been satisfied with my stays at Sheratons and this stay ruined that for me. I will never stay at a Sheraton again. It's placement in Downtown Denver is ideal, but you'd be better off staying somewhere else for your trip. July 5, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good and Bad At check-in my Platinum status was recognized and I was upgraded (so-to-speak) to a tower room on club level. First with the disappointments. The room was very small. There was no viable work area in the room IMO. There was a small table on wheels that rolled out of the cabinet on which the TV was sitting. Very little room between the cabinet/bed to pull out the table and fit a chair behind it and get any work done. It did have power connections but the work space was awkward at best. The club room was spacious and well appointed but the food selections were limited, especially at breakfast. No hot offerings were available in the morning and nothing at all with protein such as scrambled eggs. The Club Lounge upgrade is generally one of the perks that I really look forward to as a Platinum member mainly due to the fact that it opens 30 minutes earlier than the restaurant. I ended up going to the restaurant to get a decent breakfast even though I lost some time and the cost. The club lounge service is definitely much better in other Sharatons I frequent. As for the good, the fitness room is spacious and has a generous amount of cardio equipment and a large weight area. Also the lobby connects to the Yard House restaurant. I always like the Yard House. The downtown location is also convenient to my company's office. In general I may stay here again but will definitely seek other options first before giving it another chance. April 1, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by This hotel needs improvements I booked an executive suite for my family of five from Friday, June 14th to Saturday, June 15th. I was graduating from my university and the ceremony was at the convention center on June 15th. We requested a refrigerator and extra pillows when we checked in and later extra towels because even though they knew we had five people in our party, they gave us only 2 towels. The reception was good. But that is where the good service basically stopped in reference to our room. Since this was a special occasion and one that we can rarely afford, we rented the suite. There was an empty beer can under the register in the front part of the suite. The shower handle was being held on by a piece of plastic. So you guessed it, it fell off numerous times. The water bottles that were for sale in our room had been obviously opened by the previous tenant. One bottle had been filled to the top of the bottle while the other one was empty approximately 1/3 way down. The TV in the front room did not work properly. We were splurging price wise and walked out feeling like the room was way understandards. When I checked out, I reported the issues to the front desk. But nothing was said in regards to my complaints. I used to work at the Broadmoor in housekeeping and I know how hotel rooms should be maintained and how the staff should react to problems in the room. Unless drastic changes are made in this hotel, I would not advise anyone spending the money to stay there. June 15, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Would not recommend this hotel I stayed a the Sheraton recently for a conference and would no stay here again. Firstly, I work for a government agency and requested that status be applied to my reservation when I booked my hotel. It was not booked as such and when I checked out and requested my status be applied, the person at the front desk was rude to me when I asked questions about the form I was told I had to fill out. I submitted the form and was sent a "revised" bill without my govt status being applied without any explanation as to why my request was denied. I followed up asking for a reason for denial and specifically left a message for the person who reviewed my claim, and did not received a return phone call. I understand there are reasons for paying tax, but the customer service treatment of my denial was unprofessional The conference food itself was terrible - the continental breakfast was limited and not good quality. The internet service was also terrible - I had been given access to a wifi password that worked minimally and slowly. Finally, while this is minor, some of the plaster in the from what appeared to be an access point to the celing, located in my bathroom was hanging by a few threads - while it didn't bother me, it looked bad. Also, my bathtub shower switch didnt' work correctly so I wasted as much water if not more with the tub faucet & shower head running at the same time as I saved by opting out of my linens being changed. I would not recommend this hotel. May 7, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Weak Went for a conference last week and was checked in to a room that hadn't been cleaned yet. Many of the rooms are honestly a 3-4 minute walk from the elevator! I found a stairwell close to my room to try to find a shortcut and ended up under ground with exits all marked "alarm will sound" and had to walk all the way back up, then take all three long hallways back to the elevator. Super frustrating. On my last night after a long day I walked all the way down all THREE hallway to my room and the key didn't work. I walked all the way back down to the lobby (a trek for sure) and the employee I spoke with didn't think I should be frustrated because HE wasn't the one who checked me in and just handles bags, etc. ?? My room was right next to a housekeeping office (banging carts in and out) and they used the swinging lock to keep their door unlocked so the heavy door would constantly slam against the open lock as they came and went. I had already unpacked all of my clothes for a 6 day stay and din't want to pack it all up again to move. Glad my GOLD status got me such a great room with zero view of anything but a lower roof. Finally, there were eight pillows in my room between two beds and ALL EIGHT were the exact same super soft kind that just sink your head all the way down to the mattress with zero support no matter how many you pile up. I eventually pulled towels from the bathroom to use to support my head to sleep. This property caters only to those that like super soft pillows. Overall a frustrating an restless experience. August 22, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not for Business We have stayed in this hotel multiple times and so have other members of our company. Due to the nature of our business and our platinum status we are usually given larger rooms or an upgrade to a suite because we have a lot of equipment we travel with. My colleague's room smelt so bad, the bell hop told him I can't put you here. My boss felt the same about his room but was too tired to be bothered to move but he is not happy. I was put in a very small room that I think was the furtherest you could get from a lift. I asked to be moved and was put into a suite where we couldn't get the telephone to work (which is not great for business). I also had requested a king bed. When I finally got to ask about moving I asked if I could perhaps go to a club room as they are usually larger. I was told yes. As we got off the elevator to go to my third room you could smell the smoke all through the corridor and when we got to my room it sounded like there was death metal concert going on in the room next door but whilst the bell hop said he would ring security, it was obvious I was going to go into that room no matter what. When I went up to the club room to get a coffee there was group of youths who were obviously casing the joint and physically jumped when I opened the door (?) SO here I sit in my as small as the first room (if not smaller). I feel like checking out but am too tired to be bothered. I don't think we will stay here again. It feels like the hotel is not such a good choice for business travelers any more. February 17, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not clean I arrived at 6pm, went to my room in the Tower block, wanted to have a shower and go down for dinner. My bathtub was full of dirty water, with the plug still in. I called downstairs and they sent a janitor up, he went into the bathroom pulled the plug, swilled some water around, came out into my room flicking water off his hands and said, "All done". I said you don't even have a cloth, he said, oh I will send someone up to sanitize it. I went out for dinner, I'm not sure if they did anything further with my tub. I was staying at this hotel for a conference and was taking two exams. At 9am I left my room for breakfast, I was hoping my room would be cleaned whilst I was gone as the cart was near my door when I left. I spent much of the day trying to find a quiet place to study as my room was still not done, at one point I sat on a chair in the womens bathroom. At 2pm I again went to check on my room, it still was not done. I went down to reception, they checked and told me, it wasn't done yet because it was "occupied dirty" when I asked what this meant, I was told, they clean the unnoccupied rooms first so they can fill them again. I said so as soon as I have paid for my room, my customer service experience ends, she shrugged her shoulders and said, I will have it done right away. My room was finally cleaned at 4pm. I was checking out of the hotel at 8.30am the next day, so my only experience with the service at this hotel was this day in question and I was sorely disappointed with it. I believe the people who have paid already deserve the customer service. I would not stay here again, nor reccomend it. September 23, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by DON'T STAY HERE Don't stay here! I had to stay while working for a local business. There are NO Pros other than it is across the street from my customer. The cons: I ordered my breakfast at 7:30 a.m., and asked if I could pick it up to go at 8:30 a.m. When I arrived promptly at 8:30, I had to wait 20 minutes for it to be cooked. It was then packed in a "egg carton" type container, that was damp, and before I could get across the street with my breakfast, the container broke and my breakfast was all over the street. Also, the staff member was quite unconcerned that i had to wait so long after specifically requesting if I could order and pick-up my food at a certain time (was told yes, of course). I feel like an hour's notice is PLENTY of time. NEXT, I don't even know where to start with the housekeeping service at this hotel. My first night, I turned my bed down, and the sheet had "something" all over it. It was a mess. I had to call for a manager. They came up and were horrified as well, said they were truly sorry, and sent staff up immediately to strip and re-make the bed. That was quite a disturbing experience. The next night, I arrived back from work, and I had no toiletry replinishment, no coffee or coffee cup replinishment, and no water replinishment, which I am supposed to get every day. To make things worse, the next morning when I opened the shower curtain to get in, the dirty towels from the prior morning were still in the tub! Complaining to management at this hotel does no good. I am simply going to move to a different hotel for the duration of my stays in Denver. I come to the city a lot, and will not put up with this type of hotel service. August 22, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Probably not again I stayed at your hotel for 3 nights. The appearance of the hotel is very elegant and dignified. However most of that ended at the room. The beds, linen and restroom amenities were nice, clean and comfortable. The Internet was horrible and I ended up going to a nearby coffee shop just to do computer work and emails which is the main reason I stayed at the hotel. As I was trying to find an Ethernet connection in the room I found various used toothpicks, candy wrappers and hair balls. I have stayed at less than desirable hotels and have dealt with this before. But at least I could shower in the morning to clean the filth of the room off. Of the 3 morning I awoke, I only had one morning that I could actually shower with some sort of warm water. The first two mornings I was greeted by fresh ice cold water. So I had to attend my meetings stubble on my face and a less than clean feeling as I could not bring myself to the edge of hypothermia and razor burn. I must add that I have lived in North Dakota for 40 years and left on my trip when it was -22 below. So I know what coldness is. I will soon be promoted to the Denver office with my company and do not plan on ever putting my employees through such an ordeal. The staff I felt we're not given proper tools to deal with the situation and were completely over whelmed by complaints and had little comfort to the guests. I will end this with the meeting space and service we were provided, it was all top of the line. Beautiful conference room with very adequate meals provided. As a conference center, excellent, as a hotel, I have had better stays at the Knights Inn with cockroaches and no AC in Florida in mid summer. February 23, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Overall good but needs some work We attended for a conference and overall the lobby staff service was excellent but they need to extend this service to the Housekeeping. We checked in on Saturday afternoon and found the following: * Housekeeping cleaned the room on Sunday but left a wet towel on the floor of the room after they finished cleaning. * Monday Housekeeping came to the door but didn't come into the room. We had to give them the full rubbish bins and had to ask for the water bottles to be restocked. No other cleaning was done in the room. * Wednesday was the next visit that we received from Housekeeping. They cleaned the visible surfaces of the bathroom but left a towel still hanging up on the back of the door. We also found that cleaning under the bathroom bench was not a priority. We found a large amount of black hair (that had obviously been there for a while) and a small bottom of shampoo (also been there for a while). The beds were never remade whilst we were there. We had pulled the bedding back up but they were never actually made. We also found that the sheets used are not wide enough for the pillow top mattresses so they easily came out during your sleep. There is the option for the Green Choice but at no time do we choose this option but the room wasn't visited by Housekeeping except for the days listed above. If you can get the services of Housekeeping up to the level of reception you would have an excellent overall service. The printing service available in the lobby was excellent - this gives you the ability to quickly print (with basic B&W printing) for simple things that don't require professional printing. This is a great service that was extremely beneficial. June 24, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed Even having long standing reservation number does not guarantee that you will get a room at this hotel. Upon my arrival to the hotel at 11:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 AM East (my time), I was informed by the front desk clerk that there were no more rooms, that the hotel was sold out but that they could put me at another Sheraton only 20 minutes away for the night, but never told me that those 20 minutes translated into over one hour during rush hour, which made me miss an appointment even though I left the hotel one hour before my meeting thinking that that was more than plenty time. Seemed like this problem not only affected me but also many other travelers who had reservation at this place for that night, because we all ended up at the same distant hotel. So I asked the desk clerk for his manager, and he told me that he was the manager, requested to speak with his manager, I was told he was not in, but that he would get in touch with me in the morning, I'm still waiting for that call. Next morning I missed my meeting and had to complain again to get a room so I could do some work and freshen up. The day of my departure, 5:00 AM, I got no answer from Valet Parking extension thus I requested from Guest Services to please have my car fetched from the parking garage and gave my ticket number to the operator who would passed it to Valet. Did this with plenty time in advance so I could go a pick up other coworkers at their hotels to commute to the Airport. After checking out I walked to the front of the hotel to find out that nobody had told the one and only Valet attendant to do that, so I had to wait for him to get the car. In the future I will never stay at this hotel again, nor will I recommend anybody to stay at that place. I' sorry to say that this is the worst hotel I ever stayed, but of course you cannot judge Starwood's quality because of just one bad hotel in its chain. Hope they improve their guest services. November 24, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Staff Needs More Training The overall hotel is great and the stay was average-it would had been Great had it not been for many things that went wrong. 1. Someone on my floor was Smoking and despite several complaints, the staff failed to address the problem. 2. My colleague booked my stay for me and had to book in her name and the reservation specialist stated i would be able to call and change to my name and my credit card. When I called, they said this was not possible but could change upon check in.When I tried to change upon check in, they instead cancelled my reservation in my colleague's name and scheduled mine but refused to give me group rate! We therefore stood at desk for almost an hour trying to sort this out. Finally the manager said she did. However, on check - out I discovered my reservation was still in my colleague's name (with her credit card-despite the fact they swiped my card) AND i did not have group rate! This took almost another hour to sort out!!!! 3. I tried to check out early due to a very early flight and they could not find my breakfast charge from that morning-i had to come back later after that was sorted out-this took up even more of my time. 4. I was told when I needed a taxi for 4am I could call and get one. When I called at 3.45am, I was told I did not need to call as taxis were lined up outside. When I got to lobby there were no taxis and it took almost 30 minutes to get me one. Needless to say I was late to airport running to get my flight. Not a great end to my trip!!!! 5. I called for room service one night and requested only Hummus and glass of wine and was told it would take 20-30 minutes. 40 minutes went by and it had still not arrived. I called back and due to some confusion from your staff I accidentally got switched to the kitchen, who informed me they only got my order 10 minute before I called-40 minutes after placing my order!!! Overall, your customer service needs A LOT of improvements. October 30, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Underwhelmed Booked a room online at club level for a conference (happened to not use the conference discount). I was unable to request a suite in the online process but I was able to book at Club Level then called the hotel directly to upgrade to a suite. It took a couple of calls to get through the menus in order to find a staff member to accomodate the upgrade... (so not a great experience so far). Upon arrival the front desk had a placard for SPG customers at one spot, but that agent was occupied. The other staff were free and upon catching their eye I asked if I could just check in with them, and they said "sure" somewhat reluctantly. The agent was apparently training a new frontdesk employee because he spent the whole process engaged with the other staff member.... no "Welcome Mr. Massey", no recognition of my SPG status, no remark on the room being at Club Level or a suite. So I felt compelled to confirm that I was in a suite and at Club Level, which the agent then had to spend some time typing and explaining how I must have booked online to the trainee before he finally allowed "Got you in one of the best rooms we have". The suite was nice, not exceptional as far as space goes. While the beds were extremely comfortable, the suite furnishings and amenities were ordinary at best. The "over-copied" memo I was handed at the front desk about Club Level amenities looked like something printed in 1985 on a old office dot-matrix printer and didn't have the password nor directions for wifi access (kinda the first thing needed in todays world!). I never got a paper delivered for the day during my stay. The bathroom in the suite was so small I could barely turn around in it. The bathroom door latch was inoperable, so my guests actually left the room in order to secure their privacy while attending their bathroom needs.... No engagement from the Club concierge as to my needs or how my stay was progressing... On the other hand, the hotel is in a good central location and the beds were crisp clean and comfortable. April 5, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Very unhappy customer I stayed at the Sheraton this past weekend for the Denver Comic Con. Room rates were fantastic for the event and it was a good name hotel, so I figured I was good to go. When I arrived I verified my checkout date as being a day earlier than the hotel had me booked for. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but the staff person did not mention that I was going to be charged $50 when I checked out. Upon check out I was told about this even though the email confirmation I have says, "Early Departure Many Starwood hotels have an early departure fee. When you check-in, you will be asked to confirm your departure date. You may be able to change your departure date without a penalty if your rate plan permits and if you do so before the end of your arrival day. After reconfirming your departure date, if you decide to leave earlier, you may be charged the early departure fee. Please contact the hotel if you have any questions." I feel that I should have been told at check in that I was going to incur this additional fee. Or worse yet, were your front desk staff just not listening to me. That's not good customer service either way. The room was a bit of a mess too. There were dirty towels from the previous stay shoved under the curtains. The closet door in front of the safe was completely broken and jammed shut, thereby keeping us from using the safe. The Sheraton was a host hotel for the Denver Comic Con, but in order to not incur an extra charge to stay for the entire event, we had to move our vehicle to a different parking lot for the last day of the event (the event went til 6pm but we could only stay parked there until 4pm, as exhibitors this was completely frustrating). If you're going to be a host hotel, you should at least allow guests to stay for a full event before you start charging them even more money for parking. Overall, I was disappointed that I was charged extra for something without being notified from the beginning. It made the dirty/broken hotel room and the parking situation that much worse. June 4, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Devil is in the details Check in was easy and the front desk was well staffed! As SPG platinum we were upgraded to the club floor. The club lounge was easily the nicest Sheraton club lounge I have visited! Evening hors d'oeuvres were above average and included well stocked charcuterie plate, two cheese platters with a wide variety of cheeses, nuts, and fruit, and then two hot options. This was above par for Sheraton club lounges and I was very impressed with both the offerings and the actual lounge itself. The room was excellently decorated and everything seemed to be very new. The same was true about the hotel. Nothing seemed tired, worn out, or outdated as can be the case at some Sheraton properties. It is worth noting that the location is excellent as well! We will not return however because of the small things. Not one of the things I am about to mention actually amounts to any great inconvenience and in and of themselves are very minor, however the fact that all three of them took place in one room on only a single night stay was indicative to me of a culture of inattention to details at best and a lazy mentality at worst. When we arrived at our room we were tired and dirty from three days of back country hiking and were most looking forward to a shower however we found the shower dirty and had a inordinate amount of hair on the shower floor. I tried calling the front desk twice but no answer so I ended up just walking down to the lobby to ask for housekeeping to clean the shower. I needed to use the in room safe but a small chest of drawers had been placed in the closet and did not allow for the sliding door to open on the side where the safe was making the safe inaccessible. I asked for someone to come move the chest of drawers so I could use both sides of the closet and access the safe. When we returned to the room the chest of drawers had been turned sideways in the closet and placed against the safe making the items we had unpacked in the drawers inaccessible now. I ended up just dragging the chest of drawers out into the room myself. When the shower finished being cleaned I went to use it and the whole handle apparatus came off in my hand. There were several pieces that came off and after a minute or two of playing with it I was able to get the pieces back together but could not get it to stay together to get the shower to come on. I finally figured out how to hold it just right and was able to shower. These three things were no doubt visible before having a guest check in to the room and the fact they weren't addressed before hand was disappointing. September 4, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Mixed feelings I had a very wonderful vacation experience blemished with poor and lazy customer service. I called in Saturday, Sept 21st in the morning to inform your desk that I would be checking in late due to an all day event. They were very accommodating and made note on my reservation. Upon arrival, I checked in with a Gentleman (named Ricky, I believe) although he was friendly and helpful, he talked me up and down about how wonderful of a view I would have, I get up to the 8th floor, the top floor, with excitement only to find that he gave me an inside room with a view of the other side of your building. Although this seems to petty, he clearly didn't know the layout of your hotel which leads me to my next and more serious complaint. The next morning, I checked out of my room with a different gentleman at your desk. He was tall, and unfortunately I didnt get his name... I inquired about your shuttle service as it was recommended to me by the locals from conversation about how I would get to the airport. I then asked your employee andidentifiable information, such as full names Review Title* Example: This hotel has great features Your Review* identifiable information, such as full names Review Title* Example: This hotel has great features Your Review*he assured me that although it isn't run through your hotel, it is still the last stop on the shuttle service's route. I asked him how it would work since my flight was at 850pm local time. He told me that the shuttle service arrives at every half hour. And asked a clarifying question.. and asked if it went all day because my flight was at 850 and he assured him it was every half hour, all day.. I took his word for it and arrived a few minutes after 7.. I talked to the new desk person since the other guy was gone. She assured me that I had to RESERVE a spot on the shuttle and that I should call the number and gave me the number (she was very helpful). I called the service, and after being on hold for 20 minutes we reached the conclusion that there was no service available to get me to the airport on time and that the last shuttle was at 530 (APPARENTLY they don't come every 30 minutes) Now panicking, since it was no longer 7 and I had been resolving the issue, it was already 730 and my flight was in just over an hour meanwhile the airport is far away from downtown Denver. My only option at this point was to take a taxi and pay the flat rate. Not only did I have to pay the flat rate of $50, but I also had to use your ATM and be charged an additional $3.50 as well as a non-bank ATM $2.50 fee. My "free shuttle service" according to your associate turned into a fiasco, and left me at a loss for $56. Not to mention the panic and anxiety I was going through. The idea of being stuck in another city as a teacher with school the next day and no later flights is very stressful. I reached my gate with a mere 5 minutes before departure due to your customers ignorance and lack of care. He clearly doesn't know how your service works. I was left with peace of mind all day that my ride would be waiting for me either at 7pm or 730pm! Not only that but I am now out an additional $56, could have missed my flight had the taxi driver not rushed me to the airport and had I not ran through the airport to my gate. Great hotel, awful customer service September 24, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Stressful Getaway We went to the Sheraton in Denver hoping for a great stay, since that is usually what we get at all the Sheratons we have stayed at. Unfortunately we were very wrong. When we arrived, we were surprised to hear we had been upgraded to an "executive suite" and we were very excited. Once we got to the room in the "Tower" side of the hotel, we were surprised to see how small it was, not to mention oddly shaped. The bathroom was about the size of a coat closet and the closet was the size of a bathroom- no joke. Not to mention to walk between the sitting area (which had an old and stained couch in it) and the bed room, you had to cautiously walk by the window in what I guess would be called a hallway big enough for one person at a time. So we called downstairs and a very nice man named Frank helped us find the room we had originally booked which was just a standard King room in the Plaza part of the hotel (i.e.- newer part) Once we got there all seemed to be okay.... but then my spouse decided to take a shower and the water would not get hot, let alone warm. You had to flush the toilet to get it hot, but that would only last so long. We later figured out you have to take a shower in the morning if you want to guarantee not to be freezing. The following day we ordered room service for breakfast, food was okay, the ladies who delivered it were right on time and very nice. After we ate we placed all the dishes back on the tray and we went down to the front desk asking that housekeeping come and clean our room (since we had originally said we don't need housekeeping) and they were happy to say that housekeeping will come by for the remainder of our stay, and that they will remove the dishes for us as well. We came back that night and not only were the dishes still there, but housekeeping had never even come. So I called the front desk and they said they will send someone up right away. We went out to dinner and came back to our bed nicely made, new towels, and our dishes from breakfast STILL THERE!!! So I put them in the hallway. (By the way, make sure you get housekeeping to remake your bed otherwise you will be very frustrated trying to keep the sheets in place, the pad that is on the mattress flat, and the comforter on the bed). The next morning, we went out again and made sure to take our privacy sign off the door, and go figure when we came back, housekeeping never came by again. So I called the front desk just to discuss my frustration, and the nice lady on the phone apologized and said to mend the issue she would comp our 1 day of Valet (we rented a car and only parked it at the hotel for one night). I was happy and said ok. When it came time to check out, I went downstairs and spoke to a gentleman and when he gave me my receipt, and not only was parking on it, but it was charged TWICE! I explained to him what the lady had said and he said ok. He typed a few things and again gave me a receipt showing the comp for one day of valet and a charge for a second day! I explained to him again that I only had the car for one day TOTAL! He didn't seem to get it, but eventually he reversed the other charge as well. Don't get me wrong, all the people I spoke with seemed nice, but it seems that every time someone told me something was going to get done, it never did. There is so much more detail I would go into if I had the time, but just know that if you plan on a nice, stress free vacation in Denver, it probably won't happen at the Sheraton. February 10, 2013
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