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Rated 3.4 out of 5 by 1203 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Staff Staff was above excellent January 16, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very comfortable I had a really good stay! September 19, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Executive Director Meeting space, gymn, etc. January 29, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by This hotel needs free in-room wifi Stayed at the Sheraton on Olive St. in Dallas recently for a professional conference. The space is good for facilitating both conference business and the meetings that are connected to it. There is a decent restaurant as well as a smaller quiet bar and a very large sports bar (considerably louder). I spent plenty of time chatting with people in both. The hotel needs to have its technological infrastructure updated - it needs to have FREE in-room wifi as well as the "lab" in the lobby. Why have a separate business center on the 2nd floor if you have an upscale computer-lab style facility in the lobby? There are also some service issues as well. On the day of my departure, the Concierge had yet to distribute room receipts under the door as of 6AM. Having stayed at many hotels for business, this is very late. They had an e-option as a back up, so I took that. When I was trying to leave the hotel parking garage, I could not get my room card to trigger the arm lift (so I could drive out of the hotel). I used the "call for service" button and the attendant showed up right away (6:15 on a Saturday morning, BTW). Overall, the hotel has been redecorated to modernize it, but the technology infrastructure in the rooms needs to be added. Rest assured your competitors are on this issue. March 25, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Used items left in my room. My stay at the Sheraton was just sad. I worked for a travel company and have stayed at some really bad places and some really good places. Sheraton Dallas ranks in the one of the worst experience I have had. First at check the lady was cold and unwelcoming. Once we got to our room later that night we opened the door and stepped into the dark room. The ottoman was in the entryway and I almost broke my neck tripping over it (the chair it goes to was on the other side of the room. No reason for it be where it was except pure laziness). Once I got into the room I turned the air down (that had to be the most complicated thermostat I have ever used.) I went to the bathroom to take a shower since we had been at the fair all day. I walk in to find no shampoo, no soap, and the worst thing was a half USED bottle of mouthwash. I called downstairs to get some toiletries sent up. It took calling 4 times and listening to the ring for 15 min. before someone finally answered in a rude tone. I requested the items and she said she would have house keeping bring them up. Almost 2 hours later I finally hear a knock on the door. When voicing my complaints to the service desk upon checkout I was comped parking. Sure glad they saved me that few bucks. Long and short of it is that this hotel is in major need of training of the staff. October 24, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Sadly disappointed As a platinum SPG member, I make a point to stay in SPG properties. I have stayed in this property before and have been pleased. However, that was not the case this trip. I did get upgraded to a suite which was quite nice, but was extremely far away from the club lounge ( it required taking elevator from 14th floor to 4th, going to another tower, getting on another elevator and going to 25th floor). Since I use the club lounge frequently for printing items I use for work, this rendered it unusable. As I was getting dressed this morning, I heard noise in the living room of the suite- a member of the housekeeping staff had come in without knocking and was wandering in the room. I told them to leave, but as I was not dressed, this was extremely upsetting. I called to report the incident and it was investigated and I was assured the staff member was female, but was told by use of a derogatory comment by security that due to the staff member's looks it was "understandable I thought there was a man in my room." I was then told the manager had emailed me apologizing and awarding additional points- I have received no such email. Finally I got my car from valet. The radio was at full blast, the seats were all the way back (I am very short). It added to an already very annoying morning. I honestly don't know if I will be back or if I will recommend to others. August 21, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by OKAY stay... Would have been nice when booking this hotel to know that not only was there a convention going on but college fans from another state would be staying here. This hotel was BUSY.. parking was ridiculous we had to park a ways away. Even though I requested an early checkin and was advised the day before by a staff member of the hotel that I could come a few hours early that they should be able to accomadate me, what they meant when I checked in was they were willing to put me in a less suitable room although I paid for a larger suite. They were not even going to refund any money to me if they put me in a smaller room... that surely doesnt sound right?!?! Also after 3 requests for a refrigerator we finally got one sometime between 7pm and 1pm (reminding you I checked in at 3), which meant the medicine we needed to put in there had to be kept in the ice bucket. Also upon arrival, we had to unload all of our belongings and pushed our luggage on the cart ourselves. It wasnt until we reached the elevators a staff member notivced and helped us. Dont plan on sleeping on the pull out sofa either, because if you are like us there wont be any sheets available when you call down and request them nor pillows. About an hour before bedtime we finally received 2 comforters. All in all this was okay for convenience purposes for the dallas area, but not somewhere I plan to stay again! September 7, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Think twice.... My stay involved attending a military event-so we were required to stay at the hotel. On checking in, the staff was quite pleasant. I would recommend either planning on spending A LOT of money for meals if you plan to eat at the hotel or visit the surrounding area for something (I wasn't able to do so, but was told there are restaurants nearby with GREAT food and reasonable prices). Speaking of the meals, those provided were NOT appealing nor very tasty-in fact I developed stomach problems after eating one of the meals. The room was nice, with multiple electrical outlets and an extremely comfortable bed! One drawback was the lack of a mini refrigerator in the room; I would expect for the prices charged it would be a given that there would be one in the room (had to resort to the "old fashioned" way of cooling beverages by using ice-which melted too quickly). I'd recommend NOT purchasing sundry items at the gift shop-nearly everything I saw, let alone needed to purchase, was marked up almost 100% ($5.00 for a 4 oz package of Wheat Thins for example)!!! Also, the cashier was just plain rude. One nice thing was all charges were able to be charged to the room which made accountability easier for me. It may be worth spending the time to shop for better pricing prior to staying here, but if it is a necessity, it appears to have easy access to the area and large, ample rooms for meetings or training sessions. May 20, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst Hotel Stay....EVER Checked in October 11, 2013 and checked out October 14, 2013. What a terrible stay! 1. Noise in halls--until 3:00 AM-- was unbearable, obscene and unruly. Calls to front desk to complain went unanswered. Calls to guest services to complain also went unanswered. What if I had a medical emergency? 2. Room not ready upon checkin at 3:30 pm, despite having made my reservation 7 months earlier. 3. Housekeeping service not rendered until around 4:00 pm, and only after calls to Concierge (because neither front desk or guest services would answer the phone) to request it. Their explanation: "The hotel is at capacity and we are too busy!" Gee, you think the hotel would know this in advance and have the proper staff. 4. And after room was made up, the used towels were removed but new towels not left. It took 5 hours to get towels, and only after a call was made. 5. Liquids spills inside elevators made for dangerous situations. 6. Vomit in elevator lobby area. 7. Room still had trash in trashbasket from prior guest. 8. The carpet was filthy, with something sticky ground into it. 9. The linens were stained and torn. 10. The ceiling had a water stain on it. 11. Hotel parking garages were all full and was forced to park at a distant non-hotel garage at an inflated, rip-off price. And I could go on. This hotel stay was disgusting. I have had better rooms, service, and etc. from perceived lesser quality hotels/motels in out of the way locales. October 15, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Disappointed Overall, the hotel was beautiful, the fitness room phenomenal. But I had a disappointing stay in November of this year. I had trouble connecting to the WiFi, reported it to your tech dept and waited two days with not so much as an "I'm sorry we will not be able to connect you to the WiFi" So I went to the front desk and explained my situation. I was there for business for 8 days. They suggested I change my room, I was a little hesitant. I did not have much time to be packing and unpacking, again. But I was assured it would not be a problem, a bellman would give me a hand. It was late at night, so I suggested I pack my things and in the morning (6:00am), they could move my things after I left for work. I was told this would not be a problem and to just inform the front desk in the morning. The following morning, I did just that; however, I was told there were no rooms available!!! The Desk clerk was waiting a while to talk with a manager, but I had to leave for work. I called the hotel a few hours later (from work) and was given a new room. When I return to the hotel that night, I checked in to the front desk and was given my new room key. But when I entered the new room, my bags were no where to be found. Except I still had my old room key, so I gave it a shot. Wouldn't you know, my things were there just as I left them. I had to transfer everything on my own, which made me late for my work-related dinner. So not such a big problem, but a hugh inconvience just the same!! December 6, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overal all good, but spiff up housekeepingt Overall, the hotel was great. Good location, friendly staff, comfortable accommodations, and updated furnishings. The bed was very comfy and the unit was very quiet. Housekeeping could be spiffed up. There was lack of consistency, some days there were washcloths, other days not. This was not just my room, but other guests seemed to experience it. It became a joke “how many washcloths did you get? One day a colleague had 5! The coffee counter was not wiped each day so it was sticky. I needed a refrigerator for medication storage, and upon check –in was advised that one would be sent up. When I got back to my room 5 hours later, there was no fridge, so I called guest experience line. They were quick to refer me to housekeeping who nicely explained they would bring one ASAP for $20. The fee was fine, but they should have explained at the front desk when I inquired. Also at check-in they explained how to access the internet, and that while it would look like a charge, there would not be a charge. In the end, I did get 3 charges but guest services quickly apologized and revised the bill. The gift shop computer was ‘down’ so we were unable to charge our items to r room the 1st day, just a minor inconvenience, when you wanted to be able to submit everything on one bill for expense reporting purposed. The Kitchen Table has a nice regional menu and the food was delicious, with very attentive service, even during a busy lunch period. I would recommend the hotel again. October 31, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Lost in the crowd The location is decent. The staff at the front desk seemed to be auditioning for a leading role in the remake of the movie "clueless". Though upgrades were available, I had to ask twice to get one. I had two rooms but only offered club lounge access for one in spite of platinum status. At this hotel, Starwood participation level did not carry much weight. Accommodations, however, were very comfortable. Please note that the suites (at least the one that I had) rather dark due to no windows in the living room area. DO NOT USE VALET parking. They caused me to be late to meetings twice. After calling ahead, 30 minutes wait in the first day and 47 minutes late on the second day. Could not find a supervisor at the valet and hotel staff refers you to valet department as this feature is outsourced. Ironically, on one occasion, my car was parked directly across the street at the lower level. I could see the car from the hotel but couldn't get sow one to give me the keys so I could retrieve it myself. Hotel staff offered a one way taxi to my destination failing to acknowledge that I may want to come back to the hotel. Only after refusing to pay for this horrific service did the hotel manager offer to remove from my folio. There are other hotels in the area that are more responsive and recommend one of those. The highlight were the attendants in the club lounge. They were personable, accommodating, and friendly. I can only assume they were on loan from another hotel or stayed awake during the service part of customer service training. October 21, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Sweet Old HIgh-Rise Hotel I actually didn't anticipate needing a room for the night that I ended up staying here. But when I realized I would, I called my wife back home and asked her to quickly look online for rates in the downtown Dallas area. Then when she called back to go over it all with me, I chose the old Sheraton. However, she botched making the reservation, booking me at another Sheraton location instead. So when I walked in and was told there was nothing attached to my name, I got back on the phone with my wife and tried in vain to straighten it all out. Nonetheless, a charming, exceedingly patient front desk woman named 'Karissa' ultimately figured out what was going on and ironed it all out. She even upgraded me at the last minute! I couldn't believe that one! From there, I went upstairs to my assigned room, relishing how large it was, how spotlessly clean it was, how comfortable the bed was, how quiet it was, and that remarkable view -- yes, this hotel goes way up!!! Of course, because I was stressed and had a terrible headache, I couldn't fall asleep until around 2:30 AM. But when I subsequently woke up at around 7:30 AM, I felt like I'd slept for 10 hours!!! And not having anything on my schedule until late that morning, I just laid there in bed and made phone calls to friends while I gazed out the window. At length, I got up and got in the shower, taking what is colloquially referred to in the military as a 'Hollywood shower'. And finally, when I checked out, I left filled with contentment and thinking; "I've gotta bring my wife here just to get escape!" October 24, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Huge Hotel and We got lost in the shuffle Booked an executive Suite online. The price was right at 689 for 3 nights. Looked great online. I was grateful they let me check in a good 2 hours early as I had a long delayed flight. BUT...Once I got to my room that all changed. From the minute i walked in my room I could smell a "mildew/mold" smell. I gave it a good few hours out of the building to see if it would air out....came back and still the same smell.. I called down and they immediately moved me..Even the bellman said the room had an odor. Once I got to the new I smelled the same thing. I just figured this hotel must have that problem... Later that night i needed sheets and some pillows for the pull out bed and called down.. I was told they were short on sheets and blankets and completely out of pillows. OK i said. They brought up 1 sheet and one small blanket. Also that evening we got back to our room about midnight to NO housekeeping. Our room was a mess no fresh towels, linens,trash wasnt removed etc.. called down and they said they would get it in the am... DAY 2. STILL NO HOUSEKEEPING...Called again and was told she would be right up. she finally got there about 6pm when we were getting ready to leave.. Also went to the lobby to talk with the concierge about travel arrangements to The Cowboys stadium... Was told to go out front get a cab. We wanted a suburban because we had more then 4 people...Was told its hard to find someone just go outside and ask around...WHAT??? All around horrible service. The room was nice just smelled and was never really cleaned... Wont go back again.. October 8, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by great costumer service when I got to the hotel I was already having a horrible day, delay flight, l trafic, and to top it all off the airline lost my luggage, I was in Dallas and my luggage in Houston. I was crying with frustation when I spoke with Natalie in guest service. After listening to me screaming at her for about 10 min about my room being too hot and not having towel in my room. She was so calm and put me at easy, For the first time that day, she was the only person that did not gave that empty speech full of "I am sorry". Instead within a few minutes Arny was at my room fixing the ac, Lupe from housekeeping brought me towels, robe, slippers, dental hygiene products, femenine products, deodorant... everything a need until I receive my luggage. She kept checking up with me until my luggage was deliverd to the hotel. Within 10 min Natalie solved almost all my proplems. For the next few nights Natalie helped me with wake up calls, computer problems, biling problems, ice, laundry, etc. I know she doesn't work 24 hrs a day, but sure it felt that way, because every time I called, she was there to help. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me thughout my stay, specially right after my check in. She when she was able turned my day around with few gesture of kindness. I also can not forget Rita at the concierge, she was very sweet and helpfull with all of my questions about the area. You have a great team working at the Sheraton. Yes I had some issues with my stay, however the employees, specialy Natalie, made all those problems disapear by making sure that I was taken care of when I need the most. August 15, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Wouldn't stay here again I came to Dallas on a business trip, and this was my first stay at a Sheraton. When I got to my room, it looked dark and out dated. The sheets and comforters on both beds had stains (some looked like blood) all over. I called down to have them changed, and it took about an hour and a half for someone to come up. She only brought sheets, so I asked her to change the entire bedding. It took another hour or so for her to come up with the rest of the bedding. I looked at my bank account that evening, and the hotel had put a hold on my account (which I expected) but it was for almost $100 more than my room fee. I had to go down to registration and wait in line for another 30 minutes, then the woman told me they would have the hold removed, and she was not sure why they did that. The hold was never removed during my trip, so I ended up having to use my emergency cash instead. The wifi was extremely expensive, my roommate was told it was $25 per 24 hours! You would think it would have had free wifi with the price we paid for the shabby rooms. We dined at the restaurant downstairs, and the server was RUDE. She rolled her eyes at my whole table several times, was very snappy, and gave me an attitude when I asked for a patti melt plain. It literally took me almost 10 minutes to explain a PLAIN patti melt!! My room mate and I were very unsatisfied with this hotel..I've seen other reviews stating that other Sheraton hotels are much better, and I hope that that is the case if our company ever decides to choose another Sheraton for our annual trainings. It sure cannot get much worse, especially when paying this price. September 24, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Horrible Billing Issue We were in town for a three day conference. Upon arrival everything went horribly wrong. The valet parking tried to charge us 21.00 for self parking when it was actually 12.00. When brought to their attention, the young lady who was I am assuming in a managerial role, became for hostile and reluctantly made the change to our billing. Checking in was an entirely unbelievable matter. We paid for our room and a refrigerator up front in the amount of 615.00. The gentlemen stated that he needed a card on file for incidentals, and he stated that they would hold 50.00, so I gave him a debit card. Well to make a long story, the next day I was doing banking on line and saw where the Sheraton blocked 269.00 on the debit card. I contacted the front desk and she told me that I should not have used a debit card; I should have used a credit card. When I got down to the front desk, I changed over to a credit card, I asked the lady why was this not told to me, and she said he should have told me but oh well. Needless to say that this error on behalf of the staff caused me financial issues and their response was it was my problem. Upon departure I tried to get some resolution, and because the staff member was having an issue mathematically, she called another staff member over and asked her to assist because my issue was “getting on her nerves”. Wow what great customer service. I politely told the young lady that, I was not trying to get on her nerves, I just wanted the matter resolved in a manner that would leave me in the whole position I was in, prior to encountering the staff at the downtown Sheraton in Dallas, TX. The counter customer service is horrible. All I can say is REALLY! September 3, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Service was unsatisfactory The Sheraton Dallas Hotel was beautiful and convenient to the events we attended during our stay, but our experience at this hotel in room 804 for three days quickly went down hill for the following reasons. The mirrored sliding glass doors were off the track when we arrived making it diffivult to reach our clothes or to have access to the safe. I could not get help from my room phone to repair the door because no one answered the phone so I had to go down to the concierge desk to report the problem. Still there was no reponse so the next day I went to the Starwood Desk who finally sent a maintenance man, but he admitted that he could not repair the closet door. Another maintenance man later came and removed both sliding doors, but never returned with them before we checked out. One day we were too tired to eat in the restaurant so we tried to call Room Service, but we could never get someone on the phone. This was a chronic problem that no one ever answered to phones to help. The toilet seat would not stay up when it was lifted to urinate, which is problematic for a male. The sink faucets handles were obviously incorrectly installed. The door stop on the floor in front of the closet was installed in a terrible location, which my spouse and I stumped our toes a number of times. Housekeeping was the worse that we have ever experienced because they left dirty dishes and glassware every time when we returned; they did not change out the melted ice in the bucket with a fresh plastic bag leaving old water in it; we did not receive fresh wash cloths even after they removed the soiled ones. I had take the dishes out to the table near the elevator and they remained there for two days. I even saw a housekeeper go past the dishes and left them. I will never stay at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel ever again. It was a very bad experience. April 27, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very poor experience From the beginning my authorization for my corporate card was lost and I had to use my personal card until we could resolve it. Once I got to my room there were no washcloths (took 4 days to get someone there to replace them), of the towels that were there 2 had brown streaks on them, and the comforter was stained. Aside from that I choose the green option for 3 days yet only received one voucher, and my room keys were not only deactivated twice so I had to go down to the desk to have them reactivated, they never worked for the club lounge which I went down to the desk for everyday. I travel often with BB&T bank and the Sheraton has been our go to hotel so while mistakes/accidents happen I would not only expect a quick resolution, I would anticipate this many things at once. On the last night of my stay which was Feb 28th I went down to the front desk and requested a manager. I don't recall her name but she had shoulder length brown hair. She listened and was empathetic. She reactivated my keys once more, said she would credit my Starwood account for one free night, give me the remssinjng vouchers for the green initiative, have housekeeping come up immediately to change the comforter & bring towels, and even send a bottle of wine and plate of cheese to my room to make up for it! She walked me back to my room to ensure the keys worked and I thanked her for taking initiative. She asked if I'd be in my room or if they could leave everything for me in my absence. I advised I would be out shortly and they should leave it. I was so excited to return to my room but once more was dissapointed. The housekeepers did come to bring washcloths but they didn't change the bedding, rather they just made my bed. No vouchers were left, no wine or cheese plate, and no points were added to my account. At this point I don't feel like a valued customer and would like a response and resolution. Thank you March 2, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Room Great - Can't Handle Capacity Starting with Check in. Excessive wait in preferred guest line. Friendly staff but computer froze. Moved to new line...again super friendly and knowledgeable staff....engaging..] A large convention at the hotel so the other "non-preferred line" had at least 60 people in the queue....place was sold out... Lacking any map check-in staff tried to tell you where the club lounge is located versus your room....different towers so there's that need to inform. made it to the room...without challenges Clock flashing 12:00 with no intuitive instructions on how to fix.....just hit and miss until I got lucky.....these alarms are not the easiest to fix.....20 of the hotel exec's without any education on them should try to adjust them..... Tried making a call to internal numbers....yeah right.....3X at over 2 minutes per call to no avail.....tried all the touch buttons attempting to get directions to fitness center and club lounge.....!!!!! Directory does not state where fitness center or club lounge is located. Elevators listed Fitness Center on 4th floor. Fitness Center is nice but 3 elipticals had audio or touch screen issues. No signage for Club Lounge in elevators for Center Towers or apparent and visible when you get off the elevators on the 27th floor. Staff have to right this down on the key jacket provided at check in. Kitchen Table Service that night - great. No issues untll next eve....Draft Lounge....for dinner and drinks.....food server overlooked me three times to wait on others seated next to me at the high chair tables......really!! Busy place and understaffed.....Texas chili was cold and did not taste good......unusually strong flavor....smokie in excess..... next morning....club lounge.....out of yogurts, muffins and breads.....guy couldn't keep up and probably was waiting on kitchen to send up supplies...... no receipt....maybe Sheraton is e-receipt now....didn't know that so was not what I expected. This is my first write up in over two years in the complaint category......just to let you know my level of tolerance... February 9, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Pleasant stay troubled by last moments. I was largely satisfied with most of my stay. Upon jining SPG, I was glad to receive complimentary Internet access for the duration of my stay. The frustrating element of my experience was the seemingly disconnected nature of the hotel/SPG benefits and the knowledge /willingness if the staff to accommodate given the disparity. O my second night, my colleague informed me that she had been required to purchase additional coverage/wifi service when using multiple devices. We had both been instructed to simply select the $14.99 service wifi option and it would be deducted from our charges later. My colleague in another room was using an ipad and laptop as I was, so I was concerned when she was informed that she would need to pay $16.99 for a more substantial wifi package, which she had already done. As there was a serious wait at the front desk throughout most of my stay, I went to the concierge to address my question. There I was told that the charges would be deducted and that I should feel free to use as many devices as I'd like and deal with the situation on checkout. I also collected 7 of the 5$ eco- discount coupons during my 5 night stay. I had been told to use these anywhere in the building or present them at checkout when the discounts could be applied or SPG points given in exchange for any excess. Unfortunately, at checkout, I was informed that 1) only 4 of my seven coupons could be used as they could only be accrued at a rate of one per night. The remaining 4 coupons then were also not useful for my room service charge or restaurant charges (all of which had been charged to the room with using the coupons in mind). This was supposedly because coupons must be applied at the time of purchase. If this was the case, wouldn't checkout be in fact the time of purchase? What if I had paid cash and presented coupons, wouldn't the servers at the restaurant or gift shop have accepted the coupons? In any case, I felt weaseled out of a small discount and frustrated by the whole situation. I would imagine that a $20 discount is a small loss for a hotel at which I had just spent $1200 for a five night stay. The front desk personnel did offer the four coupon point value to my SPG account; however, I seriously doubt ill be staying at another Sheraton given my most recent experience. March 25, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not up to Starwood Par I travel once a week for business, and have made the decision to stick with Starwood. The hotels are modern and well kept with a killer bar and food selection. The staff is always top notch, and makes you feel at home. I wish this was the case with the Sheraton. I don't typically stay in the Sheraton line, but after this experience, I wont be coming back to any Sheraton. At first, my room that I was given was completely wrong from what I had reserved. Once that change took place (after waiting for over an hour) I finally made it to my room. The room was incredibly hot, and had an odd odor, but I had to get out to some meetings, so I didn't have time to switch yet again. Once back, I realized that I had only one towel. I called down to the front desk to ask for an additional towel for my wife who was staying with me. After 30 minutes, nothing.... I phone back again, this time being put on hold for about 10 minutes. I decided to walk down to the lobby and ask directly. I was told it would be brought to my room. 30 minutes passes by and nothing. I head back down, and ask if I could go to the level where laundry is done, and chat with someone and just grab a towel from them. They assured me one would be brought to the room. 30 minutes again goes by and nothing. I went downstairs one last time, and begged for just one towel. Finally, and much to my surprise, the manager brought one up for my wife. The second area that fell FAR SHORT of expectations was the breakfast/dining. My wife and I woke up Saturday morning to grab some coffee and breakfast. We sat down at a table and waited... and waited.. and waited.... Finally someone came over and asked if we wanted coffee. After about 15 minutes the coffee showed up. We asked for the standard menu rather than opt for the buffet, and were given two menus with the typical Starwood choices that I find great comfort in. However, after about 30 minutes of waiting and no one even visible to flag down, we had to leave for an appointment we needed to make. This is NOT typical Starwood service. The overall layout of the hotel was cool, and I could tell that renovations done were done on a Starwood level. I was not attending any conferences, but if I were this seems like an awesome venue. I was left shaking my head at the end of my stay wondering how this made it onto Starwood's list of properties. If I had to do it all over again, I would opt to stay at another Starwood property that was only a few blocks away. August 5, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Room TOO HOT / Concerns not addressed We arrived on 4/13/2012 late in the nite went up to our room and noticed that it was a little warm; however I read that the thermostat/infared sensor should adjust in 10-15 minutes to the set temp on the thermostat which was 65* when we arrived in the room. We only stayed in the room long enough to freshen up and go to meet our friends. Upon returning to the room a couple of hours later it was STILL warm. Really there should of been some difference in the room temp I would of thought. I thought about calling for service then at 1am however I choose to wait the 10-15 to adjust with the infared sensor. Again it stayed warm. I called at 7:30am the 1st time to have someone come up at check the a/c and advised I would be leaving the room in 1 hr if they could come up up. I called when leaving just to let them know it was ok to come on up. We arrived back at the room at 1pm on 4/14 and again noticed the room was still warm but had 2 voicemails on the phone stating they had been there for fix the air. Again we waited the 10-15 for adjustment and as expected the room stayed warm so a maint person came up to the room while we were there and explained that they changed out the filters therefore it should be working. If you put your hand on the vent it was cool however what the fan was set up your should of been able to feel a cool breeze in the room. The maint man checked the temp of the room and found that the thermostat was on 65* however the temp of the room was anywhere from 72* - 74* and with no fans it was very warm. The maint man stated that he did what he knew to do and called for the lead maint man to come up and see what could be done. We left the room and didnt return for several hours later again to a warm room, again waiting 10-15 as suggested and again staying warm. After a full day of activities we made the best of it and went to sleep very uncomfortable and woke up very uncomfortable. You would of thought if the thermostat was set on 65* the room should of remained at 65* as this is what the thermostat was set up when we arrived. I am no ac/heat expert but I do know that if the fan is showing to be on high that at the very least the curtains which were right by the vents would of been moving some but not true in this case. Upon checking out the front desk clerk offered to credit the account for the parking that we had charged to the account and to take the room out of service until the a/c was fixed properly. Crediting the parking was a very nice gesture since for the price of the room should of included parking not an additional charge and stated she would take the room out of service. Really? At the very least when we called 3 times in 1 day could of at least offered to change us to a different room especially if the thermostat set at 65* and the maint man confirmed the room was not anywhere near the 65* unless you held your hand right on the vent. We would of gladly excepted to change rooms if it meant comfort. April 16, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Staff responds very well to guest concerns On Thursday, 05/02/2013, I was a guest at the Sheraton Dallas property. I arrived at approximately 5:30 pm for a short stay, and I was planning to go to sleep early for a 4:20 am wake-up. Unfortunately, at approximately 7:30 pm, as I returned from dinner and began to settle in and prepare myself for sleep, I noticed the distinct and pronounced sound of outside air/wind and traffic coming from the window area of room #3282. I was also experiencing a distinct chill in the room. As I inspected the window, I discovered that it was not properly sealed. Specifically, I observed an approximately 1/4" gap along the bottom section of the plate glass window where it should be sealed to the window frame. Additionally, I observed residue, resembling and consistent with duct tape adhesive, along the aforementioned window/window frame joint, indicating that hotel staff was aware of the window condition and had previously attempted an unsuccessful temporary repair. As the outside wind velocity increased and the temperature continued to drop (the recorded overnight low temperature was approximately 40 deg. F), I realized I would not be able to obtain sufficient rest in room #3282. I called guest services and advised the representative of my concerns. After waiting twenty minutes (further delaying my efforts to go to sleep), a hotel staff member arrived at my room and assisted me in relocating to room #3079. Room #3079 was an improvement over room # 3282. However, when I awoke in the morning, planning to complete work requiring Internet access, I was unable to connect to the Internet. I contacted the property's IT support service. However the representative I spoke with was unable to assist me. When I called guest services to query whether my name had been transferred from room #3282 to room #3079 to allow Internet access, the representative I spoke with advised the Internet service in the guest rooms was down and suggested I attempt to access the Internet in the hotel lobby. At this point, it was 3:45 am, I had expected to complete my work in the privacy of my guest room, and I still needed to finish grooming and dressing for my workday. Therefore, accessing the Internet in the hotel lobby area was not a practical option. Ultimately, I was unable to complete my work prior to my required departure time. During the checkout process, I spoke with the Front Desk Manager and expressed to her my concerns regarding my negative experience. The Front Desk Manager did a nice job in attempting to compensate me for my negative experience by enrolling me in the Starwood Preferred Guest program and stating she would provision my new account with 3500 points. However, when I later logged into SPG.com and activated my new account, I learned that my account had 0 points associated with it. I later contacted the Sheraton Dallas Hotel Manager via email and expressed my concerns to him. He was able to follow up and ensure that my SPG account was provisioned with points in accordance with the expectation previously set. Additionally, he assured me that the window in room #3282 had been repaired. An additional concern I had during my stay was that when I ordered a hamburger cooked "medium" for dinner in the Draft Bar & Grill, I was advised that, due to kitchen limitations, it could only be prepared "medium well" to "well" done. I spoke to the manager about my concern, who advised he could arrange to have a hamburger prepared "medium" at the hotel's main restaurant, the Kitchen Table, and have it sent to my location at the Draft. The manager made no mention of a price difference. When my bill arrived, I was charged $4 additional dollars for the meal because it had been prepared in the Kitchen Table restaurant. When I expressed my concern about the bill to the Draft manager, he adjusted it to the advertised price of the hamburger offered at the Draft. While the Draft manager did resolve my concern, it should not have come to that point. Requesting and receiving my food prepared to a reasonable standard should be a standard expectation, not an additional charge to have to negotiate down when trying to enjoy my meal while on a business trip. Overall, the Sheraton Dallas is a very nice hotel property, which offers exceptional service, dining and amenities. Although I did experience several inconveniences during my stay, the property staff and management did a great job in listening to, responding to and resolving my concerns. I recommend the Sheraton Dallas to my friends and colleagues. May 10, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Never Again ALERT! This will be scathing! The best points first: 1. The convention areas and meeting rooms are well maintained and comfortable even though a bit chilly. 2. The staff always smiles. 3. The beds are comfy. Now for my total experience - HORRIBLE! My first room was on the 25th floor in the north tower and you can hear the noise when you get off the elevator. It is like a high pitched vacuum cleaner that never stops. I got no sleep the first night. When I complained the staff stated they were not aware of the issue. (Not true when you read other reviews here) I was also struck by how cheap the furniture was in the room and it had that "slightly worn" appearance of a much lower quality hotel. There was no floor mat for the shower, but they did leave one the next day-but only left one face cloth. I guess you cannot have a floor mat and 2 face cloths. I decided that evening before dinner that I could not go through another sleepless night so requested another room. It took 30 minutes for someone from concierge to bring my new room key and assist me with the move. Upon arriving at the second room on the 20th floor I was immediately struck by the foul odor as was the bellman. The maid on the floor was summoned and she also was repulsed by the odor and sprayed the room in.various places with deoderizer. I should have requested another room at that point but was in a hurry to get to my dinner meeting on time. When I arrived back at my room about 9:30 pm and opened the door the odor gagged me! I called down to complain that it smelled like something had died in the room I was told that an "engineer" would have to come check it out. I waited 45 minutes while sitting in the hall (on the floor-there are no chairs anywhere) and called back down to inquire if indeed an engineer was coming. i was told that he would get there as soon as he could-a 45 minute wait was not unreasonable! I might add here that I did use the restroom in my designated room during the wait time and noticed that the shower mat was also missing from this room along with the soaps and other personal care items. Also, there was no desk lamp at all and the furniture in the room was downright shabby. When the engineer finally did appear he opened the door and immediately pointed out the moldy ceiling around the air conditioning vent and said he would go downstairs to let them know I needed another room. After another 10 minute wait in the hall someone from the desk called to inform me she was assigning me to another room (no apologies) and asked if I needed someone to assist me in the move. I was pretty well ticked off at this point and couldn't believe that it would not be automatic to send someone up with the new key and to help in the move, especially given the circumstances. I did tell her yes, but was made to feel like it was an inconvenience. After another 20 minute wait I finally loaded up my things and headed to the front desk. I passed the concierge desk where there were 3 employees standing around visiting. I guess they were too busy to come help me. I was more than a little flustered and tired (it was after 11pm by this time) when I got to the desk and requested my room number and key. The clerk acted surprised that no one had been up to help me yet. Did she not notice that no one had picked up the room keys in over 20 minutes? I got to the room and was again surprised by the furnishings-especially the desk that was warped along the veneer seam on the top that had been glued back in place with a big smear of dried glue left as a tell-tale sign. I was happy to have a clean, odor free room at that point. Funny thing...I went to shower the next morning and there was no shower mat! I know it is no problem to throw down an exra towel to step out of the shower on, but really? 3 rooms without one? Is this hotel in such dire circumstances that shower mats cannot be provided and that the furniture is shabby chic? I was compensated my room Internet fee and $50 off the price per day for the room. Whew! Going all out to make a disastrous stay right aren't you? Customer satisfaction is obviously not important. I will NEVER stay at this hotel again. I will be inconvenienced by driving from another area before I will stay here again. This is not a high end hotel even though they would like you to think so by charging higher prices-the rooms have no ammenities other than a coffee pot and there is a steep charge for Internet access and charges for everything else from parking to phone calls. Beware! The Internet service you pay for is only good for your room and not the entire hotel. There is another whopping $25 per day fee to use the Internet in the convention area. Internet fees in business class hotels that cost them nothing and does not require personnel and is FREE in almost every establishment, everywhere (even my doctor's office and grocery store) is a pet peeve of mine. I find it ironic to provide free Starbucks coffee packets in the rooms and I can go to any Starbcuks to get free Internet. Sorry, just my ranting on the absurdity of it. Anyway, three rooms, all with their own set of problems and a staff that is unapologetic and dishonest and unhelpful makes for a very bad experience. June 29, 2013
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