Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

  • 811 7th Avenue 53rd Street
  • New York,
  • New York
  • 10019
  • United States
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Rated 3.7 out of 5 by 2104 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by does the job Clean, well appointed rooms. January 31, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by MGR WE HAD A VERY PLEASANT STAY December 12, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 HOTEL- NY ms. SINGER DID A NICE JOB! December 3, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Stay every year. Best stay ever! Danus, front desk, great! August 22, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pleasant Surprise Was expecting it to be really bad, but was pleasantly surprised: was given a room on the 48th floor. Room was nice, standard Sheraton, quite small, but ok by NY standards. Very impressed by high speed internet, although desk space was awkward for working. Elevators are always available and very fast. Location is this hotel’s trump card. It is in the middle of everything, within 2 blocks of both 50th street and 6th Avenue subway stations which will take you anywhere in town. Everything else is so-so, breakfast definitely a miss, and way overpriced, gym is bad and not included in the room rate (from what I understood), although Central Park is very nearby so a good option for a run when the weather’s nice. Platinum members will get access to the Club Lounge, but happy hour alcoholic drinks are charged, so it is a bit pointless. I would definitely stay here again when on business. I even got to use their 10% Macy’s discount on the room key card. Mind you, I got a fantastic rate including breakfast which I can only believe must have been a website glitch as was last minute and the hotel was packed. At other times price seems way too high. Yes, it’s a characterless, soulless, business hotel, but it is extremely convenient for business. Would not recommend for a tourist. September 28, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good, but areas for improvement I stayed at the hotel with my son for a few days last week. Over that time my son actually got ill and I ended up taking him to the emergency room. I want to praise a few of your staff members. The woman that came up to our room 3128 at 10pm to clean it after my son got sick on the bed. She was amazing and gave my son attention that up and beyond. She cleaned out room with a smile on her face. To the doorman who remembered my son and my face from when I asked him where Duane Reade was. We came out at 10:45 and he asked me if I was okay and if I found the pharmacy. I said yes, but I actually was in need of a taxi to go to the emergency room. He moved us past a line and got us right into a taxi. He also declined to accept the tip I tried to give him. These two individuals really made a difference in our stay. I'm a platinum member of Starwood and I travel across the country at many different Starwood properties. This was my first stay at this particular Sheraton. My only disappointment was when I called down for a bellman to come up and grab my bags at 5:30am. No one arrived after waiting for 15 minutes. I ended up carrying my son and all of our luggage outside to a waiting car service. I will stay at the hotel next time I'n in NY as I travel there once a month for work. December 18, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by It's always getting better Depend on the staff you get, you get an excellent help or an unmotivated "I like to be at home rather than talk with you now" experience. I had both in the hotel. My first sentence during the check in witch i heard was " It is not possible". My request was a really simple one. I just came one day earlier tan expect and wanted to stay one day longer. Anyway. After he had a speech with his manager, everything was going well, except that he gave me not one information about the hotel. Even witch room category i get not what about the fitness center and noting eles what has to do with the hotel. Just my room number. Not everyone at the reception is so cold and speechless. I had also a lady witch was helping me out by questions about the hotel with a smile and patience. The staff in the Hudson Market restaurant wason the other hand always friendly and helpfull. If you want to have a short talk or an advise what to do in town, they help you out anytime. The room was acctualy in the 34th floor with a stunning view. But in the bathtub were a few hairs. In a hotel like this is it for me definitly a no go. I had also a Pillow with red a red stain on it two days in a row. I wouldn't expect that as well. The location couldn't be better. Times square and central park just a few streets away. Subway station around the corner. Superb. Also never get any problems with the room key or internet access witch is not as a matter of course in a big hotel like this. So in total i was quiet happy. But as I told in the title.... You can do it always better. February 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Plusses and minuses Accessible room (for those w/disabilities) had a "desk" chair w/out arm rests. I can't rise from such a chair. Upon request, staff exchanged my chair for one w/arms and a seat 20" AFF. Thanks! Elevator door jambs are inconsistent w/all other hotels I've ever stayed in. You look, and instead of seeing the floor you've arrived at you see the number of the elevator. Very confusing. I got off on the wrong floor several times because you can't see the floor number on the door jamb. Pls fix this! Servers in the DR aren't paying enough attention to the diners. Two servers came into the room to serve one man his dinner. I raise my hand & wave. Wanted to modify my order. No server noticed my waving - they didn't look at the rest of the DR - only at the one man who they were serving and he was sitting near the kitchen. Also, I told my server when I ordered that I'd need help when leaving (chairs do not have armrests). No server to be found when I was ready to leave. Another guest helped me up from my chair! This is very bad. Servers were in the back. DR was not busy - only 4 tables. Me, a deuce, another single and a 4-top. Snowy Thurs AM; needed to get a cab. Ramp to outside was not salted or shoveled at 7:30 when I went out to get a cab. Slippery. Please salt/shovel sooner or more often. Fri AM ramp was clear! :) Room was wonderful, although I'd prefer a firmer mattress and a grab bar outside of the bathtub. I had to hold onto the shower curtain rod to stabilize. Would have preferred a low-threshold shower rather than a bathtub. Loved the window shades! Closet was great; sufficient # of hangars. Thx. February 15, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Very Dissapointed As our taxi pulled up to the hotel on our first visit to NYC we were very excited. This was our first 20 min in the New York Sheraton; The bell hops were so frantic to beat each other to the luggage it was gone before we were able to pay the taxi. We opened our own taxi doors. We found our luggage on a rack and proceeded to check in. There was no "Welcome to New York" at check in but .."your room is not ready". A bell hop stood 2 inches behind me with his hand out. I handed him a tip wondering what exactly he had done for us as I was told we had to take our luggage to the storage, pay $3.00 per bag (never heard of a hotel doing this before) We tried to navigate the rack but were told we had to take it off so we lifted our bags off ourselves and wheeled them over to the storage. Ridiculous. Most guests learned to go through the side door and hail their own cab as they also expect a tip for hailing a cab when the cabs are already there.This is NOT customer service. It is harrasment. Also the safe would not unlock and it took over an hour to get something delivered to our room. As a result we slept in your hotel but did not try the restaurant or bar . I love the Starwood brand, I am a lifetime Starwood Gold member. I was expecting the excellent service and welcome that I am accustomed to and this was so dissapointing, particularly when this was a special celebration weekend. September 18, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by not even close to satisfactory. My kids and I were very exited to finally arrive at this hotel, but quickly learned it was not even close to satisfactory. Upon entrance to the hotel I was shocked to see that the lobby was packed to the limit with angry families. As you can imagine this was not the sight me and my kids expected to see, yet we ignored the poor management and hoped we would have better luck than those 50-60 families being told that there were no clean rooms. We continued to the SPG members check-in desk expecting that our standing as Platinum Members would guarantee us a decent room, however we were soon informed that our standing made no difference in this situation(After going through the trouble of becoming platinum members I hoped that it would at least warrant some respect). The woman at the desk rudely told us that the best she could offer us was a room with two queen beds with club access (not even a club room). I told her that I had already called and the hotel told me 90% I would get a suite, but she said that this is the best she can do. Finally I just accepted the room and made my way up to my room hoping to relax. However, the room was not only smaller than any room I ever stayed in, but it was also dirty…..very dirty. The bathroom was leaking water and the sink was filthy. This is quite the embarrassment for the TIMES SQUARE Sheraton. I will certainly not be returning. Also the Club room was extremely crowded to the point where one would have to wait ten minutes for a chair. This was certainly not the environment my kids and I were expecting. December 31, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by NYC Ironman Stay Came To Sheration NY for 8 days for the NYC Ironman with my family. Overall enjoyed the stay and renovations that made the hotel look clean. Location was excellent - close to Times Square and Central Park but not stuck in the middle of the chaos. Front desk service was excellent, and loved the food at the Hudson Grill - just wished they had the room service menu also available there at lunch not just dinner. Only negative was that upon checkout, we wanted to eat at the Hudson Grill for our last lunch before going to airport. As we had to already checkout, and had all our luggage with us, including my bike box, we needed a place to store our stuff. The Bell Captain said he would not watch it for us but there is a private company that requires payment to watch luggage down the hall. I noticed there was a trolley of luggage sitting beside the Bell Captain that he appeared to be watching for someone else. We went over to the private luggage storage to find out it was $3.25 per piece, which would have cost us over $30 for the pieces of luggage we had, just for 30 mins to eat lunch. It seemed outrageous that the hotel wouldn't have a room behind the Bell stop to hold luggage for guests without charge (like every other hotel I have been to has, incl several Starwood hotels). We had already spent over $2700 over 8 nights to stay there, so it seemed ridiculous to ask us to pay more for a simple service that most hotels provide as a complimentary service. August 21, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolute perfection Had an amazing stay at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. Although the hotel seemed to be full to capacity it didn't feel cramped at all. There were lots of business conferences going on so I'm guessing it must be good for business people. For me as a holiday maker, it served me and my partner very well. The room was spacious and you could see Times Square from the window. The bed was incredibly comfortable so we slept very well (just what was needed after a long day out on our feet constantly). The double glazed windows only let in very minimal street noise but we soon got used to this and now that I'm home I actually miss the faint street noise. We had a mini bar and as we checked in the receptionist was very kind in telling us that if we moved any of the items in the mini bar we would be charged so it was great to be warned of that as I do tend to snoop around the rooms I stay in and move things about. I wanted to catch up with my dad back at home via Face Time on the iPad so I was pleasantly surprised when I was told by the receptionist that I could have free wifi connection in my room just by giving my email address to become a Sheraton Prefered Guest member (again no membership). The membership also means I can collect points to use against other stays when I use Sheratons hotels, which I most definitely would again. Location was phenomenal...Times Square 6 blocks to the left...Central Park 6 blocks to the right. Perfect hotel. Will stay again. May 20, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great potential I think the staff was overwhelmed and ill-prepared for a full house. Friendly enough, but nowhere near the level of 4-stars which is what I based my hotel select on in the first place. Check in was easy, we were allowed an early check-in which was nice. The room was nice, but the bathroom was not really clean. It smelled wet/mildewy and no soap was provided for the shower. It was a crazy busy weekend at the hotel and there were tons of unsupervised pre-teen kids running around and screaming in the halls and over-filling elevators and just being a nuisance. We had to complain to the front desk because of the noise around our room at late hours. They did send security up to quiet them down. On our last day, from the 26th floor, I was headed to the lobby to get coffees and the elevator was not working. I called the desk and they said they were working on it and she was putting me through to security but customer service answered and I then told her the same thing. Still standing in the hall by the guest elevators, She put me through to security but didn't say why. Security answered having no idea I was a guest and he yelled to someone else, "Ed, pick up on 26" and hung up. Apparently there was a freight elevator nearby (around the corner and through some utility bay doors) but they neglected to tell me that nor where it was so I stood there waiting and nothing happened. Finally another guest walked by and told me where to go/what to do. I also never received my bill for incidentals which I requested under the door the morning of our checkout. July 15, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Even housekeeping has lost quality I have used this hotel, and the others in the Times Square area, for several years. The lobby staff (reception, concierge, bell hops) have always given visitors a rude New York welcome. The elevator bank has often been a congested fire hazard. BUT the rooms were adequate, clean and quiet - a reasonable oasis In midtown. Now even that has gone: room attention was haphazard - the new decaf bag on the floor next to the minibar; a bottle of cleaning fluid sitting in the wash-basin; used glasses not collected; the floor of the bath needing a real clean (I only take showers). And the noise was incredible - yes, there was a large MUN delegation, but no, there didn't seem to be any attempt to ask them to show consideration for other guests in the early hours of the morning. Check-in was fun, also. A clerk who was clearly in a hurry to go home saw the Platinum card and said: you go and wait over there at SPG, someone will be out in a second. He disappeared into the back. Meanwhile the other desk clerk had cleared his guest and started to re-arrange the items in front of him (clearly too busy to serve anyone else). Seven minutes later no one has emerged for the SPG counter, and the other clerk suddenly looked up and said "Oh, are you guys waiting". I had arranged a block booking for about 40 people from My company. There has been so much anger from the delegation that we can't do that again - sorry. Standards are slipping to the level of the Manhattan hotel. Please listen to your customer's wake up calls - there it went so far as to un redeemable. March 23, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by did not meet expectations Even though the comments on here from the hotel make it seem like you have a low chance of getting an unrenovated room, don't take your chances! I actually stayed here a few weeks ago and got presumably upgraded because I am a spg gold member to one of the renovated rooms. That room was great. This time around, I got placed on the 6th floor, right by the elevator, in an unrenovated room. The entire floor was dated, carpet was worn/dingy looking, and the rooms matched as well. The bed was not comfortable (very different from upgraded room) and the room was noisy because it was by the elevator. I went down to complain and the front desk lady was nice but told me they were sold out. After some looking, I ended up in another unrenovated room on the 8th floor, this time away from elevator but 2 full beds instead of 1 queen. Another downside is the heater is hard to get it to the right temperature so it was either too hot or cold all night. Fortunately I am only here for 1 night so I can manage. To make matters worse, there was construction noise all morning coming from the room next door. As I was leaving Sunday morning, the entire floor was a war zone, and I noticed the room next to mine had the door open, and it looked like he furniture was being stripped out. No one should have been staying on this floor while the renovation was happening. I will be crossing the Sheraton off of my list of new York hotels I'm willing to stay in until all the rooms are renovated. Its not worth the risk to end up in one, especially when they list themselves as a 4* establishment! February 22, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Another Disappointing Starwoods Stay For the third time since becoming a Starwood member I did not receive an upgrade in my room. I received more upgrades when I wasn't a Gold member. The room we got was on the 17th floor. Besides the noise from the street, it was very small and run down. The bathroom had brown stained splashes all over the bathtub on the side of the toliet and brown stained splashes along the back of the toliet wall. Never, in the four days we were there was it cleaned, it was disgusting. On our first day we could hear the guy next door talking on his phone while we were seated in the room. The only bureau in the room was not even useful. There were two of us and only two small drawers to use. a third draw was taken up my items from the mini bar in addtional to the refrig which also took up a lot of space. The bed was very comfortable and I got a good nice sleep since I was ear plugs to block out the noise. Additionally, the cleaning staff did replace the shampoo and conditioner each day. When we first got in, after not getting an upgraded or at least a renovated room there was a knock on the door. The managers of the hotel had given us a bottle of water and a couple of fruit because we were "Gold". I would have rather had the upgraded room. On Sunday when I called to confirm the late check-out I was told by the woman that we had to leave the room by 2PM and not 4 in no uncertain terms. She said "READ YOUR BENEFITS". Very unprofessional. The best thing about this hotel is the location. It is close to everything which mean that the hotel is always busy. The lobby is always full of guests December 14, 2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Comfortable room but ridiculous left luggage policy While my room was very comfortable, my overall experience was tainted by the hotel's policy to charge $3.50 per piece of left luggage even if the luggage is being left for an hour or two. I have travelled all over the world and have never seen a hotel charge for luggage left by a guest checking out. What was particularly frustrating was that I had checked out at 8am, planned to attend to a couple of appointments including a breakfast meeting and then pick up my luggage (one small suitcase) before heading to my next appointment at 10am. Had I realized there would be a charge for leaving my suitcase, I would have simply not checked out and would have kept the luggage in my room until I returned at 10am (still before the required 12pm check-out time). While on the surface, it does not seem a big deal, the reality was that having to carry my suitcase around to my morning appointments was extremely inconvenient and not appropriate given where I was going. I understand the need to keep left luggage to a minimum but when I asked the front desk if I could leave my suitcase, it would have been nice if the representative there would have told me of the charge because otherwise, I would have waited to check-out. On the topic of checking out, while I like the idea of not receiving a printed bill, on the other hand, it doesn't give a guest the chance to know what is being included. For example, only when I downloaded my bill did I realize that there was a charge (the Javits Convention Center) for which I was unfamiliar. Perhaps management can respond now what this charge is for and whether or not it is optional. May 15, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Remarkable Experience I was very nervous making a hotel selection in New York City...just the unknown! I had stayed away from Time Square once but this time wanted that experience. I started to go through Expedia but had problems booking two double rooms connected so I had to call the hotel directly. I got the most pleasant, helpful gentleman on the phone. Before I was done, he had found me the two rooms I needed at the most amazing price...he just kept working!! I thought...okay wow this must be a good sign. Then I read some of the negative comments about the hotel..just needed to see what it was people "didn't like." None of the comments were unbearable so I had my fingers crossed. From the time we walked into the doors of the Sheraton until the time we walked out to leave, we never experienced one "rude" fact, every time we had a question or needed anything, we found them to be nothing but gracious to help. Check in was excellent, conciege was so helpful, and housekeeping was great. The rooms on the 14th floor were superb..great size for New York City and the view out 7th Ave was good. Location could not have been better. Subway is right around the corner and you can walk to so much. Wicked show a couple blocks away was amazing!! If there is one thing to say that could be improved on it would be luggage check. We left our rooms and checked our luggage for two hours. When we returned they had misplaced two piece. We had to go back and try to find them. The room was very unorganized so to hotel management...that is the only area in my opinion you need to improve on. Again...a remarkable experience!! Go and enjoy and do not worry!!! November 13, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Renovated room with excellent location Stayed here on the night of my birthday. I was very fortunate to upgrade to one of the big Parlor Suite overlooking Manhattan Time Square and Central Park on the 24th Floor (Note: Presidential Suite is on this floor as well). The hotel have undergone a complete renovation, with the exception of the meeting room area, everything else have been refreshed as of June 2012 to match current Sheraton Brand Standard. The room itself is very clean and modern, and the bathroom size is big for NYC standard, without feeling cramped. Everything from curtain to carpets are new, and good wifi signals. Sheraton Sweet Sleeper beds are very comfortable as well. Good shower pressure and plenty towels in the room is always appreciated. HD channel TVs are also functional. However, the noise issues from outside can be a problem esp there are some drilling /construction noises from the surrounding buildings and they did not update the window, so this can be quite bothersome for some, but this is NYC afterall. Also the AC units are brand new, and it works quite well in the room. The Check in agents are a bit cold but the whole check in process went quick. It is a mega hotel with over 1000+ room so I am used to it. However, many would complain the problem to store baggage for $3.25 per piece after you check out the hotel. It may be due to the size of the storage room but I hope management can waive this policy for their guests in the near future. I also like the location, it is within walking distance to Time Square and Central Park without actually being too close to it, also being on top of the E train means cheap public transportation access to/from JFK. However, you have to carry your bags down three floors. I will definitely recommend the new Sheraton New York Hotel to others. June 6, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Carry some cash or a good patient attitude Felt like an ATM machine instead of a guest. (Maybe it's just NYC). Upon arriving and driving up, I wanted to just check my bags so I could return my car rental (which was only a few blocks away) and not have to drag them with me to hotel to check-in. No help from the staff in front. But, if you showed up in a limo, they were glad to help, I guess money talks? I am sure if I flashed some cash I could have gotten some help. But, I guess I am old school and tip after the help. Once inside with my luggage, I was told I had to leave my bags at a bag check room. The staff didn't mention they would charge me ($3.25 for each bag). Only after asking the bell captain that it seems unfair to charge for storing bags as a guest did he offer to comp the charge. Was offered an upgraded room to higher floor which was nice, only they upgraded me to a room right next to elevator and was noisy all night for next 2 nights. Would have rather been advised first and would have kept the non-upgraded room given all I know now and view wasn't that great anyway from my room. The cleaning service starts banging on doors at 9am, so don't need a wake-up call even with do not disturb sign you can hear the other room doors and hallway noise. Called to find out what time check-out was and asked: Q: Do you know what time check-out is? Answer by Sherton staff: "Yes" (long pause) then I said: can you tell me what time that is?Answer by staff: "noon" Upon arriving to room, saw food try next to door from another guest, was still there for about 24 hours. It just seems unless you want to grease the staff in advance, you don't get any friendly service and don't feel like a guest. One exception, warren at the front desk was very nice and helpfull and didn't feel like he was looking for something in return. Hire more people like him. There is more, but you get the idea.. March 11, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Thanksgiving 2012 Hotel Desk Staff very nice. Room was comfortable and clean. Didn't like the automatic charge thing for food and drinks in the room. If you pick something up to look at it, you've bought it, no questions or discussions. I was not told this upon check it nor was I familiar with this sort of thing. As a gold member, I expected to find complimentary water in the room daily; none found. No real restaurant per se for breakfast. Limited and extremely expensive. Bonus points for having a Starbucks in the lobby. Wish sheraton would change the tv and remotes. always a delay when pushing buttons on the remote to change a channel. one never knows if it is going to work or not. bonus for the iphone app. for controlling the tv; works better than the room remote where responsiveness is concerned. would be nice to be able to see your bill on the tv and check out using the tv. liked the new card system for entering the room; much easier to use than sliding cards into a slot and never knowing if you put the card in correctly. need to put signs up in hallways to remind people that it's a hotel and that all people don't awake the same time as others, i.e. keep the noise and conversations down in the hallways. install self closing hallway doors that close silently. great location for accessing the subway lines. great location for the macy's parade and time's square. i've never been to an spg hotel that recognized me as a gold member. nor do they every offer the upgrades for rooms or benefits unless I ask directly even when there's a sign for members only at the front desk. after asking, i was told there were no upgrades available (wouldn't even give me access to the concierge level members room) but they offered to comp me on the internet and fitness center, which I thought was good even thought I had to ask for them. elevators are good. doormen are good. cleaning staff are good. November 28, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great Remodeling! Forgot Soundproofing and How to Treat an Elite Guest The recent remodeling was fabulous! The lobby looked great, the rooms looked great (although ours was small…particularly considering it was an “upgrade”). Elevators to upper floors were fastest I have ever seen (or heard…they whoosh!) In spite of this, I have to give this hotel the lowest rating that I ever have given to a Starwood hotel. Unfortunately the soundproofing was the worst I have ever encountered at a Starwood hotel: people in the hall, talking normally, sounded like they were in the room…at midnight it sounded like people were moving furniture & and dancing in room above ours. At check–in, Elite line was longer than “normal” line and had fewer agents when I tried to check-in early (about 10:30 AM) and far worse at 3 PM (when I came back because room was not ready)…. actually the worst I have seen at any Starwood ever (over 12 years). There were positions available for staff, but apparently no staff to fill them. The desk clerk & bellman were pleasant, but full of misinformation (e.g.: both said I had access to concierge lounge… I did not, & when I called front desk to correct this, I was told that I did not have access and they would not give me this even though: • I have been Platinum for the last 7 years, • Have stayed over 500 nights at Starwoods, • Every other Starwood I have stayed at this year (including one the day before this) has given me these privileges without me asking • Other staff told me (without me asking) that I had his privilege… Since this would have cost them very little or nothing, I feel that this was a very poor way for her to handle this situation. Also on check-out day, we told maid in hall outside our room that we were using 4 PM check-out (approved already) but just a few minutes later a maid (possibly a different one) was pounding on our door, demanding to know when we were leaving even though we had a “do not disturb sign” on door and it was only about 3PM. This should be a definite “no-no” at a hotel with well-trained staff. June 16, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Lack of guest concern We booked four rooms, 3 doubles and a king for four nights, Tuesday through Saturday. Our first request that was not met: The specific booking was for all four rooms to be on the same floor and that we wanted to be on higher floors 29-50. We were given three doubles on the 18th floor and told there was no king available on the floor. We were then given a king on the 33nd floor. First, this meant that we had to go up and down two different elevators to be able to check on students on the 18th floor which was a total hassle. Secondly, the king room, on the 33rd floor, was located next to the elevator, ice machines and had construction going on right outside our window. We complained immediately after getting up to our room as our stay was for four nights. Our second request not met: After asking for another room, we were told that there was not a single other king room available and to check back the next day. The room had a door which connected to the adjacent room which was a paper thin sound barrier. In addition to the loud noise in the room, the shower in the room constantly backed up. We complained, yet no one ever came to fix it. Third request not met: The next morning we asked the front desk to move us again and were told they would the following day! This never happened. We were never contacted nor did anyone ever even attempt to address our concerns. We felt trapped in this room and ultimately were. No one ever apologized nor even seemed to care at this high volume hotel. One other observation, the concierge desk was no help what so ever and in fact the gentleman at the desk was rude and completely unfriendly. He acted as if we put him out when asking simple questions about NYC. In fact, he said it was "not his job" as he was only there to book shows and tours. He should not be in customer service. It really is to bad to have left the hotel with such a bitter taste in our mouths. The location is great, the maid service outstanding and the front desk was polite, just unwilling to address our requests or concerns during our stay. We travel to NYC yearly and were looking forward to the Sheraton becoming a new hotel that we could count on. We were disappointed to say the least. March 10, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good & Bad in Theater District We enjoyed our stay at the Sheraton Times Square for New Year's Eve week. First, the good. The renovations are fantastic. My wife had stayed there a few years ago before the remodel and was astounded at how much better it was. The location is perfect, you can walk to Times Square, all the theaters, many museums, landmarks, shops, Central Park, the perfect spot. Subway stations are either downstairs or a block or two away, depending on which line you need. Very convenient. View from the upper Club Level floors is outstanding. Bad: The rooms are the 2nd smallest I've stayed in anywhere in the world (Japan being smaller), but they actually were nice. The renovations were excellent, and my wife and I had a king bed with our son on the chaise lounge and we all fit. So it was a good use of a small space, probably half the size of a normal hotel room. The Club Lounge was horribly crowded for the free breakfast, but if you are in there early, it's probably better. Food and such in the Club Lounge was good though, although we found no snacks any other times of the day. Check-In: The hotel was very busy, so when we arrived at 9pm, there were no rooms ready for us- lame. But the check in lady worked really hard to get us in to good rooms and gave us some complimentary upgrades. Furthermore, at checkout times, there were so many people leaving simultaneously that the elevators were jammed, and we had to take the service elevator or stairs to get down. Hotel Restaurant: The Hudson Market/Hudson Burger was the worst hotel restaurant we've ever experienced. Our waiter Ernesto was great, but the surly hostesses, cashiers , bus and cooking staff were incredibly slow and the food was marginal. Fortunately, the Carnegie Deli was a few blocks away, so we finally got a great breakfast. Overall though, we loved staying at the Sheraton and everyone else on staff was great, helpful and friendly. We would stay there again, but would just avoid the lobby restaurant. We stayed on points, which was the best SPG value in Manhattan, so that made everything seem better. Also was impressed with the doorman and his management of getting taxis for guests, he worked very hard and was quite good. We were there for New Year's Eve, and the hotel is actually a great spot to see the ball drop. It was so cold we just watched everything from our hotel room. We could see the fireworks and stages from our room, but the ball dropping was obscured, although some rooms actually can see it directly. We just went out in the street right before midnight to join the throngs and then dashed back into the warmth right afterwards, so we got the best of both worlds. January 2, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Flooded room and construction...HAD TO CHANGE ROOMS 3 TIMES Upon check-in, I requested a quiet location in the hotel, away from the elevator, with a room facing 7th Avenue. The reservationist at the front desk, Nicole, was rude and condescending, stating there were no rooms left that faced 7th Ave. So, she assigned me to a room that faced W. 53rd St. When we got to our room around 8pm , we heard pipes clanging, dump trucks backing up, a jack hammer, saws running, and yelling. I called guest services to inquire about what sounded like construction outside the window. It was confirmed this construction would be taking place at night and all week, so I requested a move. This time, my room was...facing 7th Ave. as I had requested initially. So, Nicole at the front desk did not consider my request at all and lied. When we moved rooms, all was calming down. We had an early appt. and opted to fill out the room service card to hang on the door, requesting delivery the next morning by 7:30. When I awakened the next day, I happened to open the door. And, there on the door, was the very room service card we had hung out the night before. The staff had failed to retrieve it and fulfill our order. I called downstairs to inform the hotel of the mistake and room service arrived late, making us scramble to get to our own appt on time. When we arrived back that afternoon from the day's meetings, we began to relax and settle in finally. But, were abruptly interrupted by the very loud sound of running water. It was so loud, I had to take a look as to where it was coming from. Turns out there was water pouring out of the ceiling in my bathroom, running down the walls, and flooding the floor. I called downstairs again and a maintenance person came up to take a look. When he arrived, he said he's send housekeeping to clean the mess. It was approx. 11pm at this point. And, by midnight, no one had shown up to clean it. We were so tired, we laid down to try to sleep and take care of the mess in the morning. However, at nearly 1 am, someone was banging on the door, saying they had the towels I ordered. I never ordered towels, no one cleaned up the mess, and the neighbors around my room were awakened by the loud intrusion. The ceiling leaked 2 more times that night - water pouring from the floor above, flooding the bathroom and running down the walls. At 6am, we moved to our 3rd room. In this room, we had no leaks, thankfully. But, housekeeping did fail to make up our room one day. I had to call downstairs yet again to have someone come clean it! The only saving grace to this nightmare of a hotel is the one and only manager who was proactive re: our experience. His name is Brad and his card states he is the 'housekeeping manager' although he was filling in as the guest services manager while we where at this Sheraton. He was attentive and cared about our experience and needs. This hotel needs more people like Brad. April 20, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good for business, not for vacation Let me start by saying that love SPG and usually am treated wonderful by SPG. This hotel is just way too busy to take time to really recognize a long term guest. I used to stay here all the time but they never seemed to know that so I stopped. I decided to try it again because of the renovation. First the good things: - Renovation of floors and rooms very nice. I applaud the use of space, good amount of storage. Beds (as always) are comfortable (although my request for feather pillows took two tries). - Elevators pretty quick considering all the people staying there. - I liked that there were always a manager on duty or two at the lobby to help with questions and "Kenny" was helpful to us with a video shoot we needed to do. - I liked that there was someone near the elevators who I think was there to check your room keys but he never asked for mine so not sure if he was helpful to security or not. Next the bad things: - The lobby is like grand central station and the hotel seems to attract a ton of teen tour groups or meetings. I have never seen so many teens in a hotel! - The renovation made the lobby bar smaller and now part of it is eaten up as a wifi section - again filled with teens. The hotel is so large and has so many meeting room areas, why not move the wifi area there and let people relax more at the bar area. - Staff didn't know much. Upon check in, I was told that internet in the room would be $14.95 a night. I discovered on the 3rd day that actually my rate plan included internet and although you agree to pay the $14.95 you are not actually charged it. So I didn't use internet the first two days because of the wrong information. - I asked about the wine tasting that had a huge sign in the lobby but the 2 people I asked had no clue when/where it was. - In the past I was able to get access to the concierge floor as a SPG member. Now it is $50 PER DAY for access or $25 if you are a gold member. Only platinum or those paying for that floor level get it. I guess I understand this but it still hurt. I don't think I got anything at all for being a member. No robe, no welcome gift. Not even a bottle of water. - The lighting was an issue. The bathroom lighting is too dim for a woman to put on makeup and they didn't have lighted makeup mirrors as in other hotels (I swear they used to have them but maybe not). And the lighting in the hall was so bright I had to barricade my door every night with pillows and towels to keep it from shining in the room (bring an eye mask if you need darkness) - The rooms are not sound proof. You can hear every little movement in the hall way and I could hear conversation from the next room. Being on the 32nd floor the traffic was not heard a lot. I used ear plugs and that worked. Anyway, I think it is a good place for business people and ones going to meetings in the hotel but I would not stay here for a vacation. March 11, 2013
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