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  • For stays longer than 90 nights, please call 866-539-3446.
  • You can only book up to 550 days in advance.
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Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 272 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Clean Hotel and beautiful Pool Hotel is clean and the pool is beautiful. Good star wood member recognition, placed in a renovated club floor overlooking the hotel pool. It would be prefect to have more counter top space for the sink. May 26, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor service I stay here twice May 2015. Either one has some un-comfortable experience. The first time, they put me on the first floor near elevator where it is really noisy. And even worse, early next morning they start to re-work / decorate the room upstairs. Huh... wake up a worn out person who has just finished a long long flight. :( When the unlucky person is in the bathroom, it start to rain in the room... yes, something wrong happened upstairs, and water is draining from the ceiling. I called service to have them check and they said OK. I waited for 30 minutes and no one comes. I went to the front desk and ask a girl who told me it was fixed. And will send someone clean the bath room. However, when I went back that night, it was still all messed up. By talking to the front desk directly again, they moved me to another room which is near the laundry room. Again, a really noisy place. Maids start to talk loudly very early in the morning which wake up the poor man early in the morning again. He had to go work with @_@. The second stay was simple. I checked in late and had some sleep though the room is still near the elevator. However I was too tired to think anything as I was going to check out early the next day to catch flight. Sounds like the story ends... Nop... When I get the finial folio at home, Wow... I was charged for a bottle water which was never touched. Mam... The poor man headed into the bed and left early the next morning, how could he? Just called the hotel to request refund, they transferred the call to account team where nobody pick up the phone. Only be able to left a voicemail and waiting call back. In general, this is a hotel that has nothing except the location. May 26, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Unpleasant experience As a platinum client, i checked in at 7.30 pm. There were 20 british tourists in front of me waiting to check in . i went to the platinum line to check in. ( may 2nd) The lady asked me what i was doing there, so i said i was checking in as a platinum member. She said " you are going to have to queue like everybody else and wait for your turn". That was not right. i told here there was a specific line for gold and platinum all over the world in starwood properties. She then replied:" not here, you have to queue". i was going to leave the hotel to go somewhere else. she finally agreed to check me in, but wait i was punished so she gave me a room with no upgrade to the club level, next to a lift, with direct view on the pool bar. it was so noisy i did not sleep. There was a connecting door, and it was not a king bed. Everything was wrong. The tap water lid was broken in the bathroom, matresses were totally worn out. The next day i asked to see a manager but there was only a man who told me there was not manager on duty. My breakfast was lovely and the rest of the staff were lovely except from that check in lady who ruined my stay. i would like to demand that the points i used to pay for this night be recredited. I hope you will take the time to reply since noone was able to deal with my issues when i was there. sincerely May 3, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Location! Great Stay! Construction was a little noisy next door but I guess hotel can't control that. April 28, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointing for a Starwood Property This is one of the most disappointing properties I have experienced in the Starwood system. Positives: + Clean and well-maintained property and rooms + Some of the front-desk staff and the afternoon Club Lounge attendant were very nice and friendly + Free parking! Negatives: - The wifi at this property is terrible. It logs you out every 10 minutes and requires a username and password again, which is unacceptable especially as I use a VPN connection to connect to work resources. Complained to staff twice and was told "oh, we just reset the routers. Try again in a bit". - The Club Lounge Breakfast items seem to run out by 7:30AM, and the attendant didn't seem interested in re-stocking. Plus someone else mentioned a few months ago that the coffee machine is still is! - Very poor sound insulation in the rooms. I could hear my neighbor's snoring so clearly I always fill out my SPG post-stay surveys, and everytime I have said something bad in a survey I always have received a personal response from the hotel staff. Not with this property; I haven't heard any response to my negative comments, so I take it that management doesn't care. Bottom line: If you need to stay near the airport for one quick night, and don't mind the wifi problems then this property would suffice. Otherwise, there are many other Starwood options in the area so this property is best avoided. April 8, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Bad experience We called in advance to make sure they have a shuttle service, they said they have 2. One for the airport and one for taking the guests around. Every time we asked to take us somewhere they said they had to go to the airport, but they never left to go anywhere. So we asked about the second shuttle and they said they never had one. Saturday night we asked to be drove somewhere and Nick at the front desk said they were on a airport run, which was fine we could wait. When we asked to talk to the manager he (Nick) said he was, but later told one of our friends he wasnt the manager. When the shuttle arrived the supposed GM got out in street close with bags of groceries, using the shuttle for his personal reasons. We got lied to again. On top of that the staff was rude (except the shorter girl with brown hair who checked us in on Friday afternoon). Nick even started raising his voice at one of our friends. The rooms were OK and the carpets were stained, the shower wasn't clean and the AC was loud, couldn't sleep at night. We have a group that comes out every year during spring training and we won't be staying here again. We wanted to try a new hotel but wont be coming back here again. We had 10 people in 5 rooms over this past weekend and no one was satisfied. March 23, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by HORRIBLE i have nothing but bad things to say about the staff and experience at this hotel: arrive with my family for (what should have been) a wonderful long weekend to enjoy some nascar and red's spring training. we got here very late on friday night and checked in, where the 2 guys didn't seem to know exactly what was going on. we paid for the 4th floor "club" which was supposed to have a lot of great amenities, including breakfast each morning, appetizers and drinks at lunch, 2 tvs in our room, queen beds, etc. well, apparently they overbooked and put us on the 2nd floor, but we were still to get all of the amenities. next morning, wake up and go looking for the breakfast. go to the lobby and see there is restaurant with the breakfast laid out - we head over, and are promptly stopped as this is a "pay only" breakfast. uhm, no - we already paid much too much for our rooms and this was supposed to be included. headed to the front desk where 2 girls are now there (mind you, i [daughter] headed back upstairs, so my mom alone went to the desk). my mom asks where the free breakfast is, and the girl very rudely asks my mom about her room and looks it up. she told my mom (embarrassed her, actually) that "oh no, you booked through travelocity, you would never get the free breakfast, you must be confused". my mom came up to our room literally in tears and feeling very discouraged. i comforted her, we got ready, and we headed out to the local waffle house. we had a great breakfast, a wonderful day, and then came back to our hotel room where my son wanted to relax and have a swim. (we spent all day at tortilla flats, so we were dusty and warn out) so i told my son he needed to take a bath first before getting into the pool, since it's not fair to other guests to make the water dirty! we had ordered a roll away bed for the night and came back to our room to find the rollaway there, but not a single towel in the entire room. okay - i calmed myself and my mom and i called room service to ask them to bring towels, told them it was myself, my parents, and my son. they brought up two towels. okay... this is getting a bit insane, but who wants to be in a bad mood on vacation? so we headed down to the pool (which is very poorly lit and there are stairs all over, which is a huge safety hazard, especially with little ones). i ended up taking towels from the pool so we would have things to use in our room. ***also please do not believe their website, there pool is not heated as it says. we specifically came here for that reason since we love to swim, but only in warm water. it is not heated at all*** we ended our night and went to bed. the next morning we didn't even bother looking for the breakfast, since we were informed we did not "get it since we booked through travelocity" (yet we paid for it), so we got ready for our day. we ran out of tissues so my mom took the box out of the black little holder they have it in, and placed the empty box next to the holder. headed out to the nascar races for the day, had a great time!! until... we came back to our hotel... got into the room, and you will not believe... the useless maids put the empty box of tissues back into the holder. yes!!! they literally picked up the empty box and put it back into the holder and put the lid on it. this is a joke and this hotel seriously needs to hire some good maids. it wasn't like there wasn't a million of the girls in the hallways, who were very rude and wouldn't say a thing as you are trying to walk by with all of your stuff and their huge carts are in the dead center of the hallway so you can barely maneuver. just plain rude - but it speaks and shows clearly the quality of service for this entire hotel. then on top of that - there was not a single towel in the entire room!!! i went down to the front desk to let them know. when i got there, there was a nice man (unhelpful, but nice) named todd, or tom (i forget which is which, but i talked to both). i explained him everything: 1. no towels for 2 nights in a row and your maids can’t even change a tissue box when it's laid out for them? - he later sent up a maid with 2(two) towels for 4 people.. 2. my booking itinerary clearly stated the breakfast, 2 tvs, queen beds, etc. on the 4th floor. we were on the 2nd floor, 1 tv, double beds, and no breakfast. he informed me there was nothing he could do. i asked for a manager (and here is where it gets good!) he told me that their manager had just "quit" a few days earlier so there was no one there to help. it never ends with these people. 3. he said he would comp our roll-away bed fee, which i accepted, but i said i wanted to speak to the manager the next day on our checkout because i was not paying $270 a night for not even half of what i was supposed to receive. i went back up to the room to pack all of my stuff. the next morning i wake up and there is a piece of paper slid under the door with room charges for the roll-away. i went down there and demanded the manager. the same 2 girls who made my mom cry were there and i said "i will not be speaking to you, as you are rude and unhelpful and completely embarrassed my mom the other night". she informed me there was not a manager there, but their "supervisor" was walking around. i said okay, well call him over. she said "oh he doesn't have a radio or anything...”. i said "okay perfect, that's one more thing for your guys' wonderful service!" so i stood there until a man came over with sunglasses on his head, acting like this was his own personal vacation... (his name was todd or tom, like i said i mixed them up). i ran through the entire debacle with him and long story short he was completely unhelpful and informed me that i had to go through travelocity for any issues i had with my reservation. i said seriously? this is the worst service i have ever received. went back up to my room and called a wonderful girl with travelocity, anne, who listened to me and helped me soooo much. she called the hotel, while i waited on the other line, to see about us only paying for what we received. **please note: i was not looking for anything free, no handouts, nothing. i simply wanted to only pay for what i received. the room we stayed in, with the accommodations we received, only ended up being $172 per night, and we paid for $270 a night!!) long story short, she came back on the phone with me and said that the girl she spoke with (angie) at the front desk said she spoke with me and that i accepted a $100 credit from them. excuse me? i never once was offered that, never said that, and would never have accepted that. that is beyond disrespectful to 1. lie about something like that and 2. to offer such a low amount when your service was beyond horrible. i explained this to anne and she promptly called them right back. less than 5 minutes later, anne was back on the line with me and got our price reduced to what the normal amount should be. we were not given any extra credits, nothing for the horrible vacation we had because of them, but simply just paid for the bad room and service we received. i will never come to this hotel again, and it's a shame they have the flag and four points, because my boyfriend works at a sheraton here in san diego and they are wonderful. i wonder how this tempe location gets to keep their flag. customers beware of this horrible service!!! any hotel who can't handle their maids, has no backup plan for when a manager quits, and all in all, has horrible service should not be in business at all! March 23, 2015
Rated 1 out of 5 by Well, the pool is nice. Check-in went smoothly but that is where the positive experience ended. The club lounge staff is by far the worst lounge ever. The Staff in this lounge should be the best in the Hotel, and understand that customers using the lounge are the best customers SPG has. That is customers with Platinum status or customers that are paying for the privilege of club lounge access. The fresh food stops well before the hours of operation are over. Tables have to be cleared by customers. Specialty coffee service was out of order the whole week we were here. Housekeeping was horrible. Glasses were left dirty. Two towels per room? Toilet paper not replaced. Room was very small, as a platinum rewards members I expected an upgrade to the best available room. We were told an upgrade would be possible on the weekend. Saturday when we requested a move we were told that the room we had would be exactly the same as any of the other rooms they had. Seemed like the grumpy old lady at the front didn't even want to bother checking the computer to see if better rooms were available. I made several attempts to rectify this service.i was met but shrugs, sighs, and inaction by staff at every level...someone here needs to understand that having a job means you have to work sometime...unacceptable. Customers should be treated like customers. Good customers should be even better. Thank God the lobby bartenders were attentive. Without drinks we would not have been able to tolerate the stay. I would only stay here again if I had an overnight stopover to somewhere else...which is why I recommend it for business travellers and airport proximity. March 3, 2015
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