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  • Explore the grandeur of The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort's Royal Estate: http://stregis.
    May 27
  • The St. Regis Bar beckons with its spectacular ocean views from The St.
    May 24
  • 1927年,位于第55大道的纽约瑞吉,承办着仅对少数上流人士开放的高端奢华派对。歌舞流转、美酒交错,爵士成为贵族派对的最佳音乐。从瑞吉屋顶首次举办爵士盛宴,到顶尖音乐家集体演奏,与林肯中心爵士乐厅联袂奉献经典,瑞吉...
    May 22
  • #瑞吉家庭礼遇# #画笔下的完美假期#第三天,早餐后前往美亚航空乘坐水上飞机遨游三亚独有的海天一线,享受游艇驶向海洋中间的非凡体验。http://t.
    April 12
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    May 27
  • The New Grand Tour takes travelers to Istanbul, one of the most diverse cities in the world: stregis.
    May 26