Each of our event spaces and boardrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and audiovisual equipment, including built-in ceiling projectors in the Astor Ballroom, customizable to any occasion. Further, boardrooms are located just steps from our fully equipped, readily accessible Business Center, and our experienced event professionals are on hand to ensure a flawless event.

No matter the occasion, our premier catering offers memorable custom cuisine. Guests are invited to create their own menu or select from our tempting variety of preset offerings, including: Latin American Breakfast Table, featuring a chef’s selection of Aguas Frescas, Tropical Yogurt Smoothies, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Scrambled Eggs, and Latin American Baked Goods; Just Cocoa, offering a variety of chocolate treats—from Chocolate-Coffee Tarts to Guanaja Chocolate Bonbons to Chocolate-Dipped Spicy Lollipops, accompanied by Coffee and Tea; Mediterranean Flavors, which samples fresh tastes characteristic of the region, including Focaccia and Salads, along with Spanish, Italian, and French Cheeses and Charcuterie.

Additional elements such as decor, furniture, tents, floral arrangements, stages, customized stationery, live entertainment, and more are available upon request.