Astor Ballroom Elegant Dinner

The Astor Ballroom is Washington, D.C.’s most striking and romantic ballroom, sought after as much for its individuality as for its undeniable beauty. It is hardly surprising that The Astor Ballroom is the city’s premier venue for weddings and social galas. The 2,508-square-foot (764-square-meter) ballroom comfortably accommodates over 200 guests for sit-down banquets, and up to 400 for receptions.

The Ballroom’s 18-foot-high, hand-crafted ceiling is its signature feature and dates back to the building’s construction in 1926. Styled after the sumptuous craftsmanship of the Italian Renaissance, the richly-stenciled polychromatic designs and ornately-decorated beams are reminiscent of a Florentine palazzo and have been beautifully restored to their original glory. Four large, 12-armed crystal cascade chandeliers blanket the entire room in soft, diffuse light, providing beautiful accents across the ceiling. Across one wall, beautiful floor-to-ceiling palladium windows look out over the Astor Terrace (2,052 square feet/625 square meters) and bathe the room with light during the day and reveal the twinkling lights on the terrace in the evening.

The new Astor Pavilion is a stunning, custom-wood tent exclusively designed using the finest materials, featuring cathedral windows, French doors, and a translucent two-level canopy, adding 1,536 square feet of event space. The Pavilion will adorn the beautiful Astor Terrace in winter as an extension of the celebrated Astor Ballroom, but is also available by request year-round.