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Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 398 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Luxurious Great hotel that has a non chain feel. Beautiful main building that has the feel of an villa / estate. The grounds were once a coconut plantation. The grounds and things offered here are the best I have experienced. There's a Michelin Star restaurant on site. DON'T GO IN NOVEMBER, WAS THE END OF HURRICANE SEASON BUT STILL RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! The rooms are still great to relax but to miss out on all the facilities is a shame so choose when to go wisely. April 24, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Service level was wonderful The staff made us feel welcome. Despite the fact that the hotel was full for a holiday weekend, the service level was extremely high, and we still felt like we had our privacy. It was a wonderful weekend and I look forward to visiting again April 19, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Relaxing Retreat A great escape in paradise. The staff exceeded my expectations. The hotel room was clean, comfortable and roomy. The grounds are beautiful. The spa experience was amazing. Only complaint is the restaurant options - would be great to upgrade Molasses - its a good spot but a poorly executed menu. Maybe just a plain old steak house would be great alternative. On the positive side Seagrape and Fern both provided amazing meals. A bit pricey but it is the only 5 star resort on the island. April 15, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great Setting and Resort, but Sub-Par Service We're writing this in the hopes senior management at the hotel take the initiative to improve overall staff and food quality issues we encountered during our 7 day stay recently with the family. The resort facility is 5-diamond, no question about that. The pool is family friendly and fabulous as are the grounds and location. However, the service falls far below the 5-diamond standard we have experienced at other resorts and since we loved the resort and might consider a return trip, we would only consider if we find they have addressed some of these service issues. Some notable examples of the service issues we experienced are: Housekeeping issues were the greatest problem: - We were there for 7 days but never once had fresh or clean glassware placed in our room. the glassware for wine, water etc was NOT dish washer cleaned, it was hand wiped and full of streaks and finger prints. It was absolutely disgusting. it was right out of an old Dateline show where undercover guests found staff never replaced glassware but just kept rinsing it with water, wiping it dry and putting it back on the shelf. I would never expect that from a 5-diamond hotel such as this. It's the most serious service breakdown we experienced. Our solution was simply taking glassware from our room service orders and using that in-room as needed. For the record, we never complained about it on site. I felt we shouldn't have to ask for it, but should expect it and to be honest I was curious to see if they ever would address it, but they never did. - We failed to get a proper turn down service until our 6th, and final, night at the resort. It was amazing because despite calling the "butler" every day to let them know when we would like turn down, it took a final angry call to the manager (Jay) to finally get things right. We never got slippers, or any of the expected turn down attention items until our final night stay. The housekeeping service was spotty at best, good a couple of later nights but poor the first few nights, we never got clean sheets until that last day because we never got the card from housekeeping allowing us to request them until that last day. Just not 5-diamond quality housekeeping at all. Food Quality and Service Issues: - Overall the food served by the Fern (in both the lobby bar and restaurant) is fabulous. However, server attention to detail and overall quality is slow and spotty. Example, at the Fern, after a lovely $400 dinner, my wife failed to get her hot tea until after we all finished desert, 15 minutes after it was ordered. We were still charged for it. That sort of thing should not happen at a 5-star restaurant. - Food quality at the pool and other hotel venues, including room service is good, not great. At the pool restaurant one night they forgot 2 items all together at dinner, then instead of fixing them, we got some horrible chicken quesadilla entree (that they forgot originally, so it was about 30 minutes after we got all our other food) but we got it made with (get this) BBQ chicken shredded, instead of the fresh chicken breast it was supposed to come with. It was so bad even my 10 yr old son commented on how bad it tasted. We know it was some rush job because we had eaten one on another day and it was not made from BBQ shredded chicken. Bad news. All we got that night was an offer for free drinks, but that was not of interest to us. So we still paid for it when the check came, not great service. - Speaking of drinks, dont order anything from the pool other than the house specialty cocktails. I tried for a Manhattan and got a glass of ice and bourbon watered down. It was awful. - Room service kitchen messed up breakfast nearly every day, it was almost comical, but we're pretty laid back so never made a stink about it during the stay, but they regularly forgot something (a grapefruit one day, an english muffin another, and despite ordering green tea every morning from the butler service, we never got green tea, we ALWAYS for earl gray!)....crazy. Again, we're on vacation and these are all mostly minor things, so not worth getting a big stress knot over, but still not 5-diamond quality, which is the rate we're paying. - We rented a beach cabana on three separate days...on the first day we never got the plate of fresh fruit and creme, and water cooler....Never would have know except we got them on the other 2 rental again, minor service breakdown. So overall, our stay was really lovely. It's a great place. Many staff are trying very hard and working hard, but the quality breakdowns with the butler service being available but not very useful, the housekeeping quality and some of the food-service related stuff you don't like to see when you're paying top dollar for 5-diamond quality. I hope they clean things up a little on those fronts. April 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Relaxing stay We had amazing time at the st Regis this past week. Both managers (breakfast and dinner Lucas) at Fern went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. We ordered the hot sauce and they had it waiting for us the next day. We had an issue one morning with breakfast and one dinner and both were taken care of in the best way possible to make you forget about the issue. The girls at the loony bar are wonderful too. They provided great service when we sat outside and the girl (name started with a S) was amazing and friendly behind the bar. The staff really makes you want to come back to this amazing relaxing resort. Only thing is that it was a little over priced for some of the options, not much to do after 10 pm. Maybe a piano bar or someplace a little bit later to hang out would be nice. April 12, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by Lovely grounds but hotel has lots of issues We are frequent travelers and try to use SPG whenever possible. In fact, we especially love staying at the St Regis properties. In the past 19 months we have stayed at St Regis hotels in Hawaii, NYC, Italy, and Mexico. After the consistently 5++ Star experience at ALL of the above St Regis properties, we had great expectations of the St Regis in Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico. While it was not a terrible trip, it definitely dd not live up to our past experiences. First the pros: The resort property is beautiful. The breakfast buffet was delicious. Most of the staff were very friendly and helpful. When we needed a doctor, one was quickly located and came to our room within an hour. He was very professional and astute. The room was comfortable. Now for the cons: The beach is not suitable for swimming. Period. The resort is located on a very windy part of the island. I had in fact read in a previous review that the beach was often off limits for swimming due to strong currents, winds, etc... So I did my due diligence and called the hotel almost 2 months prior to our arrival and asked if the beach was suitable and swimmable for children on a regular basis. The woman at the desk assured me it was always open and very suitable for children and that is was very swimmable. I asked if the beach often had the red flags up. She replied that it did “on occasion” but that it was still ok to swim in the beach because reg flags just mean that one “should be a little more careful.” While the sandy beach is beautiful, it had double red flags up EVERY SINGLE DAY of our 6 night stay. While there, we spoke with some employees, one of whom has been there for almost 2 years and has never seen the double red flags ever come down. These double red flags are a US Coast guard designation. The official meaning is below: Red Flags The most serious of all beach warning flags, red flags warn swimmers of serious hazards in the water. One red flag means that the surf is high or there are dangerous currents, or both. Though you can still swim if there is a red flag, you should use extreme caution and go in the water only if you're a strong swimmer. Two red flags, however, means that the water is closed to swimming, as conditions are too dangerous for even the strongest swimmers. In some communities, red flags feature the symbol of a swimmer with a white line through it, indicating that swimming is prohibited. On the first evening of our arrival, we decided to have appetizers on the veranda. The view was lovely and the service was very good as well. However, the mosquitos decided to join us with a vengeance. A manager saw up slapping them away, smiled knowingly and inquired if we wanted some spray for the mosquitos. We told we would love some and she soon came back with a large can of Deep Woods Off. We sprayed it all around us and on our skin as the mosquitoes were just terrible. Finally, after being out there only 45 minutes, we couldn’t stand getting bitten anymore and fled back to our rooms. Once back in the room, I counted 57 mosquito bites on me and 24 on my 9 year old son. We found cans of Deep Woods Off for sale in the mini-bar. So apparently, this as not an isolated instance. It is a resort wide problem of which we were given no warning. Had we known, we would have applied a DEET-Free mosquito deterrent and saved our selves a lot of misery. Because of the severity of the mosquito attack on me and my son, we had a allergic reaction, and had to take Benadryl and Allegra. We had to apply topical antibiotic and cortisone cream several times a day as the itching was unbearable. Several of mine became infected, necessitating a visit from the doctor and taking oral antibiotics for a week. It’s been 18 days since it happened and I they are still not totally healed. Inanition, we spent almost $500 dollars for topical lotions, mosqito repellants, remedies, antibiotics, bangages and the doctor. The resort never offered to comensate for any of the charges that we only incurred because of a problem at the resort. The resort property is beautiful. In order to get to it though, you drive through areas of Puerto Rico that seem very run down, and in some cases quite unsafe. The roads approaching the resort from either direction are littered with debris and abandoned buildings. The buildings that look inhabited have iron bars on all the windows, balconies and doors. Many even have barbed wire atop the iron fences. This made us feel that we could not go exploring around the local area. The AC in the room did not seem to be controlled by the thermostat. No matter how low we turned it, it rarely cooled off enough to get rid of the general heat and mugginess in the room. The food is very average and quite expensive. Also, the selections are very limited. Due to the mosquito problem, we did not want to sit outside again at the resort in the evening. NOTE that we went to restaurants off property that did not have the same problem at all. This meant that our only evening option on the property was room service. Not fun when you have traveled almost 7 hours by plane and cannot sit outside in the evening. When I told a clerk at checkout that I was going to write a review about the resort and mention the mosquitoes and dangerous beach, she insisted that the beach was very swimmable despite the double red warnings flags. She also said the resort was well aware the the mosquito problem and were working on it. I wish they had told me that before I got 57 bites!! The pool was very nice. However, the 3 days we used it (the other days we drove several miles away so we could go to other beaches that were actually safe to swim in), it was filthy by 2:30- 3 in the afternoon. There did not appear to be any staff working to maintain the cleanliness of the pool at all. Inside the pool, there were paper cups, hair balls, banana was kind of gross. Communication of the resort amenities needs improvement. No one told of of the water activities on the property. They are not at the beach nor even visible from the beach area so were were unaware of them until it was too late for us to take advantage of them. When I mentioned this to the checkout person, she handed me a small card and said that they were listed on the card. I do recall receiving the card at checkin with my room keys but I don’t usually read small cards like this as they do not usually contain such major information. Someone really should have taken this time to at least make mention of it at checkin, especially since we had our 9 year old son with us who would have loved some of those activities. Overall, this was an extremely expensive vaction that did not live up to its expectations at all. we would not recommend this resort. April 11, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by The St Regis in Bahia Beach needs some TLC Terrace lounge chair cushions were completely flat and you could not even sit on them in comfort, the prices were too high ($5.00 for one boiled egg) and the cabanas need cleaning (the curtains were filthy) April 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Will be back First time staying at a St. Regis property and this will be our standard - we expect nothing less. We cannot emphasize enough how well we were treated from accommodating our requests even down to those that they cannot (such as late check out) - each was handled with utmost professionalism and genuine care. Granted we had to wait for our room when first arrived - had to ask a few times when it will be ready - but when we finally got in the room with an upgrade, my wife and I found the room extremely spacious and luxurious. The outside furnishing needs to be replaced - black marks (moldy?), firmness is gone, discoloration on the lobby drapes brass - but that's what you get being in a tropical setting, I guess. The plantation house was lovely, the amenities were sufficient, the pool and seating area were all excellent. The restaurant food was of course expensive but was just ok, but the attentive service made up for it, still the food came out slow (I didn't mind venturing out of the resort for cheap and local foods, and there are plenty). Our second floor terrace faced the golf course, so I can't comment on the beach front views. The spa and the couples massage we got was very heavenly. Customer service was top notch, not to mention the valet service, greeting you by name, asking if everything is ok, etc. I am not good with names, but I do remember Ruben (late evening to early morning staff) who took care of us whenever we came back very late and had to leave by 6 am to go out in excursions - Thank you! The only complaint is the beach itself. It was sunny and hot the whole time we were there, but it was extremely windy so no swimming at all due to the high, dangerous surf of the shallow waters. So we just bathed in the sun. San Juan, Isla Verde, Fajardo all have better beaches than here at Bahia Beach, Rio Grande. I wanted to add that the place is very family friendly. We have two little ones ourselves (not with us during this trip) so we did not mind, but the kids were never a problem during the five days we were there (not loud or in the way, no running around, no diaper changing in public, etc.). We will be back and will be bringing the kids next time. The resort, without traffic issues, is 25 minutes from the airport taking the toll highway 66 which very few cars take so it was a breeze. March 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Near perfect Extremely beautiful and well-maintained property (other than the beach area beyond the hotel). Service during our stay was outstanding and we really enjoyed both restaurants. Husband said massage at the spa was amazing. Some of the negatives for us: a few too many families with young children during our stay. It wasn't horrible, but as empty nesters now we'd like to have the option of an adults only area. Need an efficient foot-shower for those coming off of the beach. No products available in the ladies room at the pool. Would have appreciated better trail marks on the paths. No Fox News available in room. Would have loved a shop on site. Not a good beach for swimming. These are only niggles, overall we had a wonderful stay and will definitely return. February 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exceptional! This property is fantastic and rates alongside the best beach resorts I have experienced with cordial staff, beautiful location and facilities, wonderful pool, a clean and secluded beach, an exceptional golf course and a fine tennis facility all on site. There is a tranquil and restful ambiance to St. Regis Bahia Beach which is so enjoyable. February 9, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by 2nd time in 8 months - Excellent!!! This was the second time we stayed at this St. Regis in the past 8 months and another wonderful stay! The first time we stayed here it was just my wife and I and because of our wonderful experience this time we came back with my kids for a family vacation. We have a lot of people to thank for the best service in all of PR! The check in was seamless and the recognition of me being a SPG Platinum member was perfect. Naomi (Front Desk Manager) was great to make sure we where in the best 1 Bedroom Luxury Suite - top floor closest to the pool - thank you Naomi! The Luxury Suite was large and comfortable for a family of 4 that included 2 bathrooms and 2 showers. A great balcony with couches, a table and chairs to relax on made it that much better. My family and I want to personally thank Karlos and Angel as they took care of us the whole time! They truly made us feel at home and my kids still ask about when then can see them again. Thank you both for being very personable, nice and fun to talk with as you made our stay for the whole family very enjoyable!!! On a side note I won't forget you keeping the bar open late for me to watch my football game and we can't wait to see you guys in the near future! (We are all ready planning our next stay for Feb/March 2015). We loved the private 2 mile beach to dinner and breakfast at Fern to the boat house to enjoy the new addition of a kids/dad water park for the kids and me....My family and I enjoyed the bike rides and the kayak’s and paddle boards as well during our stay. I also can't forget Abad (lead butler) as he was great getting me all the things I needed during our stay and lastly Gianluca (Fern MGR) for being so upbeat and nice to speak with! Thanks for making our family vacation one of the best Thanksgiving's we have ever had staying at a St. Regis and we will definitely be back!!! January 18, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Lovely setting We were a family of 9 for a week right after Christmas. Overall,we had a great stay! The pool was beautiful, rooms nice, and spa services top notch! Our kids utilized the kayaks and bikes and we played golf. The only area where we saw a need for improvement was in the food and beverage service. It was expensive, which is expected at a St. Regis, but the quality did not match, especially at Molasses and Seagrapes. January 13, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by time away with toddler The room and facilities were exactly suited for a family with toddler, and allowed for a great time for all members of the family. The beach was very quiet and provided for nice walks, and the water was suitable for first dip in the ocean by our toddler. Overall, we're thankful for the hotel staff, who warm throughout our stay and accommodated all of our needs. January 12, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Just Wonderful Our family spent the week leading up to Christmas at this property and it was fantastic. The rooms were great, the pool and beach were easily able to handle the crowds and the food was very good, though with only 3 dining options on the property you may want to go offsite once or twice. Mostly though, major kudos have to go out to the staff and all that they did each and every day to ensure that the guests had a true 5 star experience. The GM of the hotel and his assorted top lieutenants were present and responsive, though the extremely well-trained staff generally required little help. Needs were anticipated and met proactively rather than reactively; truly the mark of a top rate operation. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I can sum it up easily: I will gladly go back and I will certainly encourage anyone I know who is looking for a first-rate vacation experience to go to the St. Regis Bahia Beach. December 31, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Gorgeous resort We loved this hotel. The staff are phenomenal - remembering our names after one meeting. The rooms beautiful - and just had the regular golf course view room. Although the rooms are spread out (and we were not near the pool) it only took a few minutes to walk to the pool. The beach is great. It is wide and sandy and clean. A great improvement. The only caveat we had is that the food gets monotonous after a few days. The Fern (the "better" restaurant) was delicious - but a lot of food night after night. The Molasses (more casual) was inconsistent. Also, food at the restaurant at the pool varied greatly from day to day. Nevertheless, we would go back in a heartbeat! December 25, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amzing We had a wonderful time. There was something for everyone in the family to do and love. Th staff was amazing and the property was gorgeous. I have already recconded this to everyone I know. You cannot be disappointed. Many favorites don't know where to start, the lake, nature center, beach, pool, food, activites for kids.... December 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This resort becons for you to come and de-stress The week of November 5, 2014 my wife and I had a wedding ceremony at this property and it could not have went more perfectly (other than the rainy weather) The staff is what makes this place shine as they were there to serve us every step of the way and always knowing our name (well it helps when you bring your little dog and everyone falls for her) So, it rained much of the time we were there but for those 3 hours we needed it most, the rain stopped long enough to perform the ceremony The roads that bring you here are desolate but that is the beauty in it. You are in the sticks on Bahia Beach which is a calm wave free cove. At night the Coque Frogs chirp all night long and we are told that Puerto Rico is the only place they can survive as they are from there Food was fabulous at Fern, somewhat expensive but with a 5 diamond resort it is to be expected. We will most definately return to this property and I think everyone should try this property out at least once. It is amazingly peaceful November 17, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Service was excellent The hotel was beautiful and the staff exceptional. The meal we had at Fern was the best meal we have had in years. A special shout out to Karlos at Sea Grapes. He made out stay amazing. Best bartender ever. He actually sent my husband a birthday card and cake to our room after we mentioned it was a 50th Bday. Monica from the pool service staff was fantastic and so friendly. We loved our stay and cannot wait to go back November 13, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by 6th time back and similar experience It's our 6th time back, so it's clear that there is enough positive things happening here to keep us coming back, but the opportunities have not improved much. I want to specifically thank Edwin, Dalisse and Liza for always remembering makes it feel special. I also wanted to send a special thanks to Tony, the morning restaurant manager at Fern. He was extremely engaging, genuinely cared that we had a good experience, even outside of the restaurant . You are a true asset to the hotel. The setting is still spectacular and the pool area is still great. The food has gotten better, but still subpar for a resort of this type. The grounds continue to be something that needs attention. Understandably it's the rainforest, but when it rains, you have to walk through puddles to get out of your hotel rooms building and the grassy areas in many parts have washed away. I think the ground landscaping needs to be revisited now after 4 years. The staff continues to desire to's clear they continue to try, but the follow-up on some simple requests or the proactive nature of taking care of any guests desires, is still an opportunity. Each time we have come back, there are more and more families and if there were two pools, one adult only, that would be a fantastic addition! The pool area is so great, but definitely needs a private area. We love this place and we keep coming back to celebrate our anniversary and do so b/c of those who remember us and make it special. I also so desperately know what they are capable of delivering consistently and keep rooting for them to make it happen. I believe there may have been another change at the GM level as a letter from the GM had a name we didn't know and the GM should really be more present on the property as we've seen at some other St Regis properties. Keep getting better, or at least trying to and we'll be back! November 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by great experience Was in PR for work and decided to take a mini-honeymoon with my wife so I booked the St. Regis for the weekend. From the moment I checked in to when I checked out- the experience was suburb. The people were ALL very attentive. I was upgraded to a suite which was an amazing room and they even added strawberries and a note in the room congratulating us. The pool and amenities were top notch as well as the food. No complaints on the food... my wife loved the mahi mahi tacos at seagrapes which I believe she had every day we were there... if I had one complaint, it would be that Molasses was closed for renovations. I heard that they have more crillo food based on the menu. but we had dinner one night at seagrapes and their mofongo was really well prepared- soft and garlicky. lastly, cant say enough about the staff. specifically Nico (I believe that was his name). He manages Fern and the St. Regis Bar. Very friendly and had some pleasant conversations with him. He also provided me with some great wine recommendations with were very appreciated. November 11, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Fantastic Hotel except the food The hotel is spectacular and the staff is willing to go the extra mile. The location is remote in feel, but still close to the San Juan airport and numerous island opportunities. The only misses during our stay were that the individual who checked us in forgot to give us our keys and never brought the ice we requested twice and that the dinner at Fern was far less than what was expected and the food and beverages at Seagrapes were just average. The dinner at Molasses, however, was fantastic. October 24, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by The perfect getaway The hotel was amazing. The staff was very professional and accommodating. The restaurants and spa were excellent. Sitting poolside and on the beach was very relaxing, the pool and beach staff were attentive to all of our needs. October 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Beautiful hotel and grounds Excellent service Beautiful rooms Spectacular landscaping Beach, average October 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent stay I stayed for two nights and the experience was awesome. I love it. Beginning with smile from Lisa at the frontdesk you will know that your stay will be perfect. The service from everyone that work there is great in special of Alexis (bellman), Naomi and Adela (frontdesk), Cesar (bellman) and Peter from Molasses Rest. The hostess from Molasses made sure that our Dinner was the best with the celebration of my wife birthday. My kids enjoyed there stay at this beautiful property and the pool. I would recommend this property to everyone. Thank you for a wonderful experience. October 14, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Vacation I came into this stay with a lot of expectations. Thankfully, the facilities and staff far exceeded those expectations. While I don't see it appropriate to name names, the receiving bell staff, the pool waitstaff and the spa staff were amazing. They remembered our names, they assisted with directions and recommendations outside of the resort when asked, and they did so with a smile and a genuine interest in our happiness. The only drawback to the stay, for me, was the food. It did not meet the same overwhelming excellence of the staff and the facilities. While it was not bad, it was not great either. October 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by St. Regis Bahia Beach Resot This Hotel has great feature, excellent service, and a great location. The Bahia beach is beautiful well kept and the surroundings of the Hotel are like the El Yunque rain forest close by. October 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by World Class Service My wife and I recently visited this beautiful property for a baby moon in August. Prior to our arrival I was contacted by Butler services if they could assist me with anything on my stay. I set up a private driver to pick us up at the airport and that's where the St. Regis experience began. My wife was 6 months pregnant and was treated like a Queen. Our driver listened to my wife's list of Puerto Rican food cravings and did everything he could to make sure we got every item on the list. Upon arrival, we were greeted professionally and check-in was a breeze. An upgraded room was available at that time, so it was offer to us free of charge. The property was lush and filled photo opportunities at every corner. The spa was world class and had many options for our specific needs. Most of our time was spent relaxing around the beautiful pool and private beach. The one thing that sticks out the most from our experience was the great personal care that was given to us by our butler Gabriel. He had us laughing from the time we checked in and it was his mission to make sure the mom to be was 100% happy and comfortable. We will be back for sure once our baby has arrived and I am confident she will be just as taken care of as her mother was. Great job to all involve in our stay. September 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fabulous Get away Hotel and grounds are beautiful. Service is fabulous. Highly recommend for corporate incentive trips. September 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great time Stayed from9/17- 9/23 2014. We had a great time. I don't usually attribute the the hotel with a more enjoyable experience, but the resort was awesome. The staff was more than accommodating. Very friendly. As with any resort not everything was perfect, however when something went wrong the management more than made up for it. The grounds are beautiful. Makes you feel like your in Hawaii. I would highly recommend this property. September 26, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Beautiful Place, a few issues Overall, I would recommend this place. Pros: -Fern Restaurant and Staff--grouper was excellent -Bartenders at main bar--very knowledgable and friendly -Activities--golf, kayaks, biking on nature trails, paddle boards, sunfish -Beautiful Landscape -Spacious, well decorated room--awesome showers/bath -concierge was helpful -Spa treatments were excellent But there were a few things I do not expect at a St Regis Cons: -A/c didn't work or was on motion detector (was fixed) -Area just outside room "under construction" -In room breakfast--Continental breakfast (3 pastries, coffee, juice) coffee and juice were forgotten one morning and 20 min late another morning (to clarify it took almost an hour to get a few pastries) -At some point, service staff used our umbrella in our room and we had to walk through rain -I used spa facilities one evening at 5pm--steam room and sauna were Off, had to wait 20 min for them to warm up, returned next day around noon and the bath cloth/water bottle i'd left in sauna was still there -The Jacuzzi in couples villa at spa was "under construction" -The pool was over run with children all weekend--we love kids but expect them to be separated on a vacation like this -Some service staff was aloof September 23, 2014
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