Stay active with easy, five-minute workouts you can do anywhere.

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Westin Workout Videos

Strength training is key to your well-being and should be a part of your weekly exercise routine on the road and at home. To help you stay active while you travel, fitness expert Holly Perkins demonstrates how simple, five-minute exercises can keep you feeling fit and healthy anywhere – no equipment needed.

Upper Body Workout

Join Holly Perkins in this invigorating five-minute workout routine that works your abs and arms. From planks to pushups, Holly guides you through a series of exercises that strengthen and tone.

Lower Body Workout

Exercises like squats strengthen the lower body and improve overall body function. In this five-minute video, Holly Perkins shows you how to perfect your lower body workout with easy on-the-go exercises you can do without equipment.

Core Workout

Boost your core strength with this series of simple exercises guided by Holly Perkins. Each exercise keeps your core engaged and your spine aligned, improving posture and core stability and leaving you feeling energized.

Full Body Workout

Get a full body workout in just five minutes, as Holly guides you through a series of strength training exercises that keep your whole body fit, active and toned. Each exercise is easy to do anywhere without equipment, machines or weights.