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Night Scene of Huangpu River

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Painting-like views of The Bund

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The nightfall Bund views

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Chinese Handicraft

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Xangai à noite, com vista do rio Huangpu

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Horizonte de Xangai à noite

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O Bund, Xangai, à noite

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Visão noturna fabulosa da Bund, em Xangai

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Shanghai, once known as “The Paris of the East,” has long been the most cosmopolitan city in China. The economic and cultural center of China, it is unique among world cities with its variety of architectural styles. The city buzzes with 21st-century energy and provides endless engaging diversions to break the rhythm of meetings and conferences.

Our premiere location assures guests easy access to a tempting variety of restaurants, luxury shopping, and sightseeing destinations. A stroll through the classical and captivating 400-year-old Yu Garden is a must for every visitor. Shanghai’s leading shopping haven, Nanjing Pedestrian Street, the Bund's row of elegant European-style architecture, and the old city's classic buildings overlooking the Huangpu River are also worthy of a stroll.

The Bund (Wai Tan) is one of the most important symbols of Shanghai. Located along the Huangpu River, the Bund is Shanghai's signature promenade, showing off the city's outstanding foreign buildings, most of which were erected before 1937. Walking along the west side of the Bund, you can easily find many top luxury flagship stores and boutiques including Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna as well as Cartier, Patek Phillipe, Boucheron, and many more. Numerous chic bars, restaurants, and art galleries have opened to the public in the beautiful buildings facing the Huangpu River.