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The Westin Ningbo Umgebung

The Westin Ningbo is situated near the Fenghua River in the city’s Central Business District—steps from Tianyi Square’s myriad restaurants, entertainment, and shopping.

Shoppers will delight in the exquisite local handicrafts found all around Ningbo, an area renowned for its unique gilt wooden engravings, embroidery, bamboo ware, and lacquered treasures. For a relaxing outdoor excursion, visit the renowned Nanxi Hot Spring, or head to Dongquian Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Zhejiang Province. For thrill seekers, Harborland Theme Park is a popular amusement park just 30 minutes away.

Ningbo is one of China’s oldest cities, with history dating back to 4,800 BC, and many of Ningbo’s historical attractions are found close by. Visit the Tianfeng Pagoda, an ancient 14-story tower housing centuries-old artifacts or Tianyi Pavilion Museum, China’s oldest private library. A serene experience awaits at the Asoka Temple, one of Ningbo’s most important cultural relics. Savor a tranquil visit to either the wooden mountainside Baoguo Temple or Tiantong Temple, one of China’s largest Buddhist temples.


  • Tianyi-Platz  0.0 km/0.0 Meilen


  • Exxon Mobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd  1.0 km/0.6 Meilen
  • IBM  1.0 km/0.6 Meilen
  • Maersk Incorporated  1.0 km/0.6 Meilen
  • Ningbo Four Seasons Import & Export Co., Ltd  8.0 km/5.0 Meilen
  • China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.  8.0 km/5.0 Meilen
  • Younger Group Incorporated Company  10.0 km/6.2 Meilen
  • Borgwarner Automotive Components  11.0 km/6.8 Meilen
  • Akzo Nobel N.V.  18.0 km/11.2 Meilen
  • Ning Bo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd  33.0 km/20.5 Meilen
  • Hongyang Group  56.0 km/34.8 Meilen

Kunst und Kultur

  • Tianyi Pavilion Museum  3.0 km/1.9 Meilen

Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort

  • Das alte Bund-Gebiet  1.2 km/0.8 Meilen
  • Dongqian-See  20.0 km/12.4 Meilen

Öffentliche Einrichtungen

  • Ningbo First Hospital  0.7 km/0.4 Meilen
  • Chenghuang Tempel  1.2 km/0.8 Meilen
  • Universität Ningbo  11.0 km/6.8 Meilen



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