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We recommend flying into Pune's international Lohegaon Airport (PNQ), located just five kilometres from the hotel.

Pune is also accessible by railway from any major city of India. The nearest railway station is just seven kilometres from the hotel, with a driving time (by cab) of 25 minutes. For those travelling by car from Mumbai, the express highway is the best option.

Guests can access the commercial areas by way of local commuting facilities, rickshaw, taxi, or car rental services offered by the hotel.

Si viaja en automóvil, consulte las indicaciones para llegar desde el aeropuerto o desde cualquier otro lugar.

Getting Here


Pune International Airport (PNQ)

Distancia de viaje: Aproximadamente 4.0 km/2.49 millas

Las opciones para llegar y salir del hotel incluyen:

  • 700 INR; Fees range from 450 INR for a rickshaw to 700 INR for a taxi.
  • Pre-paid taxis and rickshaws are available from the airport's arrival terminal 24 hours a day for transportation to the hotel.

Private Car Transfer
  • 1.720 INR; Complimentary for Club and Suite guests.
    • Horario de apertura: Las 24 horas

  • 20 minutes
  • En el lugar;

    Guests arriving at Pune Airport (PNQ), also known as Lohegaon Airport, may choose to take a private hotel car. This service is complimentary for Westin Executive Club Room and Suite guests only.

Chhatrapati Sivaji International Airport (BOM)

Distancia de viaje: Aproximadamente 200.0 km/124.28 millas

Las opciones para llegar y salir del hotel incluyen:

Private Car Transfer
  • 14.310 INR; round trip.
    • Horario de apertura: Las 24 horas

  • En el lugar;

    Guests can choose to hire a private car for transport from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) to the hotel from one of the airport’s major rental companies, such as Hertz, Budget, or Orix. The distance is approximately 140 kilometres, and driving time is four to five hours.

    Choices range from economy cars such as Nissan Sunny or Toyota Innova to an upscale sedan such as the Toyota Camry and Audi A6. Depending on the service chosen, the estimated cost is INR 12,500 plus tax onwards.


Shivajinagar Railway Station

Distancia de viaje: Aproximadamente 7.0 km/4.35 millas

Las opciones para llegar y salir del hotel incluyen:

Private Car Transfer
  • 25 minutes
  • Guests arriving at Pune's railway station may also choose to take a hotel shuttle or car. The driving time is approximately 25 minutes.

Getting Around

By Car

Luxury Link
    • Horario de apertura: Las 24 horas

  • (91)(20) 8888 815547; Se debe reservar

By Taxi

  • The most common, and easiest, transportation options for getting around Pune and Koregaon Park are private cabs and rickshaws. Fares vary depending on the type of service chosen.

By Rental Car

  • (91)(88) 8887 6201
Travel Smart
  • (91)(20) 3062 2651
Prasanna Carline
  • (91)(20) 2423 1600
  • (91)(20) 6510 0990

By Foot

By Foot
  • En el lugar;

    Guests may choose to walk to a nearby shopping district, located in the adjacent Kalyani Nagar area.

Nota: El hotel no garantiza los cargos, tarifas ni horarios estimados. La distancia en automóvil puede verse afectada por las condiciones locales y el tráfico.

Información sobre estacionamiento

Información adicional

Si necesita ayuda con el transporte o si desea realizar cualquier otro pedido, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros al (91)(20) 6721 0000.