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Located on the third floor of the East wing, Sothys—a professional skin care salon and spa—beckons for pure renewal in a sumptuously simple and relaxing atmosphere. Spa décor features marble floors, soft light, and pale wood, as well as subtle Japanese accents, and facilities include six treatment rooms and one couple's suite.

The all-female staff brings the finest in Japanese hospitality, immersing you in a state of deep relaxation before revitalizing the body for improved circulation and increased assimilation of active ingredients. We offer a range of facials, body treatments, and massages, as well as targeted options that can be added on to a facial or body treatment. Several massages offer the choice of soft, relaxing pressure or "reducing" pressure—a firmer touch which stimulates the organs and circulation, enhancing metabolism and aiding the body in the burning of cellulite. Our professional skin care meets the highest standards of excellence, utilizing unique formulas that combine the most effective Eastern and Western techniques.

Locker rooms are available for storing belongings. Reservations are recommended; a 100% fee applies for same-day cancellations.

  • Hours of operation:
Sunday, Tuesday - Saturday:
10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Reception Desk Open Until 7:30 PM

Sleek and Soothing
Special Facilities:
Six private rooms and one couple's suite
Call The Spa:
(81)(75) 761 9587

Body Treatments

Body Treatment Add-Ons
Accompany any of our soothing body treatments with a revitalizing mask.
Back Care Treatment
This special treatment—comprising both a mask and massage and employing purifying sea salt—is designed to take optimum care of your back, clearing away acne, blemishes, and other skin troubles.
  • 60 minutes/13,650 JPY
Facial or Massage Add-Ons
Supplement your facial or massage for targeted stress relief.
Excellent Secret Body
A delicate yet powerful total body exfoliation ritual is followed by a soothing massage infused with exotic and fragrant active ingredients, including a specially hydrating treatment oil. Skin becomes supple while stress melts away.
Inspired by Japanese tradition, this replenishing treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation using papaya enzymes and lemon, followed by a deeply hydrating application of Shea butter. Finally, a lower leg massage soothes the senses, for blissful rene
  • 90 minutes/18,900 JPY
Escape Event Treatment
This refreshing and energizing body ritual employs a one-of-a-kind blend of seasonal fruits and flowers. An exfoliating gel with fruity and floral fragrances softens skin before a gentle massage with aromatic gel eases remaining stress away.
  • 90 minutes/21,000 JPY
Oriental Essence Ceremony
Deep re-energizing care inspired by Southeast Asian rituals begins with exfoliation using a spiced marmalade scrub. A peel and application of ginger herb balm precedes an energizing massage using aromatic bags of smooth pebbles, soaked in warm oil.
  • 120 minutes/24,150 JPY

In-Room Treatments

In-Room Spa
Imagine a renewing spa experience in the most convenient of locations: your own guest room. Our signature in-room treatments are custom-designed to nurture your body and soul.

Massage Services

Firmness Modeling
This customized treatment is designed to take precise action against cellulite in areas such as the bust, stomach, thighs, and arms. Sensorial products work with a firming body serum enriched in active ingredients to restore firmness and elasticity.
  • 40 minutes/12,600 JPY; 60 minutes/15,750 JPY
Aroma Foot Spa
Incorporating a reflexology massage to release energy and enhance organ functioning, this treatment incorporates aromatic essential oils such as rosemary, mint, and marula to reduce leg fatigue and swelling, and relax muscles.
  • Calf: 30 minutes/5,775 JPY; Legs: 70 minutes/13,650 JPY
Relaxing Body Massage
This full-body massage uses skin-smoothing balm fragranced with orange and marjoram essential oils to bring you deep relaxation.
  • 70 minutes/14,700 JPY
Oriental Stone Therapy
A blend of herbal oil and Shea butter is smoothed over the body and massaged into the skin with the use of heated stones, releasing stress and tension. A combination of massage techniques and the warmth of the stones results in profound relaxation.
  • Relaxing: 90 minutes/18,900 JPY; Slimming: 90 minutes/19,950 JPY
Slimness Treatment
Using harder pressure and marula oil—and featuring the refreshing fragrances of lemon and grapefruit—original techniques in this massage relieve kinks, knots, and stiffness while stimulating circulation for enhanced metabolism.
  • 75 minutes/15,750 JPY
Slimness Modeling
Slimness Modeling uses three body serums specifically designed to target cellulite. The serums and an activating anti-cellulite gel are massaged into the body with stimulating and invigorating strokes to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Skin Care Services

Organic Professional Facial
This facial uses all-natural, organic ingredients to moisturize and remove impurities that cause dullness, for a brighter complexion and deep hydration. A soothing hand massage leaves you feeling completely renewed.
  • 90 minutes/15,750 JPY
Basic Facial
Our signature facial treatment employs an exquisite blend of products carefully chosen according to your skin type. A unique combination of Eastern and Western techniques incorporate acupressure methods to detoxify and rejuvenate.
  • 90 minutes/15,750 JPY
Facial Treatment
Experience visible results with a detoxifying micro-dermabrasion using semi-precious crystals. A glycolic/salicylic peel renews and is followed by a deep pore cleansing and facial massage. A final oxygenating mask reveals a clear, bright complexion.
  • 90 minutes/16,800 JPY
TI Homme
This men's facial uses our special Sothys Homme line, formulated from Phytomalt—a soothing complex created in the distillation of Scottish whiskey. Eastern and Western techniques are employed to hydrate, tone, and smooth neglected or stressed skin.
  • 70 minutes/11,550 JPY
TI Hydro Optimal THI3
A three-dimensional treatment for your skin works on a number of symptoms such as dryness, wrinkles, and sensitivity caused by dehydration, all while refreshing your skin to help sustain enhanced comfort and moisture.
TI Excellent Secret Facial
This effective facial combines cleansing, exfoliation, and a hydrating mask with anti-aging products like pearl powder and rice peptide to restore skin's elasticity and firmness. A soothing hand and foot massage leaves you feeling completely renewed.
TI Hydradvance
This effective facial begins with a tapioca exfoliation to remove impurities and smooth skin and ends with a hyaluronic nectar mask for immediate hydration. Pressure point massage encourages plumping of fine lines and long-lasting results.
Facial Add-Ons
In conjunction with any facial, these treatments focus on key areas for added renewal.
TI [W.]+ Brightening
In this potent anti-aging facial, intensive alpha and beta hydroxyl acids are delivered in concert with [W.]+ Brightening Serum and pure vitamin C to block melanin and boost collagen production, neutralizing free radicals and brightening the skin.
Pore Refiner System
This treatment aims to eliminate impurities and tighten skin for a lighter and fresher complexion. Acupressure and Eastern and Western massage techniques are employed for a bright glow.
TI (C) Aging Care
This personalized anti-aging facial is adapted to skin's state of aging. An exclusive massage with three types of serum and a collagen masque provides a long-lasting antidote to wrinkle-formation—firming and lifting for younger-looking skin.
  • 90 minutes/19,950 JPY

Spa Packages

Signature Slimness Package
After a soothing foot bath, this complete package starts with a sea salt exfoliation and hydrating mask before targeting cellulite. Our Slimness Modeling massage uses special serums to increase firmness, reduce cellulite, and smooth the skin.
  • 90 minutes/23,100 JPY
Signature Firmness Package
After a relaxing foot bath, this package exfoliates dead skin cells and hydrates with a mask before targeting cellulite with the Firmness Modeling massage. Affected areas are treated with our firming body serum to restore elasticity.
  • 100 minutes/25,200 JPY
Miyako Sothys II
Enjoy this sumptuous package combining our purifying Basic Facial with the Aroma Foot Spa calf massage. Targeted reflexology in the fatigue-relieving massage complements the facial for an end result of lightness and rejuvenation.
  • 90 minutes/21,000 JPY
This sublime package complements our traditional Hanakasumi body treatment—a peel plus exfoliation with papaya enzymes and lemon, followed by a nourishing full-body massage and foot reflexology—with a delicate facial cleansing and massage.
  • 90 minutes/23,100 JPY
TI Excellent Secret Face & Body
Your skin gains new radiance from our TI Excellent Secret Facial and Excellent Secret Body treatment. Stress and fatigue vanish with a gentle exfoliation and a hydrating massage, using relaxing scents of ylang-ylang and marjoram.
  • Relaxing: 180 minutes/46,200 JPY; Slimming: 180 minutes/47,250 JPY
Facial & Body
This package is a sublime partnering of our Basic Facial—customized to your skin type, with Eastern acupressure methods and Western techniques to detoxify—and a 60-minute aromatic body massage to relieve fatigue.
  • Relaxing: 120 minutes/26,250 JPY; Slimming: 120 minutes/27,300 JPY
A 60-minute Relaxing Massage—employing a smoothing balm of orange and marjoram oils for deep stress relief—is coupled with a thorough facial cleansing, massage, and mask using products customized according to your skin condition.
  • 90 minutes/21,000 JPY
Customized Sensorial Escape
This customized package transports the senses with delicate fragrance and sublime touch. A sugar and salt scrub exfoliates before you undergo a relaxing massage using essential oils of citrus to invigorate or sandalwood to calm and soothe.
  • 90 minutes/21,000 JPY; Massage only: 75 minutes/14,700 JPY
Indulge in a decadent duo: our 60-minute Basic Facial, in which a customized product blend is applied with acupressure and Western techniques; and our Aroma Foot Spa, incorporating reflexology and soothing essential oils.
  • 90 minutes/21,000 JPY