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The Westin Cape Town Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Heavenly Spa by Westin™ is an international, award-winning spa located on our 19th floor, with panoramic ocean and city views. Inspired by nature, as well as the finest techniques and most potent herbal infusions from around the world, our spa philosophy is one of purity and simplicity.

Set in a tranquil, soothing space, our spa facilities include 13 deluxe treatment rooms, with four heated waterbeds in the Sea of Dreams sleep room. Choose from a massage tailored to your individual requests, a personalised facial that addresses your skin care concerns, or one of our calming body treatments. Finishing touches and fitness sessions complete the holistic offerings. At the Heavenly Spa by Westin we encourage you to live your best life, every day.

Appointments are recommended. Spa guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to their appointment time in order to complete any necessary consultation forms. There is no charge for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance. If a service is cancelled within 12 hours, 50% of the full price will be charged; cancelling at the time of appointment, or a no-show, will result in a 100% of the treatment charge. Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted to use the Spa facilities, regardless of parental consent and supervision.
Please note that there is a now an age restriction of 16 years for spa facility use and nudity will no longer be allowed.
Access to the spa facilities such as our gym or pool is complimentary for hotel guests, outside guests with a booked treatment, and spa members. Spa memberships are available. A fee is applicable for other day visitors who are not receiving a spa treatment.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase directly from the spa.

Atmosfera: Urban, tranquil, relaxing
Produtos: Dermalogica, Africology and Aromatherapy Associates
Instalações especiais: Heated water beds, sauna, steam room
Horário do spa.: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Ligue para o spa.: (27)(21) 412 8200/8201

Pacotes de spa

  • Pacotes de spa
    This pampering back and neck massage is complemented by a classic facial.
    • Taxas: 90 minutes/ZAR 865
  • Pacotes de spa
    This couple’s massage is the perfect way to celebrate or simply spend some quality time with someone precious.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 650 (per person)
  • Pacotes de spa
    This journey starts with a body polish personalized with aromatherapy oils and natural exfoliating olive grains, followed by a massage using the pure essence of Marula oil. The treatment ends with a bespoke facial.
    • Taxas: 150 minutes/ZAR 1,450
  • Pacotes de spa
    The ultimate holistic spa experience begins with a transporting massage using the pure essence of Marula oil, followed by a facial customized according to your individual skin needs.
    • Taxas: 120 minutes/ZAR 1045
  • Pacotes de spa
    This revitalizing package includes a full-body massage, a classic facial, a manicure, and a pedicure.
    • Taxas: 240 minutes/ZAR 1850

Pés e mãos

Serviços de ginástica

  • Aulas
    Just 15 minutes on this revolutionary training machine is equivalent to one hour of conventional training. Targeting all areas of the body, benefits include increased muscle mass, cellulite reduction, bone density, flexibility, and weight loss.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 300
  • Aulas
    If you are unsure about personal training, try this taste of our offerings. Ideal for the lapsed exerciser, it helps re-establish goals and guide you back on track. Session includes body composition analysis, fitness evaluation, and goal setting.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 300
  • Aulas
    Our personal trainer will create a personalised training program to meet your specific fitness goals.
    • Taxas: One Session/ZAR 300; Ten Sessions/ZAR 2800
  • Aulas
    Group or partner training is a great way for couples or friends to work out and get back in to shape together. We offer a six-week program consisting of 12 bi-weekly sessions.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 400 (per session)

Serviços de massagem

  • Tratamento de massagem
    For optimal health and peak performance, this deep-tissue massage is ideal for relieving deep-seated muscular tension.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 645
  • Tratamento de massagem
    For expectant mothers, this gentle, relaxing, and uplifting massage is designed to target aches, fluid retention, stress, and fatigue, all while nourishing and firming the skin and soothing the spirit.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 580
  • Tratamento de massagem
    Heated stones are used to massage the body, releasing stress and tension. A combination of massage techniques and the warmth of the stones results in a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience.
    • Taxas: 90 minutes/ZAR 850
  • Tratamento de massagem
    The neck, back, and shoulders are massaged to release tension and ease stress.
    • Taxas: 45 minutes/ZAR 495
  • Tratamento de massagem
    This Swedish-style massage includes our three-stone ritual. A therapist focuses on areas of muscular tension, using the pure essence of marula oil to aid relaxation and celebrate Africa’s deep spirit.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 595
  • Tratamento de massagem
    This unforgettable aromatherapeutic scalp-and-shoulder massage includes a moisturizing hair oil treatment.
    • Taxas: 30 minutes/ZAR 350
  • Tratamento de massagem
    Stretch muscles and ease knotting and tension for regular maintenance, or before and after training and competitions. This service is dependent on availability and should be booked in advance.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes
  • Tratamento de massagem
    Natural aromatherapy oils and diverse massage techniques are customized based on how you want to feel after the treatment.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 600; 90 minutes/ZAR 800

Serviços de tratamento de pele

  • Tratamento facial
    This bespoke Dermalogica treatment is individually customized for your skin needs and includes a pressure-point facial massage.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 575
  • Tratamento facial
    Give your skin a revitalizing power boost with Dermalogica’s anti-aging treatment. Experience an immediate youthful glow and long-term rejuvenation.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/ZAR 790
  • Tratamento facial
    This soothing, extraction-free facial is customized with aromatherapy oils based on how you want to feel after the treatment. A signature pressure-point massage improves circulation and encourages overall wellbeing.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/ZAR 750
  • Tratamento facial
    Reactive, sensitive skin enjoys soothing relief in this treatment, which includes a unique Dermalogica facial massage—a blend of acupressure and drainage techniques to relieve stress, congestion, sinusitis, and headaches.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 600
  • Tratamento facial
    This customized facial is designed around your skin concerns, with outstanding results ensured by Africology products.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/ZAR 700

Tratamentos de beleza

  • Tratamento estético
    Our professional services take care of the little but important details, for clean hair removal or tinting and a wonderfully polished look.

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Tratamentos no quarto

  • Serviço de spa no quarto
    Imagine a renewing spa experience in the most convenient of locations, your own guest room. Our signature in-room treatments are custom-designed to nurture your body and soul.

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Tratamentos para o corpo

  • Tratamento corporal
    Restore balance with a healing touch. This massage—focusing on the feet, back, neck, shoulders, and head—brings great relaxation and release.
    • Taxas: 60 minutes/ZAR 520
  • Tratamento corporal
    Skin is polished using a personalized aromatherapy body wash and natural exfoliating olive grains, leaving skin smooth and the mind energized.
  • Tratamento corporal
    Rebalance your body with this therapeutic pressure point therapy for the feet.
    • Taxas: 45 minutes/ZAR 450
  • Tratamento corporal
    Organic clay blended with Rooibos tea and lavender delivers a powerful boost of anti-oxidants.
    • Taxas: 75 minutes/ZAR 525