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Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Discover moments of beauty, serenity, and peace with unique experiences at the Heavenly Spa by Westin™, which fuses modern spa therapies with ancient Chinese traditions. Tranquil lounges and wellbeing rooms are suffused with calming natural colors, luscious scents, and restful lighting. Attentive therapists and sumptuous treatments ensure that this is the place to renew and recharge in bustling Beijing.

Upon arrival, you will be led to a serene sanctuary lounge where special calming rituals will help you reflect and dream before your personalized treatment begins. Uncomfortable shoes are replaced by blissfully soft slippers while you sip a fragrant herbal tea.

You will then be encouraged to listen to your body’s rhythm by rubbing a wooden baton around the edge of an ancient Tibetan bowl to produce an elegant chime. Just before you retreat to your private room, you are invited to symbolically place your worries and stresses in a burden basket. The handcrafted basket is then placed outside your treatment room to ensure that your burdens are left behind. Other sensory elements include music to suit your mood during your experience, and a foot bath of peppermint and rose petals to cleanse the aura and mark the start of every treatment.

Named after the seven pillars of wellbeing, our five spa rooms and two suites are designed for total privacy and thoughtfully equipped with the latest in hydrotherapy. Options include futon-style massage beds; indulgent infinity bathtubs and drenching rainforest showers, which feature colorful lighting to inspire tranquility; and aromatic steam rooms, where such scents as lavender and white tea help balance and restore.

Designed for two people to retreat for a half-day, the spa suite is a decadent refuge, with two massage beds, giant baths, and rainforest showers. Couples can indulge in tailored spa cuisine menus and their very own sanctuary lounge.

The spa uses Aromatherapy Associates products from the United Kingdom for its body treatments. Beautiful aromas soothe the mind and spirit as restorative ingredients work their magic and reveal your inner glow.

Reservations at least four hours in advance are recommended; all prices are subjected to 15% service charge. All prices are quoted in Chinese yuan (CNY), do not include taxes or gratuities, and may be subject to change.

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Calming natural colors and tranquil lounges
Comfort Zone
Strutture speciali:
Vichy showers, infinity bathtubs, steam rooms, spa suite
Chiamare la spa:
(86)(10) 6629 7878

Bath Treatment

Aquatic Synergy
Slip into an infinity bathtub for 20 minutes of relaxation and warmth designed to renew and balance with scented infusions.
  • 20 minutes/CNY 350

Body Treatments

Westin White Tea Heavenly™ Bath Amenities
A gentle white tea body scrub gently buffs away dry cells, leaving your skin smooth, silky, and radiant.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 350
Rose Hydrator
This intensely hydrating treatment includes the layering of rich rose serum, oil, and cream, leaving your body radiant, soft, and smooth and your spirits bright and uplifted.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 750
Energize Scrub
Skin is scrubbed using a personalized aromatherapy body wash and natural exfoliating olive grains, leaving the skin feeling smooth and the mind energized.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 350
Choose from a variety of options that will leave skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Guest Services

Choose from one of our ioma bath rituals and escape to your personal destination. Each ritual has mystical scents to help you soak and renew.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 350

Hands & Feet

Express Manicure/Express Pedicure
Step into the spa for quick refresher for hands or feet. Each treatment includes a cuticle and nail trim, shaping and an application of nail polish.
  • Manicure: 45 minutes/CNY 200; Pedicure: 45 minutes/CNY 300
Age Repair Hands
Deeply restorative and nourishing essential oils are combined to leave hands and arms looking perfectly conditioned and feeling deeply moisturized.
Heavenly Manicure/Heavenly Pedicure
Pamper your hands and feet with the full treatment. Our Heavenly Manicure and Pedicure begin with a gentle soak. Nails are then shaped, cuticles treated, skin exfoliated and massaged. A deep hydrating mask and nail color top it off.
  • Manicure: 70 minutes/CNY 400; Pedicure: 70 minutes/CNY 450

In-Room Treatments

Off The Head
Based on revered techniques from India, this unique head, neck and shoulder massage combines a series of stimulating movements designed to result in a thoroughly relaxed state.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 500
Oriental Roots
This traditional reflexology treatment triggers reflex points through foot massage to correct organ functions and improve the “Chi” energy flow.
  • 45 minutes/CNY 450; 90 minutes/CNY 750

Massage Services

Flash Back
Relax into a soothing neck, shoulder and back massage. This treatment is an excellent antidote to back pain and repetitive stress syndrome and is also most welcome after a long flight.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 400
“The science of life” Ayurveda philosophy deeply resonates with the mind, body and spirit, bestowing a complete sense of harmony. Experience the journey through massage and the detoxifying aromas of bergamot, nutmeg, cedar wood, and black pepper.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650; 90 minutes/CNY 850
Sleep Deeply Aromatherapy Massage
This head-to-toe massage uses carefully-applied pressures to induce a serious state of relaxation, leaving you prepared for a sound night’s sleep.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 700; 90 minutes/CNY 900
Hot Stone Treatment
Combined with your choice of essential oils, this unique stone therapy has been ergonomically crafted to promote a deep sense of relaxation. Stress is relieved, blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated, and cell metabolism is increased.
  • 100 minutes/CNY 1080
Your Feet
A Chinese foot massage cleanses body toxins and revitalizes the immune system.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 350; 45 minutes/CNY 450
Chinese Massage
This millennia-old non-oil massage can deliver and preserve good health. Nerve centers and circulation are manipulated and stimulated with pulsating acupressure across the body’s meridian lines.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 600; 90 minutes/CNY 750
Hot Herbal Poultice with Aromatherapy Massage
An herbal poultice contains a host of herbs to open pores and to bring a deep medicinal heat that alleviates muscular aches and pains. Tension is released, circulation is stimulated, the lymphatic system is drained, and the mind is revitalized.
  • 100 minutes/CNY 1280
Butterfly Massage
Rigorous body work combines Thai, deep-tissue, and sport-massage techniques. Feel an increase in energy level and flexibility as muscles are compressed, kneaded, and stretched.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 700; 90 minutes/CNY 900
Heavenly Massage
A heated compress invites back muscles to relax and ease before a Swedish massage leaves you feeling physically rested and mentally uplifted.
  • 70 minutes/CNY 850; 100 minutes/CNY 980
Aspire Massage
Natural plant aromatherapy oils and diverse massage techniques are customized based on how you want to feel.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 400; 60 minutes/CNY 700
Exclusive to Westin, this combination of deeply relaxing Swedish massage with radiating heat from smooth semi-precious stones is ideal for relieving tight muscles.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 700; 90 minutes/CNY 900
The passion and poetry of the desert inspire a renewing and warming massage while restoring vitality and peace of mind. Invigorating aromas of ginger, cinnamon, geranium and cumin complete the transporting experience.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650; 90 minutes/CNY 850
Renewal Ritual
This aromatic and therapeutic massage of the scalp and shoulders includes a moisturizing hair oil treatment.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 400
The warmth of the Mediterranean is enhanced by the essence of the ocean as the artisan’s hands dance like the waves over your skin. Aromas of basil, orange, lemon, and oregano add to the sensory delights of this uplifting massage.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650; 90 minutes/CNY 850
Rain Massage
Smooth rainsticks—hollow tubes of wood that sound like rain when turned upside down—fit the contours of the body and create a soothing sensation. Your therapist uses them with a special rain oil to create a gentle, therapeutic massage.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 700; 90 minutes/CNY 900
Inspired by Tui na, an ancient form of Chinese art-of-touch, this relaxing treatment rebalances your energy flow and regulates organ functions. Breathe in the re-balancing aromas of ylang ylang mimosa, jasmine and vanilla.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650; 90 minutes/CNY 850

Room Amenities & Services

Choose from one of our ioma bath rituals and escape to your personal destination. Each ritual has mystical scents to help you soak and renew.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 350

Skin Care Services

Enjoy a purifying, rebalancing facial that deep cleanses, unclogs pores and eliminates impurities. You'll emerge with a clear, bright complexion with pores visibly reduced. We'll also create a personalized home care program to maintain the glow.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650
Dare to Dry
Hydramemory is an exceptional deep-hydrating treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. It renews moisture and silkiness as it leaves skin looking and feeling more luminous, toned and refreshed—results especially welcome in winter.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650
Eye Zone
Specialized massage techniques improve microcirculation and drainage to reduce puffiness, while natural plant extracts and oils leave eyes fresh, bright, and youthful.
  • 30 minutes/CNY 400
Sensitive Souls
This calming facial effectively relieves redness and restores skin's balance as it protects and soothes delicate skin aggravated by environmental pollution and sun exposure.
  • 60 minutes/CNY 650
Moisture Facial
Combining the purest essential oils, plant extracts, and a cool marine algae mask, this facial is the ultimate relaxation. It softens expression lines and relieves tension for all skin types.
  • 70 minutes/CNY 800
Brightening Treatment Facial
Complexion is made more luminous, with a perfect matte finish. Pigmentation marks fade away, and skin is left more supple and plump. Suitable for dull skin.
  • 90 minutes/CNY 1200
Healthy Men
This intensive treatment incorporates steaming, extraction, and hot towel compresses, in addition to a facial massage and a freshwater mud mask, leaving skin extra clean and fresh. Treatment products will be selected according to your skin type.
  • 70 minutes/CNY 800
Revive Facial
In this soothing, extraction-free facial, aromatherapy oils are customized based on how you want to feel after the treatment.
  • 70 minutes/CNY 800
This intensive treatment for aging skin includes a unique dual layering of intensive masks, plus a specific lifting, plumping, and firming massage. Suitable for mature and dry skin, it instantly delivers visible results.
  • 90 minutes/CNY 1200

Spa Packages

Pamper Me: Option B
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, your choice of a 30-minute Bathologist destination, your choice of a 30-minute body scrub, a mini-facial, an Eye Zone treatment, and a scalp massage.
  • 130 minutes/CNY 1650
Westin Wonder: Pampering
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, a 30-minute White Tea Scrub, a 30-minute Bathologist session, and a 60-minute Butterfly Massage.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1200
Westin Wonder
Surrender to an invigorating buffing to rejuvenate skin and increase blood circulation, then soak in a hydrating bath before enjoying a restorative massage. You'll emerge from this wonderful treatment with a feeling of balance and contentment.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1100
Westin Revival
Designed to help travelers rejuvenate after a long flight, this series of treatments begins with a soothing aromatherapy bath followed by a qi full-body massage. Finally, an express facial instantly refreshes a tired complexion.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1200
Pamper Me: Option A
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, your choice of a 30-minute body scrub, your choice of a 60-minute body massage, and a 45-minute mini-facial with Paraffin Wax on Hands.
  • 135 minutes/CNY 1450
Westin Renewal Wrap
This detoxifying, water-reducing and anti-aging treatment cradles you in the cocoon of a heated wrap as you drift off with a gentle scalp massage. Finally, a light massage leaves you feeling light and renewed.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1200
Instinctive Jade
Jade stones and traditional Chinese massage techniques rejuvenate the mind, body and mood in this enticing facial and massage treatment. Natural healing properties of the stones aid in removal of toxins from the system and loosen tight muscles.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1100
Wedding Bliss
Your journey begins in our secluded renewal suite with a bath ritual in the infinity tub. Then, select Indian, Oriental, Mediterranean or Arabian scents for a 99-minute massage. Finally, a customized facial leaves you glowing.
  • 4 hours/CNY 4500
Pamper Me: Option C
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, a 30-minute foot massage, a 15-minute Hot Herbal Poultice on your back, your choice of a 90-minute-body massage, and a 40-minute mini-facial.
  • 175 minutes/CNY 1700
Inner Glow: Flawless
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, a 60-minute Sleep Deeply Aromatherapy Massage, a 60-minute Rose Hydrator, and a 60-minutes facial customized to your skin type.
  • 180 minutes/CNY 1950
Stress Buster: Loosen Up
This package includes a Foot Soak with Chinese Foot Pounding, a 30-minute Destress Body Scrub, and a 90-minute Butterfly Massage.
  • 120 minutes/CNY 1100