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Perfect for bridal parties, couples celebrating a romantic getaway, or simply those guests looking for a calming release, The Spa Book Cadillac offers a full menu of soothing treatments to restore balance and well being. Step into a serene spa atmosphere where the soft glow of candles, contemporary art, and calming music help set the mood. Choose a facial, hot stone massage, or nail treatment and let one of our therapists treat you to a supremely relaxing experience. Those guests who prefer the privacy of their room can schedule an in-room treatment. Enhance your spa day by ordering something from the 24 Grille menu or champagne bar while you surrender to our healing touch.

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Das 09h00 às 19h00
Das 10h00 às 17h00

Serene, Modern, Sophisticated
Instalações especiais:
Steam showers
Restaurante de spa:
Full menu (food and drink) available from 24 Grille
Highly Recommended
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(1)(313) 638-2754