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Heavenly Spa Treatment Room

Step into our spa and begin your rejuvenation. At Heavenly Spa by Westin™, we offer you a dedicated space in which to renew your strength and sense of well-being. Select from the finest botanical treatments available for the face and body. Our six treatment rooms provide total privacy in which to enjoy our personalised massages and other services for couples or individuals.

Our menu features a large selection of massage therapies, facials, and body wraps as well as signature packages designed for couples. The experience begins with our special pre-treatment ritual. For nourishment pre or post-treatment, we offer healthy spa cuisine served in elegant bento boxes as well as renewing elixirs made with the best natural ingredients. Take time to further relax after your spa treatment with an herbal tea served in our relaxation lounge. Come in and let us care for you—mind, body, and spirit.

Our treatment suite “ESCAPE” offers more space for your own personal retreat, or for you and a friend to share a treasured moment. Follow this spectacular experience with our spa cuisine to elevate your every sense. Achieve serenity via steam, shower, relaxation area, music and refreshments, all in your own treatment alcove.

We encourage scheduling of appointments 24 hours in advance to ensure your preferred treatment or therapist is available. Bookings made on the day of service and walk-in appointments are always welcome, based upon availability. For the optimal Heavenly Spa by Westin™ experience, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, allowing yourself ample opportunity to don an oversized robe and slippers and enjoy our luxurious facilities such as steam and sauna.

If you must cancel or reschedule, please provide a minimum of four hours' notice. As a courtesy to other guests, appointments will be automatically cancelled ten minutes after scheduled time and charged in full. Because reservations are guaranteed for you, full payment is required with less than than a four-hour notification of cancellation or rescheduling; or for a no-show, missed appointment, or late arrival. Please bear in mind that late arrival for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other guests.

Cellular phones are prohibited within the spa premises. Please respect yourself and others by turning off communication devices prior to entering the spa, locker rooms, fitness area and treatment alcoves.

Our spa hosts are trained in the correct usage of all our facilities and equipments. Kindly inquire with them in case of any particular support you might require. Usage of spa services is restricted to individuals who agree to abide by the rules and regulations in place. All guests must agree to sign the waiver form provided by the spa host.

  • Hours of operation:
24 hours
Calm, soothing and peaceful
Westin Heavenly Spa,Pevonia,Aromatherapy Associates, Oligoderma and Phyotomer
Special Facilities:
relaxation lounge, six treatment rooms and one couple's suite
Spa Dining:
Healthy Spa Cuisine
Call The Spa:
(91)(20) 6721 0000
1200.0-15000.0 INR

Body Treatments

Chocolate Scrub and Body Wrap
A necessary experience for all chocolate lovers—featuring 100% chocolate indulgence and zero calories. The skin is exfoliated to remove impurities before we smooth on a creamy chocolate mask.
  • 90 minutes/Rs. 5500
Silky Scrub
Reclaim silky skin that is as smooth as satin with this treatment. Exfoliate the dead cells from your body while deeply moisturising the healthy dermis.
  • 30 minutes/Rs. 2750

Massage Services

Restorative Massage
Designed specifically for the physically active. Whether you’re heading for the fairway or working through your personal fitness program, this deep tissue massage is designed to address your tight muscles before or after the day’s activity.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3500; 90 minutes/Rs. 4500
Heavenly Massage
A warming heat pack is applied to the back to relax the muscles, followed by the introduction of a powerful aromatherapy remedy to release any remaining tension. Ideal for improving circulation and boosting one’s energy levels.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3700; 90 minutes/Rs. 4700
Jetlag Reliever
Travel, a stressor, can leave the body out of sync with what we know as jet lag. Rest your body after a long and tiring journey. The treatment comprises a firm, full-body massage which relaxes tensed and knotted muscles while improving circulation.
  • 90 minutes/Rs. 4500
WestinWORKOUT® Massage
This deep, therapeutic massage incorporates stretching and range of motion to aid in warm up or recovery pre or post-activity. Will also help to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury during activity.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3500; 90 minutes/Rs. 4500
Invigorating Massage
A variety of pressure point massage techniques work in synergy with the invigorating properties of green tea and grapefruit essential oils, which stimulate the draining of toxins and inner cleansing based on Balinese techniques.
  • 60 minutes/ Rs. 3500; 90 minutes/Rs. 4500
Thai Massage
The most revered massage style with incredible health benefits, this treatment is done without oil on a mat on the floor. An expert therapist uses time-honored techniques, including moving of body parts in accordance with your physical abilities.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3500; 90 minutes/Rs. 4500
Back Massage
An express massage that concentrates on the areas where we store the most stress, such as the neck and upper back. A sure way to slip into relaxation quickly, this massage works to dissolve knots formed in the shoulders and back.
  • 30 minutes/Rs. 2000; 45 minutes/Rs. 2500
Relaxing Massage
Based on classic Swedish techniques, this light pressure, full-body relaxation experience utilises long, flowing strokes to soothe muscles, increase circulation, and create a harmonious balance within the body.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3200; 90 minutes/Rs. 4400
Heated pure crystalline spheres, selected for their energy enhancing qualities, are rolled over the body, melting away tension and relaxing tight muscles while restoring balance to your energy source.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 4000; 90 minutes/Rs. 5500
Hot Stone Massage
This specialty massage uses smooth, heated basalt stones to melt away stiffness, tension and stress. The heat of the stones helps muscles release tightness more easily than in traditional massage, for deeply soothing and relaxing results.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 4500; 90 minutes/Rs. 5900

Skin Care Services

Renewal Facial
Caviar is a key ingredient in this luxurious mask for deep moisturising, providing essential anti-oxidants and vitamins to counter signs of ageing.
  • 90 minutes/Rs. 5000
Illumination Facial
This treatment blends pure Vitamin C with seaweed's enriching properties to give you a firm and extremely smooth complexion.
Hydration Facial
A profoundly moisturising facial to transform dull, dehydrated and sluggish skin to life and vitality. Rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamins which act as anti-oxidants, this facial will leave the skin looking soft, supple and deeply hydrated.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3400
Purifying Facial
Employs natural cleansing extracts like propolis and marine to leave you fresh and radiant.
  • 60 minutes/Rs. 3400

Spa Packages

Male Indulgence
First, our therapist melts away long-held tensions with a 45-minute WestinWORKOUT® Massage, which breaks down knotted tissue and improves circulation. This is followed by a Gentleman's Facial, which firms and lifts the skin to reduce signs of ageing.
  • 140 minutes/Rs. 6500
Pamper your skin, body and scalp with uplifting treatments that restore a sense of wellbeing, including a 30 minute fresh fruit scrub, a 60 minute relaxation massage and a 30 minute express facial.
  • 150 minutes/Rs. 8000