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Thai Room

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Mini Spa

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Yakui Cabin

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VIP Cabin

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Heavenly Spa by Westin

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Heavenly Spa by Westin - swimming pool

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Heavenly Spa - Salon

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Relaxing Room - Sanctuary Room

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Thermal Circuit

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Heavenly Spa - Vip Cabin

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Heavenly Spa - Thai Room

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Heavenly Spa - Mini Spa

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Heavenly Spa - Mini Spa

Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Heavenly Spa by Westin™. With a soft palette of white and green accented by natural woods, our spa is designed for revitalizing comfort. The 3000-square-meter spa offers 17 treatment cabins, four hydromassage rooms, and a full-service salon.

Our extensive menu of Peruvian-inspired treatments incorporates natural, local ingredients. Choose from holistic massage, rollerssage, body wraps, exfoliating treatments, and Vichy showers. A whirlpool, hydrotherapy, and sauna are also available. Each of our facials includes a soothing massage for hands and arms; 80-minute treatments include your choice of a foot or scalp massage.

Before your treatment begins, enjoy a cup of fragrant tea and unwind in our quiet lounge. Post-treatment you are invited to linger in this healing atmosphere and enjoy delectably healthy options from our spa menu. Guests are also invited to visit the spa's Shiatsu Corner for a 25-minute lesson on this relaxing, rejuvenating form of massage (for a fee).

We recommend scheduling your appointments in advance and arriving 30 minutes before your treatment to allow time to change and relax. You may request a female or male therapist but we cannot guarantee a particular therapist. All spa reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card and a telephone or room number, guest must specify any medical condition or special need. Gift certificates are available at the Spa reception desk or though one of our reservation agents.

  • Hours of operation:
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Monday - Saturday:
9:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Beauty Salon: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Spacious, Serene
Germaine de Capuccini
Special Facilities:
Hydromassage rooms, salon, whirlpool, and sauna
Call The Spa:
(51)(1) 2015020

Bath Treatment

Vanilla Bath
A bath infused with pleasing and healthful vanilla invites you to experience maximum relaxation. (30 minutes)

Body Treatments

Grape Deluxe
Surrender to a full body exfoliation and wrap that takes advantage of the antioxidant properties of grape skins and seeds in Germaine de Capuccini products. Your skin will emerge toned and elastic, with a fresh luminosity. (50 minutes)
Gold Star Wrap
This hydrating body wrap begins with a gentle pearl-essence exfoliation and proceeds with a sheath of naturally golden algae which helps improve skin elasticity and firmness. Anti-aging properties in the algae result in a youthful glow. (50 minutes)
En Gamba
Bask in the regenerative trace elements and minerals of sea water. This body wrap uses natural products from Germaine de Capuccini to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins and fluids in the lower limbs. (50 minutes)
Soothing Breeze
Soothing aloe vera helps regenerate dry skin and alleviate extreme sunburn in this pampering body treatment. Over-exposed skin will instantly feel relief and you'll emerge with a cool sense of well-being. (50 minutes)
Cusco Mud
Soak in the multiple benefits of rich, self-heating Cusco Mud in a rejuvenating body wrap. This natural mud produces a deep feeling of relaxation and wellness and leaves skin smooth, free of toxins, and wonderfully hydrated.
This exfoliating full body wrap naturally hydrates, smoothes, and firms skin with the use of pearl extracts. Enjoy the luminous results. (50 minutes)
Mochaccino Extravaganza
A delightful blend of ground coffee beans and chocolate works in harmony to create a soothing, slimming effect that firms the skin and increases its natural elasticity in this exfoliation and body wrap. (50 minutes)
Vichy Orange
Try our innovative exfoliating treatment—a Vichy shower with an invigorating full-body massage. It will leave your skin beautifully hydrated, silky, and smooth. (60 minutes)
Soak in a bath of sea crystals to hydrate and nourish the skin. The treatment ends with a relaxing mineral-based massage. (30 minutes)

In-Room Treatments

In-Room Spa
Imagine a renewing spa experience in the most convenient of locations, your own guest room. Our signature in-room treatments are custom-designed to nurture your body and soul.

Massage Services

Acupressure Massage
This extraordinary massage stimulates the energy points of the face, head, and shoulders. It is said to be one of the secrets to longevity and the natural glow of Eastern youth. (25 minutes)
Heavenly Massage
A heated compress invites back muscles to relax before your choice of distinct essential oil blends are massaged into the body. Relaxation comes from the harmonious balance of scent and touch. (50/80 minutes)
Swedish Massage
Relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation with this Swedish massage. Our therapists adapt their techniques so you get the massage that's right for you. (50/80 minutes)
Firming Collagen
Your therapist will apply firming collagen during this unique massage designed to add firmness and elasticity to your skin while helping to eliminate toxins. (50/80 minutes)
Sport Massage
A deep tissue massage focused on releasing deep muscle layers, this treatment is the perfect follow-up to strenuous physical activity. (50/80 minutes)
Pure, perfectly round crystals are heated and rolled over the body for a deeply penetrating massage that is utterly calming and completely absorbing. (50/80 minutes)
Four Hands
Two therapists will provide a harmonious synchronized massage. It begins with the light touch of ostrich feathers to awaken your skin and continues with a long, refreshing Swedish massage. (90 minutes)
Couple's Massage
Heaven for two, this romantic couple's massage is delivered in our exclusive VIP treatment area where you can enjoy some alone time in the private Jacuzzi and sauna. (50/80 minutes)
Using pressure on specific areas of the feet, therapists re-establish the body's energy flow to relieve stress and recover the balance of the body. Add a 25-minute reflexology session to any treatment, or schedule a longer 50-minute session.
  • 25/50 minutes
Shiatsu Massage
This massage promotes overall health through the application of pressure with the fingers and palms to different parts of the body. (90 minutes)
This massage concentrates on relieving tension deep in the heart of every muscle. The end result is intense relaxation from head to toe. (50/80 minutes)
Mommy to Be
This complete body massage increases circulation and alleviates tired muscles. A wonderful experience that gives mommy a chance to truly relax. (50 minutes)
Rain Massage
This unique massage treatment uses custom-made, heated redwood rain sticks in conjunction with the healing touch of the therapists’ hands. A new method called “rowing” helps strip away tension from weary and over-worked muscles. (50/80 minutes)
This massage combines the power of pure essential oils with specialized massage techniques extracted from Eastern and Western traditions and designed to balance body, mind, and spirit. Select your favorite scent and let the treatment begin.
  • 50/80 minutes
Angel Caress
Enjoy this ritual of feathers. Two soft feathers will travel your body awakening your senses in preparation for an invigorating massage with scents of your choice. (50/80 minutes)
Holistic Obsidiana Massage
Enjoy a carefully choregraphed blend of massage techniques using heated obsidian stones. The exchange of energy between the body, the stones, and the therapist leads to a deep state of relaxation, comfort, and serenity. (80 minutes)
Thai Massage
Preventive and therapeutic, this massage is based on ayurvedic medicine and yoga. It's a deep tissue massage based on pressure and anti-stress techniques to help restore your vital energy. (90 minutes)

Skin Care Services

Enjoy this fast and effective facial. It's especially welcome when you want a refresher but don't have the time for a complete treatment. (30 minutes)
The serums used in this facial help nourish and regenerate the skin, contributing moisture, vitality, and smoothness. It's especially beneficial for skin affected by stress, the sun's UV rays, and smog. (50/80 minutes)
The combination of micro-spheres and micro-crystals used in this facial works wonders to soothe skin's texture, and slow the signs of aging. (80 minutes)
This facial is ideal for restoring moisture and elasticity to your skin after the summer season. Exclusive Germaine de Capuccini products infused with olive oil and vitamins A and C enhance the facial massage and mask. (50/80 minutes)
Enjoy this exclusive cocktail for the perfect care of male skin. We use exclusive Germaine de Capuccini products to help combat unsightly under-eye puffiness and dark circles and limit the appearance of wrinkles. (50/80 minutes)
We apply a unique combination of natural extracts by Germaine de Capuccini in this thorough, gentle facial designed to calm and enhance skin's natural glow. (50/80 minutes)
This deep-cleansing, exfoliating facial helps balance skin and remove impurities with a smooth massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage. A freshening mask tops it off and leaves your skin feeling like new. (50/80 minutes)
Created to treat acne, this purifying facial employs Germaine de Capuccini "Pure T-Skin" products and techniques to cleanse and calm skin as it leaves your complexion looking radiant and feeling refreshed. (80 minutes)
Return the perfection to your face with this process that slows signs of aging and visibly reduces the appearance of spots. (80 minutes)
Preventive Oxygenating
This therapeutic facial restores freshness and luminosity to skin affected by age, stress, and environmental assaults. As it hydrates your complexion it gently smooths and soothes lines and wrinkles. (50/80 minutes)
Nourishing serum from our line of Germaine de Capuccini skincare products rejuvenates your complexion and reduces lines. This splendid facial treatment will leave you feeling totally relaxed and glowing. (50/80 minutes)
The Midas' Touch
We've harnessed the power of the sun in golden algae that acts as preventive anti-aging treatment in this stimulating facial. The algae's high nutritional value promotes firm, smooth skin as it leaves you feeling rejuvenated. (50/80 minutes)

Spa Packages

Silk Glamour
Enjoy a full body wrap immersed in soothing extracts that offer deep hydration and leave your skin looking and feeling wonderfully silky. A relaxing massage concludes the treatment. (50 minutes)