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The Westin Ningbo - Heavenly Spa - Treatment Room

Heavenly Spa - Treatment Room

The Westin Ningbo
Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Located on the sixth floor with views of the city, our Heavenly Spa by Westin™ brings a blend of Western and traditional Chinese techniques. Our methods elevate every treatment to a sensory ritual that helps expel fatigue and stress while nurturing balance and calm.

A peaceful sanctuary, our spa welcomes you with uplifting green and white décor accented by live plants, natural stone and wood, and indoor ponds. Spa facilities include seven single treatment rooms, one couples' room, and one Vichy shower. Linger in our whirlpool, steam room, or sauna—all perfect for relaxing and warming the muscles prior to your treatment. During your treatment, feel tension melt away as your therapist employs expert techniques tailored to your body's needs.

Enjoy signature teas before your treatment and relax post-treatment in the sanctuary lounge with a tea infusion and nourishing cuisine from our in-room dining menu. We encourage guests to schedule appointments at least five to seven days in advance, however walk-ins and same-day reservations are always welcome, based upon availability.

Heavenly Spa by Westin™

Ambiente: Intimate, serene
Prodotti: Comfort Zone
Strutture speciali: Couples' room, Vichy shower, steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools
Orari spa: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Chiamate la spa: (86)(574) 8911 3338

Bath Treatment

  • Aquatic Synergy
    Choose from essential oil blends—Oriental, Mediterranean, or Indian—for a pleasurable aromatherapy bath experience. Sensuous scents evoke the refined and exotic, creating a relaxing, revitalizing, and rebalancing escape for both body and mind.
    • Tariffe: 30 minutes/380 CNY

Body Treatments

  • Biodroga Milk-Honey Firming Body Wrap
    This full-body wrap was created specifically for stressed, dry, and calloused areas. The naturally hydrating elements of milk and honey instantly improve elasticity, smooth rough spots, and firm the entire body.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/800 CNY
  • Monticelli Thermal Mud Reducing Wrap
    This purifying full-body wrap owes its power to the synergy of sodium-bromide waters and potent essential oils in Monticelli spa mud. The high concentration of active ingredients in the mud has a profound detoxifying and water-reducing effect.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/800 CNY
  • Vichy Luscious
    This treatment consists of a thorough, detoxifying full-body exfoliation with natural sea minerals, followed by an exhilarating Vichy shower. Your skin will feel perfectly smooth and fully cleansed.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/580 CNY
  • Tropical Fruit Scrub
    This scrub offers a deep, full-body exfoliation drawing on natural ingredients. Gel consisting of an alphahydroxy acid base and jojoba spheres recaptures the skin's luminosity, hydration, and softness.
    • Tariffe: 30 minutes/300 CNY

Hands & Feet

  • Lushly Ritual: Hands and Feet
    Inspired by ancient Polynesian methods, this hand or foot ritual promotes hydration with a gentle exfoliation and wrap. A fruity scrub smoothes, while active ingredients in Monticelli spa mud detoxify and allow skin to retain and absorb moisture.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/480 CNY

Massage Services

  • Heavenly Qi Massage
    This holistic combination incorporates ancient ba guan therapy with modern twists and traditional Chinese massage techniques, to increase mobility while stimulating the internal organs and lymphatic flow.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/700 CNY; 90 minutes/880 CNY
  • Chinese Massage
    As your therapist manipulates and stimulates nerve centers and circulation with pulsating acupressure across the body's meridian lines, this ancient, time-tested massage delivers relief from sore muscles while helping to heal and revitalize.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY; 90 minutes/750 CNY
  • Flash Back
    Relax into a calming neck, shoulder, and back massage. This treatment is an excellent antidote to back pain and repetitive stress syndrome and is also a great relief after a long flight.
    • Tariffe: 30 minutes/400 CNY
  • Oriental Massage
    Inspired by Tui na, the ancient Chinese "art of touch", this relaxing massage rebalances energy flow and regulates organ functions. Oils of ylang ylang and jasmine, among others, bring calming inspiration.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY; 90 minutes/750 CNY
  • Butterfly Massage
    Your therapist blends Thai, deep tissue, and sports massage techniques to help increase energy levels and flexibility in this rigorous treatment. Perfect for soothing aching muscles and joints, it will leave you feeling invigorated.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/700 CNY; 90 minutes/880 CNY
  • Hot Stone Massage
    The use of heated basalt stones in this massage creates a sensual rebalancing effect. Ideal for relieving muscle aches and pains, you will leave with a profound sense of relaxation.
    • Tariffe: 120 minutes/1,080 CNY
  • Indian Massage
    Care for your mind and body in equal measures while enjoying the detoxifying aromas of bergamot, nutmeg, cedar wood, and black pepper. The essential oils used in the massage draw out stress and tension, returning the body to its natural balance.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY; 90 minutes/750 CNY
  • Thai Massage
    Utilizing ancient practices, including the traditional Thai technique of manipulating the body without oil, a therapist takes the limbs through mild, yoga-like swaying actions that move "lom", or air, through the system and bring renewed energy.
    • Tariffe: 90 minutes/800 CNY
  • Rollerssage
    Exclusive to Westin, this combination of a deeply relaxing Swedish massage blended with radiating heat from smooth semi-precious stones is ideal for relieving tight muscles.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/700 CNY; 90 minutes/880 CNY
  • Off The Head
    Based on revered techniques from India, this unique head, neck, and shoulder massage combines a series of stimulating movements designed to result in a thoroughly relaxed, clarifying state.
    • Tariffe: 30 minutes/350 CNY
  • Rain Massage
    Smooth rain sticks—hollow tubes of wood that emit rain-like sounds when turned upside down—fit along the contours of the body and create a soothing sensation. Your therapist uses them with a special rain oil to create a gentle, therapeutic massage.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/700 CNY; 90 minutes/880 CNY

Skin Care Services

  • Dare to Dry
    Hydramemory is a deep-hydrating treatment for the face, neck, and décolleté drawing on the natural moisture-retaining capabilities of trehalose. It renews silkiness, leaving skin luminous, toned, and refreshed—especially welcome results in winter.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY
  • Never Too Late
    Relax and enjoy as our renewing facial brings immediate visible results, softening expression lines with potent, nutrient-rich anti-aging products and European lifting techniques. Depart with younger-looking, smooth, radiant skin.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY
  • Biodroga High Perfection Facial
    A warm paraffin mask with conditioning Jojoba oil promotes improved cell activity while visibly smoothing skin and enhancing elasticity. The treatment regulates and stabilizes while bringing nourishment to the skin.
    • Tariffe: 100 minutes/1,180 CNY
  • Biodroga Pure Collagen Lifting Facial
    Able to restore natural balance even to sensitive skin, highly effective collagen is used in this facial to instantly and intensely moisturize, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin. Irritations and inflammations are soothed as firming takes place.
    • Tariffe: 100 minutes/2,180 CNY
  • Biodroga Caviar Crystal Soothing Facial
    This intensive facial uses a gentle combination of herbs and luxurious caviar to nourish and hydrate, fighting signs of aging. Minute crystals enhance absorption to calm the skin and moisturize. Emerge with a refined, even, and fresh complexion.
    • Tariffe: 100 minutes/1,180 CNY
  • Oil Free
    Enjoy a purifying, rebalancing facial that cleanses, unclogs pores, and eliminates impurities. You'll emerge with a clear, bright complexion with pores visibly reduced. We'll also create a personalized home care program to maintain the glow.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY

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  • Sensitive Souls
    This calming facial relieves redness or rosacea and restores skin's balance with a special antioxidant formula containing white tea extract. Delicate skin will be soothed and protected from environmental pollution and sun exposure.
    • Tariffe: 60 minutes/600 CNY

Spa Packages

  • Far from the Madding Crowd
    Centered on the naturally soothing and healing power of scent, this package offers the decadent duo of a full body exfoliation and Oriental Massage for sublime care of the body, mind, and soul. A revitalizing choice for both men and women.
    • Tariffe: 180 minutes/1,680 CNY

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  • Marine Magic
    This package lifts you on waves of bliss and enrichment with our Aquatic Synergy bath ritual, a Monticelli Thermal Mud Reducing Wrap, and your choice of massage, encouraging a profound sense of well-being.
    • Tariffe: 180 minutes/1,580 CNY

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  • Westin Wonder
    This renewing package begins with an aromatic Aquatic Synergy bath with a choice of serene scents. Experience a Tropical Fruit Scrub with alphahydroxy gel for luminous, soft skin, and drift away with a sublime 60-minute Oriental or Indian Massage.
    • Tariffe: 120 minutes/1,100 CNY

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  • Instinctive Hot Stone
    Hot stones and the refreshment of deep hydration enhance mind and body in this enticing massage and facial duo. The stones' healing properties remove toxins and soothe muscles, while our Dare to Dry facial uses trehalose to return silkiness to skin.
    • Tariffe: 120 minutes/1,100 CNY

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  • Executive Escape
    Ideal for the hard-working executive, this package begins with a customized facial and continues with a full body Tropical Fruit Scrub for soft, hydrated skin. A Hot Stone Massage melts stress and soothes muscle aches for complete relaxation.
    • Tariffe: 150 minutes/1,180 CNY