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Zest's Terrace

Let the week’s activities go at our Friday UNWIND event. Held at Zest Bar & Terrace, this restorative ritual engages the senses with live music and epicurean indulgences. Fees apply.

A solo pianist starts off the night, followed by a three-piece band with vocalist, which plays a variety of musical styles, including jazz, classic hits, and current favorites.

Along with abundant beverages, including wine and cocktails, the chef offers an assortment of appetizers. Both savory and sweet, these gourmet flavors include everything from seared sesame tuna on soya soba and prawn skewer with pesto verde sauce to kiwi panna cotta with vanilla and Belgian chocolate lava cake.

  • Horário de funcionamento:
Fridays - Sunday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Das 19h00 às 21h00
  • Das 19h00 às 21h00
  • Das 19h00 às 21h00
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