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Getting on the road to fitness starts with knowing your current condition. Our fitness assessment services use advanced tools and techniques to analyze where you are now and set goals and programs to take you to the next level.

Body Composition Testing
Our health and fitness specialists will assess your body’s ratio of lean muscle to fat and provide recommendations for improving your results. Please wear loose-fitting clothing and refrain from exercise or caffeine prior to your appointment. (30 minutes/$80+)

A more advanced method of testing body composition uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), in which an imperceptible (and painless) electrical current is passed through your body to determine its muscle-to-fat ratio on a cellular level. (25 minutes/$95-120)

Fitness Assessment
Get a more complete picture of your current status with body composition testing plus analysis of your flexibility and strength. We’ll then develop a personalized training program for you, delivered in a take-home manual that includes all your details and easy-to-follow exercises. (90 minutes/$155+)

Nutritional Assessment
Achieve optimal wellness by adding good nutrition to your fitness program. We’ll help you develop a healthy eating regimen that fits your lifestyle. (50 minutes/$110-120)