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Spa no quarto

Available in select rooms, our in-room spa services are designed to stimulate the senses and soothe tense points within your deepest tissues. Melt tired muscles all over your body with authentic Swedish techniques or request that our experienced therapists focus solely on easing back stress.

A relaxing spa atmosphere is created before your massage starts with our spa basket holding a flower, healthful treat, bottle of water, and a letter with recommendations on how to make the most of your in-room spa experience.

The basket also contains a spa music CD to be played before and during your treatment as well as a selection of plant based aromatherapy oils and room sprays allowing you to choose your own scent for the treatment.

Be sure to experience a signature in-room spa treatment during your next stay. Contact our concierge for more information. Reservations should be made at least three hours in advance, and, while charges will be billed to your room, it is customary to leave our therapists a cash tip at the completion of your massage.

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