Our experienced culinary team will skillfully design a personalized menu that uses local flavors and seasonal produce to keep your guests energized.

Start your morning on a wholesome note with one of our SuperFoodsRx™ items, such as a Brain Booster or homemade SuperFoodRx™ granola bar. Keep attention levels high with revitalizing lunch options like crab salad with butter lettuce and fig and chili mayo on a sesame kaiser roll. Or, delight your attendees and their taste buds with a dinner of Nama-shoyu and ginger glazed spring salmon, organic red quinoa, and naturally grown vegetables with a ponzu vinaigrette.

We are happy to create a customized menu that fits seamlessly into your meeting plan. Each meal is prepared in our dedicated conference kitchen, with our catering manager serving as your point person before, during, and after your event.