Our versatile and dynamic catering service offers a full range of menu possibilities comprising innovative and delicious Mexican, western, and Asian-fusion fare. All meals offer the choice of a buffet table or plated format.

Breakfast can include hearty and comforting items, like scrambled egg plates served with refried beans as well as a range of antioxidant and vitamin-packed SuperFoodsRx™ to nourish and revitalize.

Lunch and dinner courses feature enticing starters such as Thai ceviche, sumptuous signature dishes like Moroccan chicken or Mole de Novia (white mole made with almonds and walnuts), plus more light and energizing SuperFoodsRx™ options.

We also offer Reception menus with elegant canapé selections, from serrano ham roles to duck millefeuille. Various Bar packages comprise a range of popular and top-shelf tequilas, rums, beer, wine, and more to suit your preferences and budget.