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Großer Ballsaal – Foyer

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Hochzeit im Freien

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Großer Ballsaal mit Klassenzimmerkonfiguration

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Raum Gu Lang Yu – Theaterbestuhlung

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VIP Raum

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Großer Ballsaal – Aufbau für eine Hochzeitsfeier

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Großer Ballsaal – Hochzeitsaufbau im Detail

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Großer Ballsaal mit parlamentarischer Bestuhlung

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Clutter Free Meetings

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Sitzungssaal Summit

Towering above the central business district, The Westin Xiamen offers more than 1,500 square meters within 13 meeting venues for events of all shapes and sizes. Our contemporary spaces can be transformed to fit your needs—whether you’re hosting a social gala or a board meeting.

Whatever you need to make sure your event is a success, our dedicated team of professionals will make sure you have it. Keep minds sharp and attention focused with a menu of energizing and tasty dishes. Our banquet services team will oversee every detail, ensuring you and your guests are kept refreshed throughout your event.

Find a special offer that will transform your meeting or event.

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