The Westin Crystal City Announcements & Policies

Hotel Policies

3:00 PM     12:00 PM

Weekends last longer at Westin with late checkout on Sunday. Availability may vary.

ADA Policy

The hotel is ADA compliant.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverage service is restricted to those 21 years or older (with valid identification).

Check Policy

If using a check for payment, the check must be received by the hotel 14 days prior to arrival.

Check cashing services are available to guests who present a valid, major credit card (photo identification). There is a limit of 50 USD per day.

Early Departure Policy

An early departure fee of 100 USD applies to guests checking out prior to their departure date confirmed at check-in.

Pet Policy

Only dogs that weigh 40 pounds or less are permitted. No other pets are allowed. Pets are only allowed on the 3rd floor in designated guestrooms.

Guests are required to inform the front desk of a dog in the room and guests must sign a waiver at check-in. Dogs must be accompanied by the owner or a designated individual at all times. Dogs may not be left unattended in the guestroom.

Credit/Debit Card Policy

Debit and Credit cards will be authorized at check-in for the amount of your stay, plus an amount to cover incidentals. The authorization will hold the funds until check out, at which time the amount actually incurred during the stay will be charged. Authorized amounts may take up to 30 days after departure to be released by your bank or financial institution and the hotel will not be responsible for any resulting fees or charges.

Smoking Policy

The hotel is 100% non-smoking.