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Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 271 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great resort but beware of sales safe for time share. This island sells itself. It's beautiful!!! We been coming to St. John since 1993. We own 2 time shares with the Westin. We had an issue with an explorer package and I've been in touch with the 800 # to resolve. The issue was we couldn't change the dates for the week we chose. We had to guess our kids spring break last year for 2015. At the time the sales person, Rob, told us it could be adjusted. When we arrived to the Westin this time, we were ask if we wanted to make an appt to review our time share. We said no because we were happy with what we have. Later in the week we were approach again about a meeting to see the time shares sales people. Again we no said, but mentioned the problem with moving the dates of the 2015 trip. We were told to go because they could definitely help us. So on Easter morning we got up and went to the meeting in hopes with some help. The sales help answer to our problem was to spend another $14,000 + and the would credit only 10% on what we spent on the explorers package. They didn't want to hear ANYTHING about our problem! WE FELT duped into the meeting and was VERY insulted. We totally understand the value in the resort. We feel the owners don't get any support from the sales people. Their only purpose is to sell more at any cost. With this we are very disappointed in the whole time share sales process. April 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolutely Amazing Stayed at the West-in resort from 3/31 to 4/5/14. The resort is absolutely beautiful and well kept. The pool, beach and amenities are amazing and make for a perfect vacation- for all ages. When we first arrived, Akima greeted us at the front desk and was SO friendly and welcoming. Being a SPG platinum member, she was able to get me upgraded to a beach front room. She was always there to help and greet us with a smile. The staff at Snorkels bar did everything for their guests to enjoy the time there. The pool, beach and resort was super clean and perfect. DEF recommended!! will be back in July! April 5, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome march vacation My wife and I along with 2 other couples arrived 3/21 , stayed in a 3 bedroom villa which was great, then on 3/26 my wife and I moved to a poolside hotel room, our guests left this day. We stayed till Saturday 3/29. I have to say our vacation was awesome!!!!, Everyone treated us like kings, especially Neal Lanclos, one of the golf cart drivers who met us at the ferry and was there for us anytime we needed a ride or information. He went well above the call of duty for us and we greatly appreciated that. We hope to be back in 2016 when all renovations are completed. I hear completion date is jan 2015 but 2016 is better for our schedule. Every staff member including the pool area & bar were great, looking forward to seeing Sue at the pool again someday. Great place, town & beaches on st john are great!! here are a few restuarants you must try, Asalore, zozo's, banana deck,rhumb lines. April 3, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Hotel great for families We had a great time with our 4 year old daughter. It's a great location with good amenities for kids. The downsides were that the friendliness and reliability of the staff was uneven, we didn't have a great experience at the spa, and my daughter had one bad day at the kids club (her first day was great, the second day she was alone with a staff member who was cold and unfriendly -- turns out it was her last day of work). I'd say this is a great place to stay with your family, but don't go with high expectations for service, the spa, or the kids club. I also did not feel we were acknowledged for being gold Starwood members. April 1, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Most unfriendly staff Facilities are ok but after renovation rooms have still old doors. Water sports and pool are also ok however pool bar closes before 7pm although pool is 24x7. Cleaning in the rooms is poor, desks were not swiped. Worst of all was the staff rudeness, unfriendly assistance at the reception desk, the pool bar, the Deli and the restaurant. Really disappointing! The only proper assistance was received by the porters which were very nice. March 29, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Stay Away Until Renovation is done.... I have been both a guest and an owner for several years at this property. While I think it will go back to prior levels of service once the work is done- right now it is very poor. Rooms are not clean. Staff is surly. Island time takes on a whole new meaning in terms of slow. The whole property seems to have taken on an air of apathy. I won't stay again until they can assure me that it has improved. March 29, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Enjoyed our stay other than maintenance issues We have owned a studio villa in the virgin grand portion of the resort for 12yrs. And have seen steady improvement to the facility. Although it seems that maintenance does not monitor the room conditions. This yr, when we arrived the ceiling fan was close to falling down, there was still a full can of garbage under the sink ,the water pressure was close to non existent ( we had to call maintenance continuously regarding this issue) the tile floors are never very clean. We had a Palm tree that needed to be trimmed in order to see the bay( I contacted maintenance and the issue was not resolved until we spoke with one of the landscape personnel ourselves) . I have been impressed with how quickly maintenance did respond to some of the issues, in the past yrs. it could take 2 days to get a response to fix the fan. We do suggest renting a car to drive up and down the hill, the shuttle service that is offered is not very reliable, of course the car would be for a lot more than that. The beaches on this Island are Fantastic March 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by February break 2014 This was our third trip to the Westin St. John. The resort is looking great and extremely well cared for. The beach is beautiful and we stayed in a newly renovated room. The service was excellent as was the food. Food a little pricey but hey, on vacation everything is expensive.The pool area was newly done and immaculate. Beautiful chairs and plenty of umbrellas at the beach. We had a wonderful time and did not want to leave! There was construction at the resort but it did not bother us at all. I did miss the outdoor breakfast area that is under renovation…next time! March 9, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Resort needs more than a facelift My wife and I recently stayed in an ocean front room at this resort. We found the quality of accommodations, as well as the professionalism and courteousness of the staff, to fall well short of what we expect from Starwood, the Westin brand, and a hotel room at the relevant price point more generally. After considering the per night cost, the hotel room itself was easily the worst I had ever stayed in. One of the very first things I noticed upon entering the room was dried beverage / coffee cup circles visible on the marble tabletop containing the TV. Also, the door containing the in-room refrigerator showed visible signs of spilled and/or sprayed liquids on the front of it (or perhaps it was mold resulting from this - it's unclear). No doubt these were more perceptible since the late afternoon sun was reflecting in just the right way into the room, but still, I found this lack of attention to detail and cleanliness unbecoming of the Westin brand. Also, the carpet was old and it, too, showed signs of spills and stains. Also lacking in the room: - The "amenities" book - common in nearly all respectable hotels - which details restaurant and spa offerings, as well as important phone numbers etc., was simply a stapled packet of photocopies, and it was wrinkled from prior use as well. - The bathroom was cold, uninviting, and looked tired. The toilet, which barely flushed, was not flush with the wall. It brought back memories of the toilet in my college fraternity house. The bath and shower, too, were in bad need of an update. - There was an ice machine, as well as a utility closet, directly outside the room's main entrance door. Made for daily early morning wake-up calls. I knew upon booking our stay at the Westin St. John that the resort was undergoing a series of important renovations. I hope, for the sake of future guests, that they will be updating this room. I'm also hopeful, for the same reasons, that they renovate the main lobby. It was dark, dusty, and there were dingy cords from the table lamps visibly showing where they were plugged into the floor. Again, we found this unacceptable for the purported quality of this resort. I can't recall another hotel where electric cords were visible in the main lobby. The second area of disappointment regards the food served at the resort. I realize the food at a resort in the isolated USVI is unlikely to ever compare to a similarly priced hotel in a major US city, yet it should at least be edible. At lunch one day, at the outdoor "Beach Grill", it was not. My wife and I were starving after having run the 8 Tuff Miles road race on the island, and were excited to finally be sitting down to lunch in the open air. Unfortunately, the cheeseburger my wife ordered was terrible. For starters, it was a pre-frozen 1/2lb patty which was in itself disappointing. Is the turnover for hamburgers/cheeseburgers during what is arguably one of the busiest weeks of the season (school vacation week in the northeast USA) not high enough to justify sourcing ground beef and making hand or at least machine-formed patties? The American cheese looked like it had been thrown on top, and appeared to be a "Kraft single" instead of a quality piece of sliced deli cheese. However, it was the taste of the burger that really trumped everything else. My wife, after suspiciously chewing the first bite, handed over the burger to me, knowing that I will eat just about anything and could therefore opine on the "okay-ness" of the burger. I proceeded to have a bite. I'm not sure if the meat had gone off, but what it tasted like to me was that the patty had been frozen and then partially or fully thawed and then refrozen, possibly multiple times. It had a gamey taste to it. Neither of us had another bite. We sent it back to the waitress who, while kind enough I suppose to remove it from our check, said little else. As for me, I had ordered a Cuban sandwich which was also not very good (I'd rate it a low C or high D in isolation), but relative to the burger it was at least palatable. Barely. After the lunch experience, we resolved not to eat any more meals on the complex. We also considered that our dinner at the resort's flagship "Cruz Bay Prime" on first night of our stay, which was at best mediocre, was likely not aberrant in its mediocrity. What's more, the waitress service that night had been entirely uninspiring, too. The associate serving us was completely uninterested in her job, unfriendly, and just barely courteous enough to utter "with pleasure" a few times. This brings me to the third area that I think warrants attention, namely that the overall service and friendliness of the hotel staff was lacking. To cite one of many examples, one of the concierge desk associates, upon our asking her about securing a taxi for the aforementioned race early the next morning (this was late the previous afternoon), suggested that we speak directly to the taxi personnel, since they were a different company altogether. A good concierge, by contrast, would have put aside the issue of whether or not they were different companies and would have instead done one of two things. Either (a) she would have offered to do whatever it takes to book us a guaranteed ride with a third party, or (b) she would have gotten out of her seat and walked with us over to the taxi folks to help explain to them our need. Instead, at 5:45am the next morning we knocked on the driver side window of the taxi to wake the sleeping cab driver. We then climbed aboard the taxi and proceeded to wait 20+ min in the pre-dawn darkness wondering when we might finally depart. With a couple of refreshing exceptions, we found the general friendliness of the hotel staff as a group to be completely underwhelming. This goes for the staff in the front lobby, all but one or two of the pool attendants, the Mango deli personnel, and the front desk people at the gym. The most egregious example of disservice, however, involves our departure trip. On the previous afternoon, we spoke with one of the associates at the front desk, asking about the resort's dedicated shuttle service back to the airport on St. Thomas. For this "exclusive" service, we were charged $65pp ($130 total). We were told the boat would pick us up at the Westin dock and bring us to the Marine Terminal on St. Thomas, at which point there would be a shuttle to bring us to the airport, just five minutes away. Instead, a boat picked us up the next morning a few minutes past six. We were instructed to "wait to board until the associates have disembarked." What we were not told, however, is that the boat was headed to Red Hook, not the Marine Terminal in Charlotte-Amalie. No explanation whatsoever was given. In fact, we were not even told we were going to Red Hook - rather, we just docked there. We were then lead off the boat and onto a standard taxi, which then proceeded to take us to the airport, although not before we made an out-of-the-way stop at another resort on St Thomas to pick up other persons. This taxi trip took close to 45 minutes. Had we had any inkling whatsoever that this was the dedicated airport service that we paid $130 for, we would have certainly opted instead to take a taxi from the resort to the ferry in Cruz Bay and manage our own way to the airport from there. This is essentially the itinerary we wound up taking anyway. Doing so would have cost $56: $22 for the ferry from Cruz Bay to Red Hook for two people plus two bags, $12 for the taxi from the resort to Red Hook, $22 for the taxi from Red Hook to the airport). This would have saved $74 and a lot of uncertainty in the process. In effect, we paid an excess $74 for absolutely nothing. I would happily pay what we did again for a world-class resort, especially in such an exotic location as St. John. However, without major changes in the resort's staffing, food service, and infrastructure (fortunately, already happening via the renovation efforts) it’s hard to justify returning to the Westin St. John at anywhere near the current price points, and it's more or less impossible to encourage others to stay there, too. I have generally had excellent experiences at other Starwood resorts, and hope that the Westin St. John resort will be brought up to par. March 9, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Less Than Stellar Experience I decided to take a last minute vacation with a friend to get out of the frigid cold of Chicago. There were intense weather systems that had kept patrons in the Caribbean much longer than expected (some having been "stranded" in St John and St Thomas for upwards of a week because of snow and the polar vortex). I paid an additional fee to get a beachfront room, which was described as having a balcony or equivalent outdoor space. when we arrived, I was told that all rooms were booked, and the room they put us in, though partly facing the beach, did not have so much as a single window we could open. when I asked about this, they, quite unsympathetically, told me that because people were "stuck" they didn't have a way to accommodate my original room request, which I paid for. They told me I could continue to check with them, and when I asked if they might be able to simply call me if something opened up, they rudely told me 'no'. I travel extensively for work and have been stuck in many places due to weather, and when that happens, the people whose reservations were already on the books take precedence, meaning I've often had to change hotels. what happened, in practice, at this particular facility, is they gave priority to the stuck passengers and put us in a stuffy room without a way to get fresh air. The trip was so short- 3 days- that it wasn't even worth asking about after the second day. Other than some of the front desk staff (I spoke to two who were quite rude, which I pretty much never experience at Starwood), everyone else was nice, the facilities were undergoing construction, which was only announced in a letter the day we arrived (in fairness, it wasn't disruptive, but I can imagine that, depending on the room, that might've been an issue for another guest), and the location was great. They do some odd stuff, like using very noisy leaf blowers and cleaning the beach with a backhoe (complete with blaring beeping) at around 7 am, which woke me up and was really unpleasant. I understand the need to clean the grounds, but the noises were unbearable. The other (very) sour taste that was left in my mouth was that I left behind a silver necklace in the room, called to ask twice about it, and still haven't received a call back to confirm whether it was found. It wasn't expensive, but it had sentimental value, so it was upsetting, albeit my own fault for overlooking it. Overall, I was very underwhelmed by the front desk service, and I definitely didn't receive anything for being a platinum member, other than a pretty lousy attitude when I asked why my reservation couldn't be honored. February 4, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Amazing Island, Hotel is upgrading St. John is a beautiful island. One of the best vacation spots in the caribbean. The hotel is currently in renovations, and it appears there will be more villas (perhaps almost all vacation ownership rather than hotel guests). This is a good thing--the older rooms are very outdated. We booked a 1 bdrm suite on points, and were placed in a room straight out of 1981. The room was pretty awful, and smelled of mold and mildew. (There are lots of newer rooms around--but of course on points...) We complained and were upgraded to a 2 bdrm villa, which on the face of it was a fantastic upgrade. We had stayed in the villas in 2009 and they are very well done. Our only complaint with the room we were moved to was that it actually had worse mold issues than the 30 year old suite. The HVAC was covered in mold and there was evidence of previous water damage in the 2nd bedroom. The room was very musty, and all of us had allergy symptoms the entire stay. We inquired about the room more than complained, and the gentleman who arrived concurred with the presence of mold, but said it was just part of island living. An engineer showed up who changed the air filter and sprayed air freshener--but that obviously did nothing. We were told we could not be moved to another room--so we made do and had a great time on the island anyway--just seemed ridiculous that something so new would have those kinds of problems already. All this being said, I'd return to the resort because St. John is so amazing, and really the Westin is the the only game in town for a family of 4. I would consider renting a house instead, but the resort atmosphere, pool, etc is nice to have, and the people are for the most part helpful and courteous. Carolyn the concierge was also terrific. Lets all hope that the renovations make this hotel (if it will still be a hotel) the gem it should be. And lets hope they figure out whatever the mold issue is in Room 2713! January 24, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by getting better every year 13th year of great vacations in St. John. Service gets better each year. Staff is very helpful. Lots of updates and changes making this a better place to stay. Villas are the best vacation spot in the Starwoods system January 15, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Wedding Travel - November 2013 Let me first stay, Westin hotels seldom disappoint. This resort however, was in complete disarray. From the start, the ferry was not running when our flight landed, to walking in the empty lobby with nobody to greet us or at the desk, the trip was very disappointing. We were charged an exorbinant resort fee when half the resort was actually closed or under construction. No pool, no pool bar, no nice dining option and a '80s era room. December 2, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Big Expectations, Big Disappointment Waited 8 years to finally get a week in St John's. I'll flip past the part where we had this reservation for 8 months, spent $3,500 in airline fees, when Starwood notified us that the pool would be closed approximately one week before our departure. I'll also skip the part where I called Starwood and was promised free tickets to Trunk Beach for my family and advised another pool would be available to order food and drinks something the kids look forward to....this part is not St John's staff fault. We arrived on Saturday, at check in I asked for what was verbally promised and was told my requests are not St Johns problem call Starwood. I was given the number to call by a nice gentleman at the front desk and he did send a email to Starwood. The girl working with him at the front desk was completely rude and refused to even go out of her way to help us understand the situation. Sunday was the only pool day for us, our 4 adult kids had tons of fun playing volleyball with the other guests and getting drinks at the bar, how this vacation was suppose to be. Only downside, with the prep for the pool closure, the area was somewhat dirty and not well maintained. Sunday we visited Ashley at the concierge desk who gave us our gifts and the lay of the land. She also gave us a discount card but most places did not accept the card or there were additional rules attached, we never received any discounts. Ashley also gave us the activity sheet and explained the beach equipment was free if it didn't have the motor. Monday we rented a car and drove to Trunk Bay. In the evening we headed to the "happy hour $5.00 drinks and appetizers" on the activities sheet. We were told since the pool was closed happy hour was at the Beach Bar. Arriving at the Beach Bar we told there were no $5 appetizers and happy hour was over.....nobody even cared or helped explain the mix-up, we finally walked away. We headed to Snorkels the bar set-up on the beach which was open until 6, it closed and 5:35 with us still sitting there, no last call or notice. When we complained about the situation we were given a new activities sheet with all the happy hours removed. We were also charged for the "free"snorkel equipment. The front desk said they resolved but when we checked out the equipment was on our bill? The mid week cleaning was haphazard and not completed, my husband had to go ask for shampoo and my daughter finished making her bed, the kitchen wasn't cleaned at all. I won't go on.....very very disappointing and avoided with better communication and more people that cared at this resort. BTW There were some really nice people working at the resort, its too bad a few ruined it for the rest. Still waiting for Starwood to return my calls on the pool closure notice. October 3, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Off season or renovation? Not a pleasant stay We stayed here mainly for the proximity to the USVI national park and it's a Starwood chain. I've had many pleasant stays at other Westin resorts or hotels and We've always enjoyed it but this resort definitely fell short to our expectations. Instead of lengthy essay I'll summarize the pros and cons: Pros: -Nice beach, not overly crowded (maybe it's off season) -Water sport rental service is good -Vacation desk staff is knowledgeable -Plenty of Jeeps in the car rental (you'll need it for unpaved, hilly and bumpy roads in the national park) -The ferry service to/from airport is convenient Cons: -No luggage rack in the room - had to ask for it -The faucet in the sink is rusted and it splashes on us every time we turn it on - talked to service and it's improved -Pool is under renovation. The only full service restaurant for dinner is beach cafe as they closed Cruz Bay Prime (seasonal?). Mango Deli is another food choice but during vacation we really wanted to eat in a restaurant instead of a deli - we've done enough during work days -We ordered dinner to our room and the beer came in a bottle. No bottle opener in the room or on the tray. Had to call them again to open it -Long wait at the vacation desk (30 mins) Since it's off season, I recommend going out to Cruz Bay for dining, even though some are closed too, plenty of good ones are available and have no wait. You can find menus at the vacations desk and ask them to make reservations for you. October 1, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by A disappointment for an SPG property! Moldy Rooms and Terrible service We stayed at this resort in late July to celebrate our one year anniversary and it was a disappointment. First off, St. John was idyllic and gorgeous. The secluded beaches are awesome and so was the snorkeling. Definitely rent a car and get off the resort. HOWEVER, the Westin was not the top-notch hotel we expected. -Our first room was felt damp and moldy, The smell was pungent and would not go away after a day. Overall, the property is nice and beautiful, however, the service and general attitude of the employees was the worst of any high-end hotel we've stayed at. The maids failed to clean our rooms and give us fresh towels. When you're on vacation, the last thing you want is to come home to is a dirty room two nights in a row. When we called to get it cleaned, all we got was attitude. To be fair, the service at Cruz Prime was awesome. The waiters and bartenders really listened and made great recommendations. But the rest of the staff was incredibly rude. They kept trying to nickel and dime us for stupid, silly things like jalapenos on a sandwich. At the bar and breakfast all we got was lackluster, apathetic responses and no real effort to help us find answers to our questions . As a platinum member, I really expected more from the Westin. I am a road warrior and stay at Starwood properties over 100 nights a year. I work hard and want to be rewarded but this experience is really making me think whether it's worth it to be an SPG member. I've held platinum status at other hotel brands through the years and received far superior service and amenities at "category 5" resorts. If you're looking for a clean, friendly and happy resort, this is NOT the place. Take your points elsewhere. August 6, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Outstanding Family Vacation We had an absolutely fantastic time on our vacation at the Westin St.John! To start we want to call out special thanks to Abby at the front desk/reservations, Latifa and Jasmine in Kid Care, and Kiki in the restaurant!! They were all amazing in their own ways. Abby met us upon arrival and took outstanding care of us throughout the week even working through some SPG issues. Latifa and Jasmine made sure that when my husband and I were on dates that the kiddos were safe and having a blast with lots of different activities! Kiki was fantastic in the restaurant as she was efficient and effective in anticipating our needs! We had an ocean view room with unobstructed views of the beach/ocean! While the resort was full of people, it never felt crowded or without privacy! While everyone raved about the heavenly bed, neither my husband nor I felt that it was that comfortable so I don't recommend that but that is a personal choice. We also wished that they had beds larger than doubles. We snorkeled, scuba, wave runners (with our two kiddos), kayaking, day tours, and trips to St. Thomas. The water sports folks were amazing!! They treated each trip out like it was their first - you could tell they loved their jobs! We would like to say thanks to Tony, Amy, and Skeeter! Fabulous people! We had the kiddos on the food plan which was great in terms of costs but limited in terms of where we could eat. By the end of the trip, we were ready to eat at other places including out of the resort. The adult food was wonderfully tasty but the overall restaurant service was definitely on "island time" which was a bit frustrating as we wanted to get on with our day rather than sit in the restaurant waiting for service. We occasionally missed happy hour prices due to service delays - Snorkels and the Cafe primarily. The staff were very nice but slow in service. Overall we had an amazing time and people everywhere worked hard so that we could enjoy ourselves without worry or need! Thank you everyone! August 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best resort EVER This will be our 5th year straight returning to The Westin St John, our first year was absolutely amazing and just gets better each and every year. My wife and I have chosen to make The Westin our annual anniversary getaway. 5 years ago a resort employee told us he would see us next year, we replied with we don't normally visit the same place twice, we like to visit new places every year. Well, he couldn't have been any more correct, We cannot stop thinking about our next trip every year. Don't think it's to far fetched to say we will probably buy in the near future. Thank you to all the staff for making our yearly anniversary trip so perfect, see you November 2nd, 2013. July 30, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Favorite Island I would like to start by saying that St. Johns is a special place for my family and I. This was our third visit and we look forward to returning to the island every couple of years. With that said, the experience and services of the hotel seem to be diminishing. Rooms and Service: The new villas are beautiful and well appointed. However, upon this recent visit we were informed that maid service is only provided on the 3rd and final day of your stay. This is unacceptable for a luxury resort. I do not want to have to make my bed every morning when I am on vacation. I do not want to have to sleep in sandy sheets because we went to the beach. And I must certainly do not want to be charged extra to have my room cleaned. This is a major negative. Staff: We love the boat ride over to St. Johns (except my wife) and the crew is always great. The way the property greets the guest as they depart from the boat is lovely. However, the service at the beach café and snorkels is very unfriendly. The servers have a lot of attitude as if they are doing you a favor by taking your order. One prime example was at snorkels, I decided that I wanted onion rings instead of french fries. When I asked our server to change my side, she said she would have to go to the kitchen to make that happen, which she didn’t. When I mentioned it to her, she said that is what I ordered. At $20 for a burger, you would expect better service. The grounds grew is always waving and smiling, positive marks for them. And a special shout out for Eric at the concierge desk. He is always happy to see you and goes out of his way to make you feel that you are the most important guess on property. Another note is that there should be more shuttles to your rooms. Entertainment: There is very little to none. This trip there was no live music. Again, this should be standard for a hotel like the Westin. Family Activities: While we did not take advantage of the Westins kids club, my wife and I strongly feel that there needs to be more activities outside of the one pool. I would not expect the Westin to compete with Atlantis in terms of water attractions, but the hotel could definitely use to add water activities such as an activities pool and water slides. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. July 24, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful resort, friendly staff Stayed here for our 25th anniversary getaway. The stay exceeded expectations. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The facilities were well maintained and clean. The most relaxing and reinvigorating vacation I have ever taken. July 6, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great resort Stayed 6/19 to 6/24. Upgraded room based on plat status. Came in on Westin ferry which was worth the extra expense. Beach better than the reviews, but water did get murky in afternoon with all the boat traffic. Cruz Prime was very nice and had great food. Rented a car through O'Conner rental which was convenient and worth doing. Cruz Water Sports was also convenient for small boat rental for beach hopping we did one day. Would go back, so highly recommend June 30, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Superb This was our first family trip and it was blast granted we all didn't expect such great hospitality from the entire staff we encountered. We were call by our last name with every staff person we has contact with... i would surely recommend The Westin to anyone I can't wait to come back and visit again..... June 29, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Westin St John - excellent family vacation We loved our stay at the Westin St John. Staff was very friendly, the 3 bedroom villa was amazing and the property was in great shape. We had one small issue with a piece of luggage and the staff got right on it and fixed the situation before we knew what happened - great job! June 28, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Memorable vacation Recently returned from a fabulous vacation at the Westin St. John. Can't say anything negative about the resort. Most important, the entire staff was very friendly and accommodating, lots of smiles. Always good morning, etc. Our concierge, Karen, was extremely helpful. It was our first time on the island. Loved her enthusiasm. Meals were very good, rooms clean, the entire resort is well kept. We had a beachfront unit on the second floor with direct access to the beach. We enjoyed Cruz Bay Watersports. We will definitely return! June 18, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Just Super Restful This is our second trip to the Westin St. John and it is certainly our favorite Island getaway. The staff is terrific and our units have been comfortable, clean, and extremely restful. The food, activities, and amenities are all first rate, though I have to mention that the fitness center could use some upgrades. Much of what you'll buy anywhere on the island will be somewhat pricey, but it's not any more so than other secluded island areas. I heartily recommend the Westin St. John. June 13, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Island Paradise! My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past week at the West St John Resort and our stay could not have been more perfect! Friendly staff, amazing food, tasty drinks and the most relaxing place in the entire world! The facility is beautifully maintained and looks like a tropical paradise! We discovered so many wonderful things to do and see on the resort and in Cruz Bay but there's still plenty more to do on our next trip! Thanks!! June 10, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Phenominal I am working in the islands and being a Starwoods Platinum member, thought I would give the Westin a try. Best decision ever ! Incredible staff that took care of every need. The food was excellent and served with a smile. The rooms are very clean. I have been here 3 weeks and would HIGHLY recommend this property. Get to know the staff and they will embrace you as family. May 29, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful Time We have just finished our stay at the Westin St. John and couldn't ask for anything better. We went during April 19 thru April 26 and the weather was great. Our Villa was in the Bay Vista area making it close to everything on the resort. The Villa was updated and very comfortable. The staff personnel especially Ashley at concierge desk and Evan with Penn Taxi Service were a delight and very helpful. April 28, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Tropical paradise My husband, 2 children along with 2 friends went on this vacation together from Jan 3 - 10 2013. We brought them back to St. john to see all the amazing sights we saw when we were on our honeymoon here in July 2011. The Westin has the best ammenities along with the best staff! Very friendly and hotel was very clean. After visiting twice we bought a timeshare!! Now we will have many more trips to St. John! April 12, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Really enjoyed our time here! My husband and I are Starwood owners and this was our first time here at this resort. Plus: beautiful property, friendly staff, great location, shuttle/ferry service to and from St. Thomas was excellent (worth the price we paid). Our room was not near the main pool, but it was nice to have a small pool next door. I would try to request a villa closer to the main pool if we were to bring our kids. Improvements: need sidewalks or walking paths so your not competing with golf carts. April 4, 2013
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