The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago

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  • Chicago,
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Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 646 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by A Bit Disappointed I booked this reservation being my first hotel after achieving my Platnium status. Booked two rooms for my family. I guess it was my understanding that you would be guranteed an immediate upgrade from your booked room if available. I called earlier that day and was told there were plenty of rooms available and that people were cancelling. My spg agent called the hotel to try and book to a Michigan avenue view instead of the two lakeview rooms. They said they couldn't change the room because of the cancellation policy but assured there was plenty of rooms to change when I checked in. When we did try to check in, the gentleman stated, well we already have you in a suite. I stated that, yes I knew that, because I booked and paid for that suite, but was requesting the next available suite above that with a michigan avenue view. He stated they couldn't do that, becuase you already were in a suite. And I knew there was rooms available because I called reservations 30 minutes before acting like a new reservation to make sure rooms were available. So I guess my recommendation is for all Platnium members the only time this upgrade is worth while is if you choose to just book a tradition room and then you want a suite over that, if available. I was also told by my spg agent and as it states on the website that you get a choice of a amenities at the time of check-in which was never offered. So was disappointed on this whole process. I will also state that the SPG agents, (Nancy) have been great with everything, and that it was more the hotel itself. I will say the elderly valet/bell gentleman gave a very friendly helpful greeting when we did arrive though. So I will tip my hat off to him, even on such a cold night. November 25, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Rude Staff Members When I book The Westin North Michigan Ave in Chicago, I thought I was going to experience the high quality of Starwood hotels again. This was not the case. Some of the staff members were rude and did not offer to help solve my request (although it was a very tiny request and I could live without it) but the way it was dealt was very disappointing. Shortly after checking in and going up to my hotel room on a Friday night, I called "Service Express" on the phone to ask for some cotton or cloth slippers. After a long wait for someone to actually pick up my call, I was told that they were out of slippers. Okay, that's fine, I understand. I then asked if I could get slippers the next day and was assured that "Yes, we will get slippers tomorrow". Score. I'm not sure if my standards for The Westin are too high but I honestly thought the lady who answered my call would make a note and ask housekeeping to drop them off the next day when the room was being cleaned. So I left the hotel the next day in the morning and came back after our room had been cleaned. Still no signs of slippers. Later on, on my way out, I stopped by the front desk to ask someone in person hoping they will let me know if I can get slippers or not. The man at the front desk said "No problem! We'll send them right up to your room!". He was enthusiastic and sounded like he knew what he was saying. But no, when I came back that night, still NO SLIPPERS. I called Service Express again and AGAIN after a long wait (seriously, are they understaffed at Service Express?), the woman told me flatly, "No miss we're out of slippers". When I told her what I was told the day before, she said "well they got it wrong, we don't get deliveries on Saturday". Seriously? After one other SErvice express operator AND one front desk staff, NOW they tell me that? Slippers are not some vital object that I need to survive but the hotel staff should know their policies and routines better so they do not misinform their guests and give them false hope. Also on the other hand, I found hair on my pillow case before I even touched the bed and also on the wall of the shower... The concierge staff was also rude when I asked them what was the best way from the hotel to O'hare when it was snowing outside. Overall, I would definitely not recommend this Westin hotel. It is definitely subpar. February 18, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible service, didn't follow through on many requests I travel a lot for work and often stay at Westins because I know it just makes life a little easier and they generally have great amenities and service. I was pretty disappointed with my stay here. I was on a preferred member floor and although surprised when I was told there was no executive lounge room (usually is?), I was happy because the view was great. However there were just a number of things that added up over my two day stay that let me down and I feel compelled to share as it was nothing like what I believe you strive for in customer service. 1) No do not disturb sign in the room so people kept trying to come 2) There was no in room book with room service and when I called to get one I had to call again 20 mins later and so it took me ages to eat and ended up arriving in the middle of a call which I was trying to avoid. Also I called and asked for it to be retrieved and no one came leaving it in my room for. Day and a half! 3)There were no 10lbs barbells in the weight room only 6 and 15 upwards (not very useful for most women I imagine) 4) The pillows were probably some of the hardest and tallest I've slept on. I could barely get my neck on it and I'm 5-7... Not super short. So I asked for different pillows the next day. They said they would be delivered to my room and upon returning after my last late meeting at 11(having to get up at 4am) they were not there. So i called the service express who said they would be right up. Again, waited over 20 min just dying to get to bed and had to all again. It took nearly 30 mins. 5) service express - a few times never even picked up. Usually took at least 8-10 rings for someone to come to the phone. So there you go... NOT what I expect from a Westin, let alone a preferred guest. July 27, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very poor experience We arrived at 3:00 for check-in and was told by the blond female front desk staff member (would state her name but she wasn't wearing a nametag) our room was not ready and she had no way to tell us when it would be but said she would call us when it was. We had to be at an event for 6:00. We waited 45 minutes and then spoke with Daniel at the front desk who credited our parking fee for our inconvenience and then said to check back in 15 minutes to find out when we could get our room. We were told it would be at least another 45 minutes. We expressed our need to have our room and he contacted cleaning staff to have it cleaned immediately. He discounted our room a bit for needing to wait even longer. Daniel was helpful in getting us to our room so we could make it to our event on time. I had little doubt the first woman we worked with even checked the status of our room and seemed fully annoyed to be helping us. I had called the day before to request a rollaway and was informed it would be an additional charge even though my email confirmation clearly states rollaways are no charge. We didn't even get the rollaway delivered to our room and we got back so late to our room one guest just chose to sleep on the small chaise lounge rather than wait for one to be delivered. Upon reviewing the bill the next morning, we were charged for the rollaway we didn't use and charged $130 more than what we should have. I spoke with the front desk staff and he corrected it. Upon coming home I reviewed my bank account and was charged not only the $130 more on my bill but an additional $19 that is not stated anywhere why that extra charge is on there. I will be calling first thing tomorrow to get this taken care of. Overall horrible experience and would not consider returning. Gave "staff met my needs" a 2 only because Daniel was so helpful otherwise it would have been a 1. July 28, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not this time First, let me say that I've stayed at this hotel at least 4 other times before my most recent trip on 5-26-13. The trip was to catch the Cubs vs White Sox on Memorial Day. After the 5hr drive, we arrived early afternoon, about 1-1:30pm. Upon booking online, I did request early check-in, although i did understand that early check in's are not guaranteed. That was fine as regular check in time is 3pm. However, i did not expect to arrive to such a delayed check in attempt. I did realize it was a holiday weekend so upon being told that our room was not ready and that we'd be called when it was, my wife and i left our luggage and started out downtown for lunch. After a couple hrs and no call, we made our way back to check the status of the room. Still not ready. We left again to shop. A couple more hrs later, no call, still no room. After 2 more hrs, we again returned to front desk, only to be told that they didn't know where housekeeping was and we'd get a call when our room was ready. At this point, we were both exhausted from the drive, the killing of the time, and we both wanted to have showered and relaxed going into the evening. So instead of leaving, we decided to wait it out in the lobby. My wife then noticing that none of the faces of other waiting guests were the same as those when we arrived, leading us to believe that most had been given rooms already. I will say that before when we stayed at this hotel we'd booked the deluxe room or suite. This time we went with the traditional room at the pre-paid rate. In other words, we went cheaper and although the room was already paid for, there was still nothing available upon check in time. Finally, at around 7pm(6hrs later) we were given a room. Feeling like we wasted a day, my wife did mention it to the front desk. The response wasn't very empathetic considering the inconvenience, but we were given room service vouchers as compensation. Overall, the hotel is a nice place to stay, as are the other Westin hotels i've stayed, but this most recent inconvenience sort of left a sour taste in our mouth. May 29, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very Poor Experience I was surprised to read on TripAdvisor how poorly this hotel was rated having stayed there frequently a few years ago. Having stayed there now I realize that the TripAdvisor rating is justified. This hotel has deteriorated markedly in service. Not sure where to begin. The SPG Platinum/VIP coordinator reached out to me in advance of my stay to ask what she could do to ensure a great stay. I said only a great room for me and my son. She said she would make it happen. Alas the front desk and this individual had a "breakdown in communication" and we ended up in a not very good room at all. We did not even make it on to an SPG-level floor! So much for the benefits of being a Platinum member... After a night and day of my requesting that they honor their commitment to me and my son they moved us. They did offer recompense but the whole affair put a real dent in our vacation. I also had to deal with some decidedly very rude and unhelpful staff along the way. Being woken up at early the next day - notwithstanding a "Do Not Disturb: sign on the door did not help! Again I got an apology from the hotel - and some points - but, really...what is unclear about DO NOT DISTURB! As an SPG Platinum member I am entitle to a "continental breakfast". What this particular hotel means by that is a piece of fruit or a danish (not both) and a mid-sized coffee (no refills). Just to be clear this is supposed to be the breakfast meal. No surprise that my son and I had to leave this "breakfast" every morning, cross the road, and pay for a second breakfast! Honestly, either offer a breakfast or don't - but what is offered is a joke. At every other SPG property I have ever stayed at, the "breakfast" Platinum amenity has either been a full breakfast or at least an expansive continental breakfast with enough food to sate the appetite for breakfast. They do not honor the SPG promise of a "continental breakfast." Then of course the charges on my bill for newspapers that I did not request (ultimately removed from my bill) and a gesture of points for being unable to check me in in a timely manner! But at least the overnight parking at $65/night is a steal... I shall not be hurrying back to this particular property! Not up to the Starwood or Westin level...not even close. August 22, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by C- Pro's: The lobby and room looked nice. The food was good. Con's: If you’re going to use a glass top on the executive desk in the room, maybe include a mouse pad so I don't have to use your room service menu to be able to use my optical mouse. I'm in IT and I'm pretty sure 99% + of mice are optical these days. I could receive email, but I couldn’t send email through the hotel wireless network from my GoDaddy account. I ended up just tethering off of my cell phone when I needed to send an email. Very annoying. The drain in the tub drained sooo slow that the tub would fill up with water while I took a shower. Not the end of the world, but kinda annoying. My room was on the 12th floor and across the hall from the freight elevator. I don't know what rolls around in the ceiling every couple of minutes, I'm guessing it's the counter weights from the elevator echoing , but it's fairly loud in the bathroom and can be heard throughout the room in general. It's continuous and happens all day and night. You might want to consider some additional insulation in the ceiling. The event I was attending at the hotel was in the 4th floor Lincoln room. The handle for the hot water for the right sink in the men’s room fell off during one of the breaks. The left sink had zero cold water, it just trickled out, and the left urinal didn't flush. I didn't get the impression that maintenance was a high priority given this and the way my bathtub drain worked. When I checked out I wasn't asked how my stay was at-all. When I asked the front desk person for directions to the airport he simply said he didn't know. No, "Hey let me google that for you and get you a map" or maybe "Let me ask someone else". Just, "I don't know". When I asked the valet how to get to the airport he gave me the wrong directions, but hey he at least tried. One would think this is a fairly common question for a hotel in downtown Chicago. Entering this review into the Starwood hotels website was painful to type. Having a window about 3 inches wide for the text box and constantly jumping back to the top of the window prohibiting me from seeing what I’m typing after I have entered the first 10 lines of text is really annoying. I ended up just composing this in Microsoft Word and pasting it back into the review window. February 12, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very disappointing experience. This stay has made me question my SPG brand loyalty altogether. Despite being SPG Platinum, I did not feel as though I was a valued customer at all. I had two rooms booked and I made several call in advance to try to ensure we'd have quiet rooms close to one another. Upon arrival, I found they had booked us on completely different floors and BOTH rooms were directly next to the elevators (one room was not even on a preferred guest level). I approached the manager (Diana?) about the terrible room assignments and she was not friendly, apologetic, or accommodating. She said I could check the next day to see if anything else opened up. The next day I inquired again and their "solution" was to remove us from the preferred guest level all together. They placed us on the same floor (but not particularly near) our other room but they assured us aside from no apples near the elevator, our amenities would be the same. This turned out to be incorrect. On the 23rd floor, the pillows were lumpy foam, the amenities were different (less water, no nice robe, etc.) and we got a dirty room with a tub that only dribbled hot water. It is disgusting to find somebody else's hair in the tub. I was very upset to have to clean the tub before I could bathe. When I notified the front desk about the issues, the front desk guy (Romeo) was super nice but his hands were tied as to how much he could do by the management. Despite not being able to sleep due to the terrible room assignments, being duped into moving off the preferred guest level, having to clean somebody else's private body hair out of the tub and not getting regular platinum benefits, management refused to offer any room rebate at all. They offered me a nominal amount of points (which I never received) and poor Romeo could only offer a complimentary breakfast (which was cold and overcooked). I have to give kudos to Romeo as he alone exemplified what customer service truly is. He was friendly, helpful and kind. Even when he was telling me he couldn’t do anything more than comp breakfast, his sympathetic demeanor and pleasant attitude still made me feel like he cared about me as a customer. The one Platinum benefit they did give was a late check out but even then, only after they initially refused and I had to remind the front desk girl that I was a Platinum member. Though the location is excellent, the facility itself is very tired and needs a major overhaul. The décor in the rooms and hallways is Spartan and not welcoming which ties in with management's attitude. The hotel was full because of the jazz festival and it felt as though management’s attitude was if I didn’t like the room, they could fill it with somebody else. I'm not sure if they think they're in the hospitality or hostility business but I certainly did not feel like a valued customer. June 11, 2013
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