Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach

  • 2365 Kalakaua Avenue
  • Honolulu,
  • Hawaii
  • 96815
  • USA
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Rated 3.9 out of 5 by 663 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by outstanding place cant wait to stay there again June 16, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by very good It was very good. Thank you. December 16, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by this is our favorite hotel. outstanding and friendly. July 15, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great stay and fantastic location on the beach Shameful internet speed!! February 8, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Warm inviting feeling... Friendly staff/clean room August 14, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Smoke Smell and Bugs The Hotel looks nice but the service is not that great. We used our points for 7 free nights and got an ocean view room. First of the all the rooms were tiny and since the ventilation systems were all connected we were receiving cigarette smoke in our room. I wouldn't mind so much if my wife wasn't pregnant. When we told the front desk, they sent a security office who told us he would try and find the source. This happened for 3 days in a row 2-3 times a day. As it did not get resolved they moved us to the other side which was a little larger. I have to admit the views from the room was beautiful. Once we got to the 2nd room there were little bugs everywhere. We told management and they sprayed the room but it's like ants. It won't go away. We were frustrated but they told us all of the rooms were booked so they can respray the room. Overall the lady who checked us in at the front desk Irene in the Gold Platinum line was really nice and the person who came to fix our sink was also great. Other than that Room service menu took 3 hours to come (Really a menu) and security was not much help. Overall I would not recommend the ocean view rooms as if I had to pay money for the rooms I would have been less patient. Oh and food is overpriced ie fries and coke was 20 bucks November 16, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Serenity I live in Hawaii, and decided on a "stay-cation" in Waikiki. Waikiki is an unusual choice as it is very touristy. However, I had always wanted to stay at the Moana Surfrider. It was a decision well made. At the end of my stay, I wrote the following in my journal: marvelously comforting and relaxing. Maybe it was the awesome ocean-view. Maybe it was the total attentiveness of the waiter at breakfast. Maybe it was curling up in a cushy lounge-chair reading a book with a great cup of Kona coffee. Maybe it was lounging by the pool reading that same good book with full access to waiters to bring you drinks or munchies. Maybe it was relaxing with a cold beer under the banyan tree listening to easy rock. Maybe it was rocking in the rocking chairs on the front veranda with total strangers and admiring each bride and groom that departed through the front doors and sharing our thoughts. Maybe it was that no one questioned whether you fit into the right economic class to be there. Maybe it was the "heavenly" beds that caressed you to sleep. Maybe it was the kindness of the check-in clerks or the smiles of the cleaning staff in the hallway. I could probably continue on but the point is already well made. I was sold. THAT is customer service. The historical atmosphere is blended perfectly with the modern comforts and amenities. June 8, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by location perfect, customer service ordinary I regularly visit the Surfrider and love the location and facilities. Rooms have had a cheap upgrade, and new furniture has peeling laminate on chest of drawers, the desk chair is uncomfortable if you need to work from. The hand shower holder was broken and the water diverter also broke so needed to call maintenance. Light comes in around the front door frame at night. Very annoying. Room cleanliness is ordinary and not detailed as expected of a renovated hotel. Staff (front desk) do the minimum and do not go out of their way to assist. I arrived at 830 in the morning and was told I would be called as soon as a room available - nothing until around 2 pm? I was not called (though told I would be called) and had to approach desk. Was told because I didnt have a room I could not get internet access even though I was checked in and waiting! Compulsory resort charge of $30 per day is added to the daily charge. It really should be included in the advertised rate or the guest should be able to opt out. The pool staff are a bit hit and miss. Some days they want all your details for a towel other days they just hand you out the towels. The gym is great and is being upgraded, has plenty of equipment and would suit the majority of regular gym users. The location and facilities are great, day spa (inc yoga) staff are great, service at the pool/beach and restaurant is slow and not of the standard expected. November 7, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by location perfect, customer service ordinary I regularly visit the Surfrider and love the location and facilities. Rooms have had a cheap upgrade, and new furniture has peeling laminate on chest of drawers, the desk chair is uncomfortable if you need to work from. The hand shower holder was broken and the water diverter also broke so needed to call maintenance. Light comes in around the front door frame at night. Very annoying. Room cleanliness is ordinary and not detailed as expected of a renovated hotel. Staff (front desk) do the minimum and do not go out of their way to assist. I arrived at 830 in the morning and was told I would be called as soon as a room available - nothing until around 2 pm? I was not called (though told I would be called) and had to approach desk. Was told because I didnt have a room I could not get internet access even though I was checked in and waiting! Compulsory resort charge of $30 per day is added to the daily charge. It really should be included in the advertised rate or the guest should be able to opt out. The pool staff are a bit hit and miss. Some days they want all your details for a towel other days they just hand you out the towels. The gym is great and is being upgraded, has plenty of equipment and would suit the majority of regular gym users. The location and facilities are great, day spa (inc yoga) staff are great, service at the pool/beach and restaurant is slow and not of the standard expected. November 3, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by A bad experience for us We had a street facing room in the historic wing of the hotel for 4 nights in room 432. The street noise is very loud but nothing compared to the horrible neighbours we had in the adjoining room who shared our balcony. They drank and smoked and were excessively loud for 2 nights then argued through the day. We called security 3 times through the second night they were there(around 10.40pm, 2.30am then 4.30am) but they didn't quiet down and security did nothing to stop them. We got no sleep for two nights and were exhausted all day from the lack of sleep and it totally ruined our holiday. My husband had only come from Australia for 4 days so it was hard to get that pleasure of the Moana Surfrider when you have dreadful guests beside you and security not protecting your peace and quiet. They should have been evicted or we should have been refunded. Todd (the manager) did offer us a breakfast and then delivered a wine & cheese plate to our room which we appreciated. It's just that the noise was too loud for anyone to enjoy. The carpet was also in need to a clean and the shower looked tacky. Everyday the room was stocked differently and three times I had to ask for somethings that the cleaners had forgotten. On a positive side - the $30 resort fee is reasonable is you use the parking/yoga/aqua/phone and water, which we did everyday. Matt and Kristel are the best. March 3, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by One Classy Lady I'll be honest, my trip to Hawaii included a few stops, and I was worried the Surfrider may not meet my expectations. A 111 year-old hotel with a room in the "historic wing" seemed like a gamble, but the moment I walked into the lobby I was sure I had won that bet. The Moana Surfrider is simply stunning, inside and out. Classic old architecture, a richly appointed lobby, and a fantastic courtyard with an ancient tree, all right on the beach. The ambiance cannot be beat, period. Why was I ever worried? Plain and simple: a few reviewers, who clearly didn't know what they were getting into, had me scared. Let me respond to some of the generic complaints personally. 1-The room is noisy because it is a low-rise hotel ON Waikiki beach. If you want quieter, find a high-rise. If you want quiet, don't stay on one of the busiest beaches in the world. 2-Islands have bugs. Sorry. 3-The rooms are quite small. This is clearly stated on the website in square footage and with a floorplan, so I don't know why anyone is surprised by it. I will admit, I was surprised by how low the ceilings are in the guestrooms. I'm a bit claustrophobic, so that was a shock at first. Then, suddenly, I remembered I was in Hawaii, and had little intention of spending excess time in my room! Problem solved. Go. Stay. Enjoy the refined elegance and class only available from The First Lady of Waikiki. June 19, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Fool Me Once We had high expectations for the Moana Surfrider being a "luxury" hotel, however, nothing could have been further from the truth when we arrived. The staff was incredibly rude from the moment we stepped inside the doors and didn't improve much by the time we checked out. Had problems with the room and complained to the manager on duty, who told us there was nothing he could do but welcomed us to find a room at another hotel. We later found out that the Moana was overbooked so this would have helped him tremendously. After checking around, we found there were no other rooms left in at similiar caliber hotels, so we simply stayed. A few days later the hotel manager did meet with me and provided a solution and an apology, but this hotel has a long way to go before it reaches the luxury status it claims. In summary the cons: very rude staff, small beach, tiny rooms, hit or miss service to rooms, few restaurant choices, rarely a person at the tours/activities desk, only two small shops in the hotel... The pros: well it looks impressive from the street, has a nice coffee shop and Matt the yoga instructor is amazing. I was told the hotel is undergoing changes to bring it up to the standard of a luxury hotel and I hope that continues to happen. The hotel director treated us very fairly and I can say nothing but good things about him, but the property itself and the staff employed are sorely lacking. June 29, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by The Moana Im going to make this brief. I am a Kamaaina and wanted a stay cation with my daughter. I thought the Moana would be perfect. I was wrong. I checked my luggage in early and told them that the ice in the cooler will melt and leak so be careful. When my luggage showed up at my room, my suitcase was wet because they hung the cooler above my suitcase and so were my clothes. The porter didn't apologize and called someone then told me she was on the phone. I did not get a call back from anyone. I blew that off then something else happened. I was out and my parents were watching my daughter. The hotel key card I gave them didn't work. My parents gave front desk my last name and room number because they had to put my 5 year old daughter down for bed. They needed an id. Long story short, I had to leave where I was to show my id and get a new key. They said it was for security reasons but anyone can go up in the elevators and roam the hallways. The staff wouldn't think outside the box to let a 5 year old go to bed. Instead she was sleeping in the lobby because she couldn't go up to her own room to sleep until I got there. There is no ALOHA at the Moana. The staff there are like robots. They don't smile at you or say Aloha, they just do their "job" minus the feeling behind it. The Moana is the oldest hotel and it should be top notch but I was not impressed with the staff. The hotel is beautiful! Last time I stayed here was 20 years ago and after my recent experience I do not want to stay here again. August 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by One thousand percent the best We stayed at the Moana Surfrider after a long European holiday staying in a range of hotels of variable quality. We were really wanting to have some luxury after that, as we were on our way home to New Zealand to go back to solving our wearisome earthquake problems. From the very moment we stepped into the hotel, we experienced the most amazing friendliness and kind service. Our initial awe at the beautiful lobby was quickly followed up by a kind and caring desk check in. We were tired after a 30 hour flight from Rome, so our desk clerk offered us water while we waited, saw to our booking quickly and effectively, advised us we had been upgraded (yay!) and allowed us to get quickly to our room. The room was simply beautiful - a Diamond wing full ocean view double room with 2 exceptionally comfortable beds (as we were travelling with our 2 children aged 11 and 15). We stayed 6 nights in it, and everyday it was serviced to the highest level by the lovely housekeeping staff. We never felt it was too small for the 4 of us. We really can't say enough about those beds and pillows! Divine! We found the food and service in the hotel to be of the very best quality. A couple of times we went out to other restaurants, only to be underwhelmed or disappointed and vowing to only eat or drink at the Moana. The staff were 100% friendly and highly professional in their service. We really enjoyed their friendly approach and their clear enjoyment of their jobs was infectious. The tone of the hotel's staff culture was clearly a very happy one. Overall, we can't say enough what a brilliant stay we had. We will certainly be back as soon as we can. October 27, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Street Scene on Kalakau Avenue Our room had a City View with the street scene happening. There are rocking chairs out front to read or people watch. The Sheraton owns the Moana Surf Rider & the Westin manages the hotel. The room was spacious, but the bathroom very small. There are no Qtips for the ladies, you need to ask for them at the front desk & then they come in a thick plastic that has to be opened & then another plastic bag for 2 Qtips. It takes a couple of days to find out where everything is and about the activities. It would be nice if they included that in the email. I read the booklet at the kiosk, & went across the street to a lei making activity to find out we had the same activity later that same day. The honey rum butter pancakes were the best! The breakfast was the best as well as the rack of lamb entree at dinner. The vegetables were not included in the dinner. There are no surf lessons at the hotel. You need to go out to the public beach next door. The pool is very small & it was very cold even too cold for Hawaii this time of year and there was no hot tub & no reciprocal privileges as the Royal Hawaiian. The location is the best feature of the hotel as well as the setting, the architecture, the convenience & security and the historical part of the hotel is unique. It was very convenient and beautiful. The room amenities, better stocked bathroom would complete the picture as well as upgraded pool. After the first day, they were jackhammering the pool which was very loud. Lots of noise at this hotel with lot of weddings going on while we were there. It was completely booked, but they treated us well, so we would like to come back if the price is fair. January 26, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by So perfect you don't know why... Moana Surfrider is one of those places where you just melt into paradise and you don't quite realize what that thing is and it's... the feeling of being absolutely carefree. We're here right now in an ocean-view suite (rm 561) in the "old" part of the hotel which is just gorgeous. Huge old-school counter-weighted windows allow for the ocean breeze to flow in, the plantation shutters and decor create ambiance without being garish and tropical-flower-land. There is music all the time! From the live entertainment at lunch time and dinner in the Beach House to the music piped through the speakers all throughout the resort, the soft Hawaiian-style tunes just add to the huge smile that you can't get rid of on your face. Service is impeccable. As a frequent business and pleasure traveler, I've stayed at all kinds of places and there's really nothing lacking here. No one is intrusive, it's very, very comfortable and warm. Highly recommend breakfast brunch at the Beach House. High end foods and ingredients, super fresh and healthy choices abound. Delicious and again - perfectly beautiful atmosphere under the giant banyan tree!!! It's well worth the price per person. If you have points, consider cashing some in for a free daily continental breakfast which will take 1/2 off each buffet breakfast cost. Beach is private and beautiful. It could use a little sand added into the built-up portion but can't complain about how clean and convenient it is to have a private beach. Recommend not renting chairs from the hotel as it's a bit exorbitant for 1 or 2 people. If you're going to be here for a few days, go to the ABC store across the street for a couple of cheap beach chairs and umbrella if you really need them. Can't wait to come back!!! October 24, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Still Good but room for improvement This is the third time I have stayed in the Moana Surfrider. The location directly on the beach is the best in Waikiki and is within easy walking distance of everything else you need: shopping, restaurants and nightlife etc. As a result, I usually do not rent a car except for one day excursions to other parts of the island. The front desk check in this time was not up to standard. I had to wait about two hours for my room since I arrived prior to check in time of 3pm. Not a problem, but the lady at the check in counter was defensive about it and just told me to hang out as if she was ready for a fight. It felt like she was blaming me for arriving early like I have control over the airline schedules. Very strange since I did not say anything about being disappointed. I stayed in the Historic Wing which for those who do not know is quaint but is noisier than the newer parts of the hotel. Not a problem for me but just a warning that you will hear the courtyard noise, street noise, other room noise and hall noise a lot in the historic wing. The price for history. The cleaning staff was friendly and helpful as usual. The toilet in my room made a "singing" noise from the pipes randomly and the toilet paper holder fell off the wall. Minor repairs but you would hope not to have this in a very nice hotel such as the Moana. The Beach Bar is best location but the bartenders can be kind of unfriendly. They seem to have worked there too long and really do not seem to care. Perhaps its because after paying $12 for a Mai Tai many people do not leave a tip? The Mai Tai's are made strong there by the way. The fitness center is adequate for basic workouts. However, do not expect a full set of free weights and barbells like a full service gym. Wifi is extra at $14 per day which is disappointing since many hotels include Wifi at no extra cost these days. June 2, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by SPG Recognition MIA Although the bell and housekeeping staff were fabulous, the service from the front desk was awful. Upon check-in there was a long line in the regular area and we were third in the Gold & Platinum line up. Which was totally and completely unstaffed. There was zero acknowledgment of our presence by the two other people working the desk. One individual called on his cell phone and I went to the concierge desk twice and asked to have someone sent to staff the counter. They told me that they had paged the manager but nobody came. Upon getting to my room I wanted to switch rooms as the ocean view was looking onto the hotel roof. I called Service Express and they told me that due to the number of people checking in that they could not transfer me but that someone would call me. I waited and waited. My kids wanted to go down to the beach so I called again and was told someone would call me soon. I waited and waited. I called again and they said that they had sent the message but had no idea when my call would be returned as the front desk was busy. I decided to go back down and do it person. When I arrived there were five people working the front desk, two people being serviced and nobody in line. Yet nobody had called me. They gave me another room for consideration and went up with me to show it to me. I said that was fine and we would move our stuff down and come pick up additional keys downstairs. After lugging all the bags down to the new room I discovered the key didn't work. So I had to take it all back up again. When I went back to the front desk the clerk said "oh yes that was a one time use key". Yet they didn't tell me that when I said I was about to move my luggage down. The rooms were great and I found the staff outside the front desk was fabulous and super friendly but the horrific service at the front desk especially for platinum guests was awful. March 27, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Beautiful hotel, not worth the price As a whole, the hotel is really a beautiful hotel and is in a great location. With that said, however, there were too many negatives for me to recommend. #1: If you are used to mainland style air conditioning, this hotel is not for you. Our room was warm and despite turning the AC down basically as far as it would go, the room never really cooled. We notified the hotel about this twice. The first time we got no response - only indication that they had even visited the room was when we saw that the AC setting had been changed. The second time we asked if we could at least get a fan that would help move what cool air was coming in via the AC. We got the fan, but never a good explanation of the AC. The fan helped a little, but to be moderately uncomfortable sleeping for the price we paid per night was unacceptable. #2: There really was little acknowledgment of being a platinum SPG member. I wasn't expecting to necessarily be wined and dined, but I was expecting something for my status. The only thing it really got us was free breakfast which consisted of the same fruit, bread, and yogurt platter every morning since apparently we couldn't be trusted to only take the cold portion of the breakfast buffet. Platinum status got us a whopping 1 hour extension of our check out time. #3: Umbrella rental for beach was outrageous. Despite the advertisement of umbrella rental as being a "nominal fee", I don't consider $50 to be a nominal fee. Per #2, maybe a discount for platinum members? #4: If you are travelling with young children, this hotel is likely not for you. We traveled with a 6 month old who is too small for water wings or a life jacket, yet when we tried to take him into an empty pool at 8am in the morning with a tiny ring float, we were told we couldn't use the float. Now, to be fair, the rules of the pool did state no floats, which I'm sure is to avoid clutter in what is a pretty small pool, but the child's float was tiny, and the pool was empty. Perhaps just tell us that it's ok until others come into the pool? Maybe show a little flexibility? July 5, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Beautiful old lady of Waikiki glad we stayed Despite this being a lovely hotel we were not advised of the presence of the spa especially, nor other facilities, eg the gym, on checkin which I think is just a common courtesy. We found the gym by looking briefly in your info book in our room. Was a little disappointed you charged to watch DVDs and the selection quite limited. The room was amazingly quiet given that it looked over busy Kalakua Ave, great soundproofing and double glazing, but the bathroom was poorly designed with water running straight out of the shower onto the floor and out the door into the room, we had to pile towels across the floor to stop it and prevent slipping on the wet floor, there is no ridge by the shower stall to prevent the water, a safety issue to look at and no place to put your toiletries and incidentals in the bathroom, a small 6 inch shelf which was occupied by your hotel hairdryer was all.... In short, poor design. Our room was 3501 if you wish to check this. I did report the shower issue to your concierge on July 28 as we checked out. We asked for 2 beds in the room when i booked this hotel for my daughter and me and only one was available on arrival. They brought in a roll away but it completely filled the room, virtually nowhere to walk and dress without sitting on a bed or squeezing between a bag and room door. Couldn't get near the mirror after that, Room was not made up by 6pm on first night we found when we arrived back exhausted after a day out and about and had to ask for this to be done. Pool totally occupied by kids all day, and a little small and uninspiring in its design really, however, the service and the beach access made up for it but the beach is free to all....i was mainly disappointed about not being advised about your charging policy with those random charges to cover a possible dud credit card. I had to call your hotel from Sydney twice (nobody called me back) to get an explanation when i found this on the emailed version of your bill, which i had paid in full, at the Moana. Surely these are checked for validity upon checkin. I dont work in the hospitality industry so not familiar August 3, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by We were disappointed We booked the "First Lady of Waikiki" expecting a first class experience, and we were almost uniformly disappointed. The property is great as far as location, and the staff did their best to politely respond to our requests, even when they could not satisfy them. Also, the outdoor spaces are lovely and comfortable. However, there was nothing exceptional in the stay, and much to dislike. Our first night, we were in a room that was so noisy from Kalakaua Avenue activity that we were up half the night and requested a room change the next morning. Our new room, about 2/3 the size, was at least quiet. Two of the six nights we stayed there, we were awakened by fire alarms, once at 1 am. The wi-fi we were promised failed to work, and we needed to check out a hot spot from the IT department to receive internet service, even though we were in the main building just yards from the lobby. Even the hot spot worked only intermittently. We had requested a delayed checkout and were told to renew our request the day before checkout. When that time came, we were told to wait until the checkout date, at which time we were tersely advised by "Service Express" (an ironic name for them, as it turned out), that the front desk has denied all requests for extended checkout. There is no direct line to the front desk, and all requests are screened by Service Express, which almost without exception did not provide any. We were never told of a provision for guests to use changing facilities until it was already too late for us to take advantage. We have stayed at other Waikiki hotels, and we received far better value at a far better price. We could not help but feel that we were second class citizens at the Moana, whether because we did not pay a high premium for our room or because we were not among the many wedding parties that stayed there. Being an SPG member mattered nothing. Based on our stay, we would say that, unless you are a newlywed who has paid a king's ransom for a hotel room, do not expect this first lady to please. We are not novices to travel, and have made over 40 trips to Hawaii. Our accommodations this time ranked in the lower quarter of all our experiences. If you are going to spend over $400 a night for the lowest grade of room here, think again and look for a property that cares whether you are staying there. March 16, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Caution: Limited SPG Participation In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful hotels on Waikiki beach. The location is perfect, the grounds (pool, courtyard, etc.) are immaculate and the restaurant is top notch. However, don’t be fooled by the hotel’s historic façade and glossy online pictures. I’ve stayed here three (3) times, and each time I’ve returned, I’ve been hopeful that my previous poor experience at this property was simply an anomaly. However, this is not the case. I will no longer recommend or book this property for the following reasons: 1) It has been my consistent experience that this Starwood property doesn’t honor the Starwood loyalty program benefits. Period. 2) No upgrades—even during low season. Even if rooms are available. 3) I’ve been given the oldest, worn-out rooms at the property (the annex (aka “Diamond Wing”) with damp carpet and a ground-level city view. If you fly from overseas and arrive to one of these annex rooms, you’ll be disappointed. 4) There are NO late checkouts at this property--even for SPG Platinum. The front desk personnel’s canned response is always “NO”. If you ask why, they will say they are “Fully committed”. However, this is simply not correct information. Just because they say it with a smile doesn’t make it accurate. If you really press it, a manager will appear from the back office and s/he will make an exception 'just for you'. What happened to being "Fully committed?" Inconsistent. In summary, this property is a NO. Rooms are antiquated and nothing special. Staff is certainly friendly, but they’re not empowered to do ANYTHING for you whatsoever. Shame on management for not positioning your frontline for success. Two aspects of this hotel I enjoy: 1) Location: You’re directly on the sand of Waikiki and you’re in the heart of the shopping district. 2) Breakfast: Breakfast in the Banyan Court restaurant is amazing. Great views, and top notch buffet. Two areas for improvement: 1) SPG Loyalty Program: My recommendation for this property is to post “Limited SPG Participation” on the SPG website. Your property simply does NOT honor SPG loyalty program benefits. Period. 2) Rooms: First, you need to demolish the “Diamond Wing”. It’s not consistent with the rest of your property and frankly, it’s not suitable for overnight guests. It’s from the 1970s and rooms haven’t been refreshed since. Not good. For SPG elite members… Do not stay at this property if you are accustomed to using/receiving your SPG benefits. This property simply doesn’t participate. October 10, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by No Manager on staff at night... I booked a stay with my starwood points last minute as I was not able to make the last connecting flight to Maui. When I arrived at the hotel 20 minutes after booking the front desk person (Grant) could not find my reservation even though I showed him on both my ipad and labtop the confirmation...he said he could not check me in as it was not in their hotel system and he was not a manager to override that and did not want to get into trouble the next morning by the manager for doing something he was not authorized to do. I called the corporate starwood number on my cellphone to see if there was a way the reservation could be pushed through and she asked to speak with Grant on my cellphone (he did not offer to call her direct or give her the direct number) who told her the same thing he could not do anything to override the system...she finally asked him to get his manager but unfortunately there was no manager on staff that night so he called the sister property across the street to have the manager come over since he was in charge of both properties and authorize my stay with my reward points. Unfortunately again after waiting over 45 minutes no manager came over so finally Pierre stepped in to help and said he would just book me a room on my credit card and by the time I check out the reservation should come through and it would all be taken care of in the morning. Unfortunately the room I was given was not clean and after bringing my luggage up to my room with huge disappointment I had to call down to Pierre to let him know and he said he would have a new room for me once I came down and he did. I finally got to my room 2 hours after arriving at the hotel and finally in bed in the room I originally booked online. After 5 hours of sleep I checked out of the hotel and ended up having to pay for the night with my credit card as the reservation never came through to the hotel. At least Pierre was still working and he assured me that I would be credited back my points that were never used and unfortunately again as of today (5 days later) I still have not been credited the points. I spoke with Cheryl from corporate customer service who was the most helpful out of everyone I encountered with the unfortunate experience and still she was unable to complete having my points credited due to Charolette the manager who said she needed to investigate this before crediting me the points. Charolette did finally contact me after investigating and apologized for all my troubles and was able to credit me the points back but I still have never received the points for my stay as I did ended up paying with my credit card. I have never been so frustrated and disappointed, however, I am so thankful that I only had to stay at that hotel for 1 night. October 4, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Buyer Beware: Even the Moana Surfrider has its warts After several trips to the Moana Surfrider and excellent stays, we were very surprised and disappointed to have had a quite different experience on our last stay over the holidays. We were given a room in the 'historic' Banyan Wing which, one could believe, was very close to the original condition when the hotel was built in 1901. Sure, there was a Heavenly Bed and the Westin towels (no room for a Heavenly Shower, though), but this room was severely cramped, the shower was very tight and things were in general very worn (the window in the bathroom, an ancient sash window with chain(!) mechanism to make them open and close, would not even close all the way!). The walls were very thin, and on several occasions we clearly heard the person in the neighboring room having a great time talking to his smart phone and hearing it talk back to him – nice at 2:00 am! Each day we inquired at the desk for a room change, but owing to the busy season, shortage of rooms in our ‘category’, and (I believe) the fact that we were using a lot of points for our stay, the staff – who I must say remained very supportive and friendly and helpful throughout – were unable to do anything for us until the last 2 days of our stay. They moved us to a spectacular room in the Tower Wing at no extra charge – what a difference this makes to an overall stay. We went from dreading coming back to our ‘cell’ to sleep each night, to feeling like we were having the experience we had expected all along at this hotel (and the kind of experience we had had on 3 previous stays). Hey – we like the history and the location of the Moana Surfrider, it’s one of the best attractions of this hotel and the charm of ‘old Hawaii’. But, whether you’re shelling out $400+ or 16,000 point per night, you expect more in comfort than the ‘innovations’ Buster Crabbe and Johnny Weismuller experienced in 1927. A hotel of this price category and carrying the Westin name can’t have rooms like this and not expect some disappointed guests when they are unlucky enough to draw these rooms for their stay. Unsurprisingly, as the front desk finally was able to move us into the Tower Wing, the staff member mentioned to me archly “Wow, sir, you are REALLY going to like moving to THIS room…” Yes, they all seem to know a lemon for what it is. (And he was right – we loved the new room!) One last thing: the Resort Charge of $25 was an unwelcome surprise for us checking in. This seems to be a grouping of a number of ‘throw-in’ services for the hotel or things they have had a hard time selling to their guests, that they’ve decided to bundle into 1 mandatory fee for everyone, claiming that guest feedback has indicated that this would be a ‘great value’. Maybe – but for us, we literally did not use anything on the list – after several discussions where I was told firmly that the fee would not be waived, we did use wifi internet in the room for the heck of it, since we were paying for 5 nights of it anyway – but we would not have spent our time overlooking Waikiki Beach playing on the internet otherwise. Seems pretty clearly like a pure profit grab by the hotel with a whole bunch of items that are sunk cost to them – and not much value to the guests. It’s not a deterrent from staying at the hotel – but it’s a bit of an irritant and rubs me the wrong way as a guest. I guess we’ll try – warily, mind you – the Moana Surfrider again – but not if our only option is being consigned to the ‘historic’ Banyan Wing again. It’s a question of two different vacations – really painful versus living the dream – and it’s not worth the flights and expense to be disappointed. So as in many things – buyer beware! – make sure you know where in the hotel you’re staying, and you should be fine! January 3, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Fantastic setting but standards have really slipped at the Moana Surfrider This was our third trip to the Moana Surfrider and, until now, it has been our favourite hotel and retreat. The Moana was actually my hotel of choice at the end of 2011 to celebrate my recovery from cancer. This particular visit was meant to provide our family with a chance to relax before heading home after a hectic 2 week trip around California. Sadly, though, we were quite disappointed by some of the changes we experienced at the Moana this time. The first blemish appeared on check in but a number of others followed from that point on. The service level and standards we experienced during this stay at the Moana were a marked decline to that from our previous two stays and definitely not of a standard appropriate for a Westin hotel. The problems / issues we encountered are noted below: 1. On check in we noticed the carpet in our room was still quite dirty with chips and crumbs etc and there was a large wet and fresh coffee stain.Housekeeping had always been a strong point for the Moana but not this time. I alerted housekeeping on day 2 and this was eventually addressed. 2. I noted the reduced amenity supplies in the bathroom: just shampoo, conditioner and body lotion supplied. No shower cap etc. which, in itself, is not a huge issue but still, at $600 per night, it was noticed. Smaller, 3 star hotels in the Mojave desert on our trip had offered more supplies than this. 3. The next issue we picked up on was at breakfast. I always choose the cereals and fruits from the continental menu. Offerings here previously had been, as one would expect from a 5 star hotel, Bircher muesli, poached and dried fruits, and yoghurt etc. This time I only had packet cereals to choose from. I don't find this acceptable for a Westin hotel. So, the following morning we ate cereal on our balcony, that we purchased from the ABC shop across the road for less than $3, whilst looking over the beach and up towards Diamond Head. 4. Another point we noted and were most disappointed with was the changed bar food menu and this was not a change for the better. The offerings were reduced in variety, fewer and of poorer quality and presentation than we were used to at the Moana. Previously we had chosen to spend many a pleasant evening dining in the Banyan tree courtyard and watching the sunsets. We tried a few bar food items but soon gave up and chose to dine at the 'Royal Hawaiian' for lunch on our last day instead. There were some other issues we picked up on with some less than acceptable attitude and service from some wait and pool staff which just added to our overall disappointment. I did present to the Concierge part way through our 4 night stay to inquire whether there had been any significant management change at the hotel. I found it hard to understand how such a broad based decline had evolved in just 18 months. She pressed me for my details and I reiterated I wasn't making a formal complaint but she still asked if it was 'ok' to pass these comments on to the manager. I agreed to her request and said I'd be happy to discuss my observations with them. One might scoff and laugh at these 'first world' type problems here but when a hotel has a reputation and price point that it trades on then I believe that certain standards should be met. This is just simple business sense. The Moana Surfrider has fallen well short of its previous standards and of that expected by this category of Westin hotel. Prices have gone up about 20% since our last visit but service and standards have gone down by about 50%! I believe that the Moana is still the most beautiful and grand building along Waikiki and best located for the beach, shops and restaurants. I would dearly love to return here again at some point in the future but I will have a hard time convincing my husband to pay these prices for this hotel again based on this service level. July 14, 2013
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