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The Westin Leipzig is not available for 11/26/2014 - 11/27/2014.

See other available hotels below or, to find availability for The Westin Leipzig, change dates and search again.

3 Starwood hotels were found.

The Westin Leipzig

Gerberstrasse 15
Leipzig, 04105 Germany
SPG Category 3
Cultivate wellness with uplifting views from our engaging retreat in the city center, or refresh with a pool plunge and unprompted service.
Lowest Standard Rate
Not available for your dates
Breakfast Package
Not available for your dates

Hotel Fuerstenhof, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Leipzig

Troendlinring 8
Leipzig, 04105 Germany
SPG Category 4
Amidst numerous highlights of music, art, and architecture, this world-class hotel pays tribute to the city’s culture and tradition.
Lowest Standard Rate
From EUR 179 /night
Breakfast Package
From EUR 244 /night

The Westin Bellevue, Dresden

Grosse Meissner Strasse 15
Dresden, 01097 Germany
SPG Category 3
Wrapped in revitalizing city views, restorative gardens, and the engaging baroque quarter of Königstrasse, we promise an exhilarating stay.
Lowest Standard Rate
From EUR 170 /night
Breakfast Package
From EUR 175 /night

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