From spark to finish. W Barcelona presents W Hotels Designer of the Future, Philippe Malouin

10月 02 - 10月 31
12:00 午前 へ 12:00 午前

Stop by W Barcelona’s W Bar, lounge, sip on a cocktail and find inspiration in what’s new and next in design.

Get inspired by Philippe Malouin’s interpretation of “From Spark to Finish”, this year’s brief of W Hotels Designers of the Future Award. A debrief which encouraged the designers to create work that sheds light on their own creative process and demonstrate how the spark of inspiration evolves into material designs.

Philippe (Canada) is winner of the 2012 edition of W Hotels Designers of the Future Award, together with Tom Foulsham (UK), Markus Kayser (Germany) and showcases his project “Daylight” at W Barcelona’s W Bar in the Living Room.

Daylight, a series of lamps or artificial windows inspired by plantation shutters. Rather than mounted, the shutters are secured to a bare wall and contain an artificial light source. Each individual slat is lined with LEDs that replicate the color temperature of daylight. The light emitted is reflected back from the wall on which the window is mounted to produce the impression that a real window lies behind. Light intensity can be adjusted by manipulating the angle of the shutters. The shapes of the lamps are based on the Tangram: a Chinese dissection puzzle. Each geometric shape of the Tangram shares a set of common proportions, allowing the lamps to be arranged in multiple, complementary configurations. Also on display from Malouin are a selection of drawings; failed and working prototypes, artefacts and pictures; which map out the design process timeline from the "spark" of the initial concept to "finished" design.

Continuing its dedication and passion for innovation in design, W Hotels Worldwide is showcasing the winners designs in W Hotels across the globe and Philippe’s work is now arriving in Barcelona. Already in its third year, the successful alliance between W Hotels and Design Miami/ seeks to expand the benefits that the Award brings to the winners, giving the emerging designers a global platform from which to showcase their work.

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Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1,
Final Passeig de Joan de Borbó