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Parvenu at W Boston

July 11, 2014


June 27, 2014

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  • @isaac976 Thanks for the update. We will wait for your email to speak with you further regarding your concern. @WHotelBangkok

    7/12/14 5:20 AM

  • Word's out. @RitaOra will be on the #WETDECK at @wscottsdale on 7/31. #ritaora #wmusic

    7/12/14 5:11 AM

  • @isaac976 Sorry about this & we'd like to hear more to assist you. Could you email details to ?

    7/12/14 4:44 AM

  • @twistedbarbie You certainly can, or if you DM your room number we'd be happy to connect w/ the hotel and have someone reach out to you.

    7/12/14 2:05 AM

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