W Changsha - Inauguración el 30 de junio de 2019
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Look back at more than 2,000 years of fascinating history from the modern setting of W Changsha, located in one of the country’s most important political, economic and cultural destinations.

Negotiate your way through blue-chip opportunities by day and navigate through dynamic performance arts and sensational Xiang cuisine after dark. Changsha is the crossroads where Fortune 500 meets a formidable tradition of folk art, buzzing nightlife, and the country’s most influential gourmets. Indulge in street food or landmark restaurants. Be entertained by local opera or acrobatics.

Visit Mao Zedong’s hometown outside of the city, where his former homes, a museum and other memorial sites retrace his steps from local hero to Great Leader. Marvel at the exciting Han Dynasty tomb collection at Mawangdui, and lose track of time amid archaeological finds and ancient relics. Make the short drive to Wulingyuan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring soaring quartzite sandstone pillars.