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  • Arrive to escape your mundane Friday night. Fuel Fridays tonight starts at 10:00 p.m. See you in the Upstairs Bar!
    September 23
  • Countdown to our semi annual sale begins! Book your getaway to San Francisco until September 25. http://whotels.ht/2cZYdbj
    September 22
  • This weekend in #SanFrancisco plans are already completed bit.ly/2cNEEDe
    September 23
  • You're invited. Fuel Fridays starts at 10:00 p.m. tonight, see you then. pic.twitter.com/ToSgTJWJYz
    September 23

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charity:water Waterwalk

charity:water's iconic Waterwalk leaves NYC and embarks on a US tour to raise money to fund clean water. Take off your shoes and carry two 40-pound yellow jerry cans a fraction of the distance in which millions of women and children in developing countries must walk in order to collect water each day. For each walk, W Hotels will donate $45 to bring one person clean water in Orissa, India. #WCHARITYWATER